After 16+ years of coaching, there is a reason there isn’t 1 negative review ANYWHERE online about me-

I am great at helping guys transform their dating lives!

But, don’t just take my word for it.

The forum, Discord, and my IG page all have countless reviews from previous students, below are just a few of my favorites. But even maybe more impressive is that if you scroll down you will see I am the only Dating Coaching in the world to be endorsed by every legend from THE GAME!



A great coach, a great example, and most importantly a great friend and mentor to every student
-Neil Strauss ( aka Style author of THE GAME )



If you simply allow him, Bravo WILL change your life. You WILL become solid. No question, he delivers the goods.



Of the few coaches out there, Bravo is for real. He’s dedicated, a very good teacher, believes in what he is doing and both wants to and actually assists his students in getting results.
GO to his bootcamps and tell him I sent you.
-Ross Jeffries



To say that Bravo has “skills” as a Dating Coach or as an engaging and articulate seminar speaker is an understatement.   His presentation, at my –Becoming A Powerful Man Workshop, was filled with so much user-friendly material and practical advice that anyone could start using the information to immediately improve their Dating Results.
-Steve P



If you want to learn to be MANLY listen to Bravo. If you want to learn how to wear a boa, lipstick, and fingernail paint there are PUA guys that teach that as well. Bravo = two thumbs up



Bravo, I’ve had dozen of teachers, you’re one of the few who has made a crucial difference in my life. You taught me how to appreciate people, and your devotion to my learning inspired me to become a better teacher.
Bootcamp Alumni
Ph.D university teacher



Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. Don’t know where I would be without you. In a field where there are a lot of people after the all mighty dollar, it’s good to see somebody who really cares. My life has changed drastically because of you.
I’m the man I want to be, because you believed in me, and refused to give up on me.
I remember on a coaching call, you said “if you’re not going to put in the work, I’m wasting my time, and I will give you your money back.”
What kind of PUA does that. I’ll tell you, an honest guy with integrity.
Thanks again, brotha.

Hey, brotha.. Thanks for talking to me the other day… Honored to have you as a friend…When you first started coaching me, could not even make eye contact with another person… Now married to the woman of my dreams. Cannot thank you enough. Thanks for always believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself… More people should know how awesome your coaching is… Also, so awesome that you actually care, and not one of these guys just trying to get internet famous… Thanks again, would recommend you to anybody seeking any kind of life coaching!



Real coaches like Bravo teach men (and taught me) to respect women, teach men confidence, and to understand that women are not an alien species to be feared, that require bizarre and even socially unacceptable behavior.
Beyond that, real dating coaches like Bravo and his  team are what gave me the confidence to tell the girl I knew was perfect for me for the past 7 years (Jenna that’s you!) how I feel about her.
Bravo teaches men to better their life – with the goal of being more successful with women – by improving themselves, by identifying areas of their life and their personal image which others – not just women – would not find ideal, and improving them.
I would not hesitate to credit Bravo and many of his team with helping me find the confidence I needed to force people to see my skills at work, which quickly propelled me from PC World assistant to Senior Mobile Developer at a greater London area based technology company!




Bravo – I sending this to you in the hopes that other guys who are struggling to find answers about online dating read this. Feel free to share it. It’s honest, nothing more, nothing less.

Let me preface this by noting I am a clinical and forensic psychologist (yes, doctorate level). I study people. I can’t even estimate the number of couples I have counseled. Almost six weeks ago, my relationship finally ended (a dentist can still get a cavity). I have heard horror stories about online dating from both male and female patients. In the same boat, I was confused, anxious, and even considered returning to that terrible ex. Online dating isn’t natural, and it’s fucking weird. I sought some clarity on the internet and repeatedly saw folks referencing someone named Bravo. I finally found a video of him explaining online dating. It blew my mind! I sought him out, and it’s paid off in dividends already. I would have never figured this out on my own despite seven years of grad school and a ton of professional experience. My online game is like fishing with dynamite. He has made it so easy!

As a psychologist, I am amazed at what you have put together, Bravo. It all makes so much sense now, and the results speak for themselves. You are my new favorite person! I’m so impressed. You have had a major impact on my life in a few short weeks. Thank you! And I hope you know that. You really have!

If you are struggling with online dating, check out Bravo’s online coaching program (after you do, say hi – I am a real person). He has put in years of work figuring this out, so we don’t have to. What you will learn from him is priceless, and the collective mind of the other group members accelerates this process. All the things you won’t even say to your closest friends about your insecurities will at some point come up in the online coaching program. Bravo is the guy I go to for help with online dating. Online dating is confusing! Why struggle?



I can’t thank Bravo enough what has done for me. The guy is amazing. Think about it, he has done things, my parents wouldn’t do. He told me I was worthy of hot chicks. The social skills, he taught me, has helped me in my job, with my family, in everyday situations. There are few things in life that are life changing experience. Meeting Bravo, has changed my life. If you want to get this life handled, contact Bravo!



This guy is extremely good at teaching – not just pick up – we all know he’s great when it comes to that – but after a 6 figure education from a top university, and being a “professional” student most of my life, I can say with complete confidence that I’ve never met a teacher who can convey the message and material in a more efficient and effective method, I’ve only spent 3 hours on the phone with him – and I can tell you right now that my ability to win over sets, groups, and push interactions farther and get VALUE out of every interaction has easily doubled – but I prefer to use the word skyrocketed.



From the first moment I saw Bravo I knew he was the real deal. I had been reading about this stuff and on forums and all that but had never actually seen somebody in person who was USING and APPLYING the material like he was. He became an instant mentor to me. His feedback is specific and on point, but he doesn’t pull any punches. If you can’t take constructive criticism you shouldn’t be talking to him, but if you can…your life and love life will improve ten fold within just a few conversations. I know mine did.



I’ve been active in the community for a long time and a lot of instructors disappoint.You meet them, see their quirks and shifty eyes, and think, “how the hell does THIS nervous guy attract women?!” But the first time I shook Bravo’s hand I knew instantly he was the real deal. The word that strikes me is SOLID. He emanates self-assuredness. His voice, eye contact, movements and gestures are all rooted in an effortless confidence. And he is absolutely fearless in the field. Bravo’s got some of the tightest game I’ve ever seen; I’m talking rockstar shit. I’ve been out with him and personally witnessed some of his escapades with women right there in the club that are so salacious I couldn’t believe the bouncer wasn’t tossing them out. Also, he is a born instructor. I was fortunate enough to have him mentor me and I would learn more from him in one conversation than I would from 3 hours of reading. He has a way of breaking things down so concisely and clearly that you instantly feed off his energy. He is, without a doubt, one of the most motivating teachers I’ve ever met.



During my time as a social artist, I met many if not all of the big names in the industry and The Game. Few of them lived up to the hype. Bravo is one of the guys that actually transcended all expectation. His game is unique, effective, and honest. While most guys can teach OR pick up; he does BOTH better than anyone I have ever seen up close. He takes those skills and applies them into drills that push you to places you never thought you could go. When I was a student in a Stylelife LA bootcamp, he taught me to believe in myself and that I was much better than I thought. Since then I’ve gone onto excel not just with women, but in all areas of my life. 
– Topher



His precise, to the point, honest feedback are some of the things that distinguish him from most of the other coaches I’ve met. Confidence, Grace, Calibration, Alpha-Guy-befriending, Closing (k-closing and #-closing in matter of mins), how to be a leader of men – are only few of the many things I have learned from him. Being an immigrant from India, when I met him, I was full of limiting beliefs, and almost negative game. Now I am with a great girl, in an amazing relationship, and great social circle. I’ve learned more from one evening with Bravo than I’ve learned from 3-day boot-camps with (name removed other pick up companies)



Bravo took me under his wing immediately and taught me things that raised my game entire levels each time. I can’t even begin to talk about the subtleties of women, AMOGS, and social dynamics that he has mastered and continued to build upon…many of which he discovered on his own and added to the “gurus” he studied. When I met Bravo, I was at a point where I was outwardly successful with health and wealth. But I was literally deteriorating inside: angry at the world, angry at women, and most importantly angry at myself because of my utter confusion and failings with the opposite sex…for 31 friggin’ years. Only a short time after learning from him, I now have three…lets say “good female friends”…in Phoenix and one in San Francisco for when I travel. If anyone wants to learn internal self-confidence and outward success with women, I have met a LOT of people in the community…and none are more real and truly successful with teaching the game, than him. Thanks for the life lessons Bravo, and I look forward to working with you in the future.



After meeting and going out with Bravo for the first time, I realized not only was this lifestyle real, it was something I was not going to give up on…He exudes his strong inner game which translates into his awesome outer game. The cool thing is that it is very LEARNABLE with him. He has personally taught me more about inner/outer game then anyone else.
– Jai



I really believe that BRAVO was placed on this earth to teach, to motivate, and to show guys the way to success!
– Dave G.


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112 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hey, Bravo. Just wanted to give you an update since it’s been a good 7 months since our one on one. A lot can change as you’re forced to really confront the path you’re on during something unpredictable like a nationwide quarantine.

    Well, you were right. The work I put in is already paying off. I just got into a monogamous relationship with and a very compassionate, intelligent and beautiful woman. We originally met online, but I still wanted to date around until I realized she was really someone of substance and had many qualities I want in someone long term that no other girl I’ve met has.

    I now know what you mean when you say you can’t just jump into a relationship with the first girl who shows interest in you. I probably dated 12 or so girls before I decided I really wanted to pursue things with this girl.

    It’s funny because at first she couldn’t explain why she was so attracted to me. She’ll say things to me like, “I want you to like me more than I like you!” And she’ll work extra hard to try and make it happen too. ?

    Me, I’m just continuing my study of martial arts and learning to loosen up my mind and overall approach to things in life, like work and giving back to family.

    I can tell this relationship is a solid one. We both have flaws that were working on and we’re honest about them. It’s making our connection stronger. Very thankful for everything you taught me during our one on one and I’ll be back in the next year to do another one with you. ??

  2. I had my one on one with Bravo this weekend and when I landed I didn’t really know what to expect. When I told him where I would meet him even then I knew he was asking where I would be to test how I was thinking. He later gave me tips on planning ahead rather than just trying to plan things last minute.

    I’ve known for a while that I’ve been needing to kick my life into high gear, but I never really had a blueprint or template of any kind to follow along with for where I wanted to take things. When it comes to my dating life for most of my life I’ve been able to hook up with girls, but not any that I considered desirable. I was more or less caught in a perpetual cycle of validation seeking, porn overload, or settling for whatever I was offered from whatever girls would date me.

    One of the first things Bravo noticed during our first meal was how much of a negative look I have. He actually took a picture then told me to smile with my whole face and showed me the two. I had no idea I was even waking around like that all this time. I think the people who know have kind of accepted that so they probably never think to say anything. The first thing I was told we were going to work on was being positive and smiling more.

    We arrived at my hotel after breakfast and dropped my stuff off so we could go to the gun range. I noticed right away how social and charismatic Bravo is with other people. We worked on the proper way to load and use a glock 19 for a few hours. From time to time I was caught not actively listening and reminded this is something likely affecting quality women deciding whether or not to continue an interaction with me.

    When we returned to my hotel we had our first inner game discussion as we were training in some basic edge weapons drills. The lesson went on for a few hours, but was worth the hardass heart to heart about manning up in life and taking the time to really decide what to say and how to say it. I was then given an overview of the week and later we reconvened for the best pork ramen dish I’ve ever had in my life.

    The thing about Bravo is a lot of the questions he asks you gets you to reframe your own thought process. It kinda sucks to hear at first because you’re so used to living life a certain way, but if you’re like me things are most likely not going the way you wanted. That’s why I was so willing to change.

    The next few nights mostly consisted of going to the local malls and talking to women to get over approach anxiety, work on conversation steering and building an emotional connection. I stumbled through quite a few sets early on, but also started to finally get a grip and really think before I speak so I can lead with a more mindful and positive vibe.

    We went through a lot of notebook work and assignments in the hotel room and I still have a lot of work to do in a lot of areas, particularly in my wardrobe, but as soon as I was dropped back off at the airport I started noticing how much more positive, present and mindful I was. I met a girl at a restaurant in the airport and have a day 2 with her this week for tacos and margaritas. I also matched with like four other girls already who want to meet me this week and next, so I now need to work on scheduling dates more efficiently since I haven’t really had this issue before.

    I told Bravo when he dropped me off I plan to do two of these one on ones a year to re-evaluate where I’m at in my relationship goals and in the other areas of life I want to level up in. I see the value in this type of coaching as compared to online or phone coaching and I would highly recommend to anyone here who is struggling to square your finances away so you can make a good investment in yourself.

    I’m thankful for the wake up call I got and feel kinda like Neo from the matrix. I’m noticing all these little negative things I was doing and the way women are responding to me is different already.

    Thank you, Bravo!

  3. Ive been looking back on the last 8 months since my one on one with you and my life has completely changed. I waited so long before I made the decision to even reach out about coaching and now can’t understand why. I came to you to get better with women and the result has been a complete life upgrade. The possibilities and opportunities I have today would have never been available had I not made the decision to work with you. I have so much gratitude for you and what you’ve done for me in my life and pushing me to be better while giving me the tools and mindset I needed to level up my life. There is no way I would be who I am or where I am today without your help! Thank you for all you do man!

  4. What an epic weekend with Stephen. I was broken when I came out to Phoenix. He broke me down and built me up. He got to the root of my issue with crazy women. It was a total enlightening moment for me. Stephen will do a program specifically to your situation. This isn’t a cookie cutter program. You are going to have to work your ass off, but it’s so worth it.
    Seeing him in the field was amazing. He is the master of cocky and funny with women. Beautiful woman were totally into him. He will teach you how to do it, but it’s going to take practice.
    Firearms training is a must. I haven’t shot since I was 14. He is an expert in dating and firearms.
    It was a life-changing weekend.
    Totally worth every penny.
    I am rebuilt and a new man!

  5. Bravo is the real deal and rarely do you meet someone as dynamic as he!
    What an eye opening experience this was for me. Although I made some big improvements, I know I still have a ton work to do, but for the first time in a long time I wake up feeling optimistic and confident knowing I am on the path to a much better life. Thank you Bravo for being such a badass coach, pushing me out of my comfort zones and really going the extra mile for me.
    Its been about 3 weeks since my 1 on 1 already my life is improving.
    I have gone on 3 dates now from cold approaching girls, and I pulled 2 of them back to my pad.
    My online game is blowing up! I used to get very few matches and now I am seeing a massive increase in matches and dates.
    Using tools Stephen taught me, I locked down a huge promotion at my job!
    My family and friends have noticed and commented on me appearing happier and more confident.
    Thanks again!

  6. Steve
    I think you are going in the right direction with your company. The PUA community in general never gave me or anyone I knew permanent fixes and or just taught them to be social robots with no real intention of leveling up in life but just getting women in bed as a short term fix to a longer internal problem. It was also full of fake “Masters” or keyboard jockeys looking to up their online persona but not actually be cool in real life. I was too young and immature to understand this and kept floundering around even after we had our 1 on 1 which was bad on my part because even then I didn’t have the emotional maturity to understand that there were still unresolved issues with in me that women just could not fix.
    I have through your blog posts and much meditation and self reflection over come a lot of these internal problems. I now understand that being cool and being a man comes from having standards and holding yourself and others to those standards. That being in a relationship is about being open and honest about what both of you want.
    Because of this and other things you have taught I am now in school and making great grades and am possibly deciding on going to medical soon after.
    My relationship with my GF is great and we are coming up on two years. We are both open and honest about what we want and have the same goals long term wise. I honestly can’t remember the last time we got in an argument or if we ever have since we agree on so much. This was possible due to your lessons and coaching.
    In the past I have read tons of books from “The Game” to “Rules of the Game” to David Deangelo to Savoy est. None of those have come close to what I’ve learned from your forums or from coaching calls with you.
    As I said before I really am fully behind the moving away from the PUA jargon and general creepy vibe from the whole community and turning to actual learning how to be a man and being a cool guy with real skill sets like survival and guns/social skills.
    I look forward to more from the new page.

  7. I got into pickup only a couple years after The Game was released. Right before I paid for a premium membership on a popular site, we were friends on MySpace and we spoke about your site, and I was hooked instantly.
    Having the experience of learning from you, and from other awesome guys both in your free forum, and especially the guys my side of the Great Pond – who all used your forums to meet up and become very friends – moved my life forward in a way I just can’t see that I’d ever have paid a premium site for.
    I had an opportunity to meet you when you came to London to speak at a seminar and you told the random student that came up to us, “He’s a friend, not a student” – you still have no idea how much that meant to me to this day.
    Whether you call yourself PUA, life coach, or just all around awesome person, you’re always a friend to me, and I’ll continue to bump up the membership numbers on your site by 1.
    My life is in such an amazing place right now, I have a perfect job, a perfect fiancée (who I believe you prompted me to focus on), and a gorgeous baby daughter, and I owe a lot of that to you…. Obviously I did most of the work when it came to creating my daughter but I’m sure you could teach that too!
    So in summary, thanks for being a friend, for being a mentor, and for helping me change my life for the better 🙂

  8. I’ve known Stephen Grosch aka “Bravo” for many years now, having known him as a fellow speaker and coach in our industry. One day he started showing me some of the edged weapons and tactical training he had done and I was super impressed. I had been begging him to put together a class ever since, so when he announced the first-ever “dream course” with a world-renowned VIP instructor who is so exclusive that we can’t even mention his name, I jumped on board right away.
    I came into the class with a little bit of background in self defense and tactical training. I’m a former U.S. Marine Sergeant with a black belt in Shito-Ryu Karate under 9th degree black belt Sensei Fumio Demura and fairly extensive grappling/wrestling experience. But I saw some of the stuff Stephen could do and I was amazed. So I wondered if the instructor team and the content could match my already sky-high expectations.
    The short answer is FUCK YES. I was blown away by the training, the professionalism, the instructors, and the gear Stephen had imported from Southeast Asia for our training. We all left the class with over 30 hours of drills and instruction, real-life tactical simulation experience, and a large bag of some of the best tactical training gear on the market.
    What I was looking for going into a class like this was something that would “fill in the blanks” between my structured, very traditional (and somewhat less-than-realistic) Okinawan karate training and the war-zone-specific tactical training I had done in the Marines. I knew how to punch, kick, block, and fire a weapon, but none of my previous training had ever taught me how to improvise a weapon from a t-shirt, or disarm a pistol pointed at me, or block a knife attack.
    We learned all of that and more. The course covered, among other things, weapons familiarization and training, self-defense against various weapons, working with and around vehicles, planning escape routes, approaching and clearing vehicles, and ended with a real-life field training exercise where we put our skills into practice in a real world simulation with hidden role players and the observation of our instructors. The 4-day class flew by and the exhilarating, adrenaline-fueled field training exercise at the conclusion gave us all a deep appreciation for the skills and stresses of the everyday life of a protective agent.
    The bottom line is that if you care AT ALL about protecting your family or your loved ones, you NEED to take this class or find a way to train with Stephen. As someone who went into this with a little experience already, it was downright humbling to see how much Stephen knows and how effective of a trainer he is. Whether you’re brand new or have had previous experience, you’ll be amazed at how much real-world stuff you’ll learn from him. I know it’s not cheap, but quality never is. The way I saw it was, “Can I put a price on the safety of my loved ones?” I didn’t look at it as an expense, I looked at it as a small investment in the safety of my family, my loved ones, and myself. It’s a shame that most people in the general public will never get training like this, because it’s the type of training that will save your ass if you’re ever unlucky enough to get into a life-threatening situation.
    P.S. The NY Times reports that the U.S. Government’s National Crime Study indicates that 83% of 12 year old children in the U.S. will be victims or intended victims of a violent crime sometime in their life. EIGHTY THREE PERCENT. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

  9. The other week wrapped up one of the most badass weekends of my life, a 4 day tactical training and VIP protection seminar hosted by Stephen Grosch aka Bravo and lead instructor Steve T. Well worth the time, energy, and money to go and participate in this.
    What we got was basically weeks worth of training condensed into 4 action packed days, highlighting what was most important to our group. While we learned tactics on how to protect Executives and VIP’s, it was also tailored to our group on how to protect yourself, your gf, or wife and kids. And it was obvious that both Bravo and Steve T knew how to teach effectively, because they would take what was normally a two day course, and pare it down to a couple hours hitting the most relevant stuff for our group’s needs.
    The training was divided into two skill sets – Hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills was probably the most fun to learn, like how to use a knife, impact weapon, etc, but more importantly how to defend yourself against these attacks (glad we were given training blades and sticks to practice these moves with friends back home), but the soft skills were probably more useful. Learning how to recognize dangers before you are put in a dangerous situation, how to avoid them all together, and how to prepare your gear to be ready to move from a hostile situation.
    What we learned wasn’t about standing and fighting. It was about learning how to not get hurt and to stay safe, even if that means using the hard skills. But hopefully the soft skills will keep you from needing to.
    Finally, on the last day we did an actual field training exercise working a protection detail for a couple of ladies. We had no idea whether the guys staring at them or coming up to talk to them were planted there by our instructors, or if they were just real life people, and had to respond to potential threats accordingly. It was exhilarating, difficult, and such a learning experience.
    If these guys offer this again, it is definitely worth it, and if they ever do a level two class then I’ll def be there there myself.

  10. Text from me to my fiance:
    I can now draw my knife and kill someone in less than one second.
    As others have said already, this training was amazing. The amount of knowledge gained in this bootcamp was phenominal. If you weren’t there, you really missed out. A couple of people had to back out at the last minute and I feel really sorry for them because they have no idea what they missed.
    First we learned what happens leading up to every type of attack, be it a home invasion, robbery, mugging, you name it. Understanding how to recognize threats and prevent yourself and your loved ones from ever reaching a point where you need to use your skills was of immeasurable value. Since returning home, my house and each room has more levels of protection.
    But it’s still pretty cool to be able to send that text. Obviously I don’t want to ever have to kill anyone. But being able to disarm almost any weapon, being fimiliarized with several types of firearms, being able to recognize and nuetralize threats, knowing that I can keep myself and my loved ones safe with the skills I learned; that’s pretty awesome. Of course I will do everything I can in the 90% that leads up to an attack to prevent it. But if it reaches that last 10%, it’s an incredibly empowering feeling to know that I can stop someone with something as simple as a t-shirt, a flashlight, stick, chair, etc.
    I’ve been doing martial arts for over thirty years. In that time I’ve seen a lot of really good stuff and a lot of garbage. One of the many things I loved about this course is that everything taught was something that not only works, but has been tested by real people in life threatening conditions. The tactics are realistic and applicable. As a result, I feel much more able to protect myself and my loved ones. Even more importantly, I feel more able to prevent these things from happening by being prepared, having a plan, and eliminating vulnerable areas. And it doesn’t hurt to hear a girl say how sexy it is to see you spin a karambit.
    Steve T. and Stephen Grosch, aka Bravo are amazing teachers. Stephen Grosch is as good at teaching tactical stuff as he is at teaching pickup. After 30 years of studying martial arts, he showed me a lot that I hadn’t known. I don’t know if he will offer this course again, but if he does, you’d be crazy not to take it. If there is a level two, I will find a way to be there.

  11. As a dating coach I got good at the game, but felt something was missing from being a well-rounded man. I was told I was too nice in the past, and having some verbal ninja skills with the game helped, but I just did not have the energy of someone who could back up the “Protector of loved ones” vibe. In fact, one of my original mentors said i had to portray more badass if I wanted more success. I got by pretty well without too much badass.
    Many years ago I had some defense training by taking Dang Soo Do from a national Karate champion who was a colleague of Billy Blanks (who started the whole Tae Bo craze). Needless to say I learned some good self-defense techniques, but a lot of it just didn’t seem practical in real-life situations.
    Fast forward to me meeting Stephen Grosch/Bravo at the PUA conventions that we both presented at. His talks on defense, firearms and tactics intrigued me and made sense. I got my concealed carry permit following his advice and started paying attention to his teachings and reading “Emergency” from Neil Strauss. My training in protecting myself, my women, and my kids was beginning from a better foundation.
    Fast forward to a dinner I had with him last year and Stephen showing me what he was able to do with an LED flashlight to subdue an attacker. Just that brief lesson alone increased my abilities and awareness about ways to stay safe that I wanted even more. I was lucky to get his call that he was putting together a training in VIP Executive protection with a VIP instructor… one of the top instructors in the world… for some small group training with info never before taught to civilians. Fully trusting Stephen’s opinion on all things tactical I was an automatic yes and made plans immediately to travel to Phoenix with the few precious days off I have.
    I got there the day before and had a few drinks with the other participants. It’s apparent Stephen picked the participants meticulously because not one guy was “That guy” that asks questions just to look smart, or “That guy” that thinks they are an mma fighting expert and knows more than the instructors and wants to test them, nor was there “That guy” too timid to participate. Right off the bat the group was ready to get to business and be open books for the training at hand and I have to thank Stephen for doing a great job choosing the group.
    Day one’s talk was alone worth the price of admission. But right off the bat we went into hands-on training. The rest of the days we had lots of hands-on edged weapons, improvised weapons, and training I cannot discuss further than just being glad I was given the very opportunity to learn things only a select few get to learn.
    Stephen’s and the VIP instructor’s experience showed. No nonsense. To the point. Directly from guys who have faced death in the eye and helped many others avoid it with their proven, yet simple techniques. The whole training was full of practical, simplified advice from guys who have seen what works, and unfortunately seen what doesn’t first hand. That experience alone made our training that much more practical and yet so advanced that we rapidly learned it as well.
    I judge teachers by how well they simplify the processes they teach. The worst teachers complicate things, the best simplify. Stephen and his instructors taught the foundations and principles of protection from a mental as well as physical standpoint so well and simply that I was almost flabbergasted how simple the systems were compared to the martial arts systems i was exposed to in the past that complicated the same principles. More importantly we were also advised on what other training we could do to further enhance and refine the training we were getting.
    After 3 days, our forearms were bruised. Some of us were scraped by the edge weapons trainers we used. (Stephen is a freakin’ training equipment expert too and got us the best of the best to use during our training). But on day 4, our awareness was put to the ultimate test protecting VIP’s in a real live public location and scenario. It was quite the eye opening, yet once again practical and most importantly, helpful experience in knowing we could protect vips, our loved ones, and ourselves with our new knowledge.
    Stephen Grosch is obviously a well-respected member of the firearms and self protection world based on what he was able to arrange for us during the training. Top notch experts were available to us including Phil Roux who taught us the latest in firearms technique and knowledge. It’s no wonder how he became a top notch dating and relationship coach as well if he could garner this respect from a crowd where respect is tough to come by. I can’t thank him enough for the invite and VIP training experience. Cross your fingers he will do this again some time in the future. I will certainly be there. But if he doesn’t get training directly from Stephen as part of your journey to manhood.
    If you can arrange training with Stephen on tactical, defense, firearms, or edge weapons, it comes with my highest recommendation, you will not regret it, and I stake my reputation on it.

  12. This was an unreal experience that was everything it was projected to be and beyond. We learned self-defense and weapons techniques that normally no one outside a few elite sectors in the government are trained in, direct from a VIP instructor, who has seen it all and done it all in every part of the world. I was a bit nervous going into it, because I don’t have the kind of martial arts/ weapons training that other guys had, but i’m glad I pushed myself and came, because what I came away with was badass. And it was worth the time and investment, not only to meet all the guys and be part of it, but to help Stephen Grosch achieve a long-standing dream of putting on a kickass tactical class that was pretty amazing. Plus, he supplied us with all the gear, like a tactical swag bag! That just doesn’t happen. So now I have karambits and tac knives and carabiners on my coffee table at the ready. And to top it off, we ended the training by getting to do a real world live training exercise, playing Secret Service to a pair of lovely ladies. Not to mention some other training during the week that was like bonus rounds. So, I have to say it was one of those epic burned-into-your-memory intense surreal awesome experiences of a lifetime. Thanks to Stephen Grosch, and to everyone involved and all the guys who made it worthwhile. It was a privilege to learn and train alongside you guys. And great to know that I can learn more of this from Stephen directly whenever i’m ready…

  13. Stephen Grosch’s Executive Protection Seminar brings together amazing instructors who teach real world no nonsense techniques and makes them easy to learn and adaptable for students of all backgrounds. Just 3 days of training and they had the entire class up to speed on attacking with and defending against several different types of weapons. It didn’t matter the experience of the participants, they were able to adapt the techniques to our abilities.
    I’ve done martial arts for several years and have attended all manner of training seminars. The Executive Protection Seminar is the best investment I’ve made in personal protection training. Getting a chance to see the techniques in action and hear the real life scenarios they are based on was instrumental to understanding the moves and making them my own.
    Self defense is a personal responsibility and if attacked, there is no guarantee that someone will come to your rescue. If you haven’t already begun the process to prepare yourself for a situation where you may be alone in the responsibility to protect yourself or your loved ones, this class is a huge step forward in the right direction.

  14. Most of you don’t know me, even though I’ve been a friend of Stephen Grosch for over seven years, though after this past week at the Executive/VIP Protection Training course that Stephen Grosch offered with Steve T I felt compelled to share my experience. For those who have not attended anything hosted by Stephen Grosch, let me emphasize that he always goes above and beyond what is expected. This past week of tactical training, that standard that Stephen Grosch has always maintained was achieved. Steve T, the lead instructor, had a way of teaching that really emphasized the lessons learned that I have not seen in my entire time in academia (we’re talking over 8 years of college). Stephen Grosch, for those not aware, was an instructor with Steve T in the past and during this particular training was an immense help in polishing our drills to perfection. Grosch definitely knows how to teach this material and I bet would teach you directly if you asked. He also did a fantastic job of screening individuals so that the class went smoothly. All the items that were provided for the course, from knives to trainers were outstanding.
    Before the class I would say I had minimal knowledge of how to protect myself if I was caught in a bad situation. One of the most important lessons was how to be situationally aware to prevent bad situations from happening in the first place. Then there was the massive amount of training on how to use a variety of weapons: deploying a folding knife from my pocket to be ready for a fight in 0.94 seconds, how to effectively fight with a karambit, using flexible weapons from sticks to fabric, and how to disarm people with a variety of weapons (from pistols to rifles and knives, to name a few). I now feel confident that if I keep practicing the drills, I will be ready to protect myself and my loved ones from threats that come. It is absolutely must-know knowledge.I have no idea if this course will ever be offered again, though if it does I would jump at the opportunity instantly. The lessons learned I know have me prepared more than your average citizen if a threat is ever encountered in this crazy world. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my experience.

  15. It was great meeting you in person for our 1-on-1 coaching and these 4 days were definitely one of the highlights of my life so far.
    It was always difficult to socialize for me and on top of that being an Indian immigrant with real thick accent made it worse.
    It’s amazing that even when you think you mastered the in-room session; going out in the field makes you realize it’s not easy.
    Opened about 40+ sets, I seriously believe it was one of the best investments I made!

  16. Hey Steve – would love to get some coaching in phoenix AZ. I am divorced and also now out of a three year relationship. Looking to get out there and learn a lot more about meeting women. Motivated, and ready to develop some skills !

  17. Seriously Steve
    I’ve been following/reading about different pua’s and their tips but what you gave /for free!/ had the biggest impact!
    Man legendary isn’t enough to describe what you’re doing!

  18. You’re a fucking hero, watched your YT video about pof tips, man that
    shit works, although I had to change few things as some of yours were
    too cocky for Irish women 😉
    much love

  19. Found your online dating video by accident. I enjoyed watching & hearing you speak. Anyway, after following some tips & tweaked by online dating profile, things changed! No going into details, but I just know it works! That’s good enough for me. I am not talking the online dating thing too seriously. However, I still continue to have fun with it.
    Thanks your help! I continue to check out your site. Definitely your on my new list of PUAs.

  20. Bravo is an awesome pickup artist, coach, and human being in general. I recommend him to anyone, male or female, who wish to educate and empower themselves in order to achieve satisfaction and happiness in their love lives.

  21. I am a member of the forum and I can not thank you enough. I joined style life a while back when you were head coach and would often ask myself, “What would Bravo do?”” Well since then I have read about your exploits and followed your advice. I went from being 24 years old in a finance job I hated, a serious case of oneitis, having slept with three women, all the way to being 28 years old, going to a top medical school, slept with 106 women (including two of the models from “Deal or No Deal”), in a relationship with a hot, rich, blond who just took me to Asia for 4 months. My life is better in every way possible and I could not have done it without you. You gave me the skills and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and get the things I really want in life. You are the man! Thank You!

  22. I joined the forum early in 2011 after leaving a paid subscription with a well known PUA site. I’d almost lost faith in the community and had started to believe that everybody out there was looking to make money by selling people their dreams…
    Then I found this place…
    As a PX2 Alumni and a coaching call student of Bravo’s, I can honestly say that not only does he know his shit inside out, he’s also a stand up guy who actually wants to see his students succeed!
    I’m a different guy to the person that joined the Bravohood and I owe a great deal of my transformation to Bravo’s coaching and his excellent forum.
    I wish you every success in the future brother, you deserve it!
    Much love!
    Moiser! X

  23. Ironically enough I found Bravo through another PU company/community. When I first talked to Bravo on a coaching call, my PU skills were a total mess and my life in general. I was all over the place! Bravo set me straight and started having me work on things that I didn’t think were a problem butt actually were huge problems.
    A lot of inner game issues were worked on which touches all aspects of a man’s life. After 5 coaching calls I was approaching and getting phone #’s more than ever! But that was just the beginning….
    Not much longer I was at Bravo’s boot camp (Project X3) with a total of 6 students and 4 coaches (You Will Not see that ratio anywhere else). Bravo holds nothing back. He is straight forward in his assessment of you and your skills and what you need to work on. Bravo gets straight to the point And doesn’t waste time because time is money and Bravo makes sure that you get more than your money’s worth.
    After 5 coaching calls and PX3 it wasn’t much longer that my 3 year dry spell was over and I was living out some of my deepest sexual fantasies.
    My first call with Bravo was in Jan. 2012 and in a 5 short months my life was truly never better. I’m the happiest I have ever been, my grades in school have never been better, my friendships are stronger, my family relationships are stronger, my social life has never been better, I’m busier than I have ever been, and I’m right on track to achieving my life and career goals.
    Bravo can show you the way but ultimately it will be up to you to decide to take what he says to heart and put in the work. Without the hardwork than nothing is going to happen.
    If you truly embrace what Bravo coaches and immerse yourself in the process of working with Bravo than you will achieve all of your goals and desires in PU and in life!

  24. I really don’t know where to begin with this because Bravo has helped me so much.
    Before I started coaching with Bravo I had been in the pick up scene for a few years but had little to no success. I hadn’t been on a date in over year and had only slept with one girl.
    During my first coaching session with Bravo I number closed a girl that resulted in my first date in over a year and a half. Follow up coaching sessions resulted in more number closes, dates and hook ups.
    As a result I started to feel more confident and comfortable in who I am. Most importantly I started to actually feel successful in my dating life, the one area of my life I had always felt I could never be happy with.
    Without Bravo none of this would have been possible.
    Thank you Bravo for everything you have helped me with, not only in dating but in life.

  25. As a busy professional and masters student, I found it was hard for me to make time for pick up… until I realized that was a limiting belief and Bravo suggested how I can make this work.
    I was recently on a 3 month dry spell and went on a coaching call with Bravo. He had a good sense of where I was at, and what I needed to work on. Bravo over-delivered, super-ceded my expectations, and I left that call with A LOT more respect for him and what he was about.
    A lot of guys going into this ask about pickup – and Bravo is excellent at that. What most people don’t realize, is Bravo is teaching us a lot more than just pickup: ie. being a man, embracing strong values and attributes, being someone that people look up to when handling situations in our life, etc.
    And so re: pickup, Bravo suggested some tweaks in my game to make it more solid. Two days later, my three month dry spell was over and I had a another D2 set up with a petite girl who was a former runway model and been in movies with high profile celebs.
    Reason I’m sharing this is because my mindset, and how I am as a person, has changed dramatically because of all the effort Bravo puts in. You guys out there need to know how transformational this can be for you: IF you really want it to.
    Choice is yours.

  26. Before, I got into the pick-up community, I had the occasionally hook-up, but it was by luck…. Then, I would get really needy, and loose them…..
    So, I started in the pick-up community under stylelife, no offense to anybody that likes that site, they were no help to me….I would buy a marketing tool they were selling, then they would want me to buy something else…. I wanted a quick fix, I didnt wanted to have to work at this…
    So, I found this site, started taking coaching calls and Bravo told me I was going to have to work at this, damn….I remember the first time, I talk to him, he had me write down my goals… I was thinking was does this have to do with P/U… I learned this is about creating a life, not about picking up women…. Life has definetly changed… I now get numbers with ease, have had crazy make-outs, and had sex with hot girls… Not just girls because I thought that was all I could get, but hot girls, that i never dreamed I could get….
    Alot of other things have changed… I’m doing cool stuff…. Going ziplining this month, my salary has doubled since meeting Bravo…. And, know I’m the social person, that attracts people…. I have even had friends, tell me, you used to be this quiet guy that never talked, now your the social guy….I have even been accused of being a player… Haha…. Thanks, Bravo, not only are you a good teacher, but a great friend…

  27. I started my journey with another PUA company. After almost a year of these lame missions and still haven’t opened ONE set. I stumbled upon Bravo’s site.
    One coaching call and I finally saw the light. I finally opened my first sets.
    I had extreme anxiety.
    Shortly after, I started Bravo’s online program.
    So happy with his method and teaching I attended project X.
    A couple of years later…
    I have nowhere near as much anxiety as I did. I will approach an attractive female and conversate with her.
    I Met some amazing friends.
    I nailed more chicks than MOST of the people in the world.
    His online program? Wow! I met some people that thought they were pimps on POF. Not even close. I literally have over 300 pages of replies in my hotmail account (I save those and erase others lol). Totally worth.
    I honestly believe Bravo should increase the cost of his online program to at least 300 dollars.
    It you guys had any doubts about bravo and his coaching.
    Erase it. He is the real deal.
    Thanks bravo!!!

  28. Its been about a year since I started doing any type of coaching with Bravo. Between 7 Coaching Calls, and attending Project X2, my life has taken a journey from being the virgin I was a year ago, to having sex with at least 1 different girl each month.
    Never before would I have guessed that I would be going out at night and receiving no less than 3 numbers, a few make-outs, and the occasional SNL. It’s not a shock to me when I receive any of these anymore….it’s a normal part of my reality and lifestyle.
    My life socially is the envy of my friends who call me the “Pussy Extraordinaire”. They now believe I was born with a “gift” similar to naturals.
    I also never thought that I would have the balls to go Direct during Day Game, and actually have success from it. One of my current F-buddies was Picked up, had a D2, then a F-Close in less than 6 days through this.
    Bravo has been a catalyst to my improvement since the very first day I spoke with him on the phone. His help with my lifestyle and Pick-Up wasn’t something that was complete after a single month or two. Even after a year, I’m remembering Bravo’s advice and am starting to become to the social artist I always dreamed of.
    I never thought I would be where I am today!
    So if you’re looking for any reason to contact Bravo for any of his coaching (Online Game, 1-on-1, Project X, Phone Coaching), hopefully my “long-term” story can persuade you to do so.
    Although I honestly think there should be a disclaimer of some sort. Because once you start coaching with him, you’ll need to start purchasing condoms in bulk to handle the amount of traffic you’ll be receiving….

  29. Juan :

    Hey Bravo I just found you on youtube and well done, man. I’ve been going out more than before lately, just trying to meet new people: guys or girls, it doesn’t matter. I’m trying to get it so I have this cool extensive circle of friends I can always hang out with and are just cool people. I don’t know if you travel anymore or anything like that, nor how much you charge, or anything like that. I’m 21 years old at the moment, hit me up with the details of going out together and working the scene for a day or two.

    thanks man!
    but if asking about 1on1 coaching, please re-read what I wrote about and apply

  30. Hey Bravo I just found you on youtube and well done, man. I’ve been going out more than before lately, just trying to meet new people: guys or girls, it doesn’t matter. I’m trying to get it so I have this cool extensive circle of friends I can always hang out with and are just cool people. I don’t know if you travel anymore or anything like that, nor how much you charge, or anything like that. I’m 21 years old at the moment, hit me up with the details of going out together and working the scene for a day or two.

  31. Bravo… Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into educating myself and fellow OGers.
    Thanks bro!

  32. Hi,
    Mark – 38 – England
    Bravo, really like the idea of couple of days of coaching.
    I’ve been into the Game for a while, been with 50 ish women.
    Just got out of a 3 year relationship and feel quite rusty.
    Sticking points are actually having the courage to het up and make
    approaches without having too much to drink – at which point your
    game is not so good. Kind of feel a bit old for going out to clubs, but would
    like to explore other avenues apart from clubs and bars.
    Interested in 2 days of night and day game, also willing to travel.

  33. Had a 1 on 1 coaching with Bravo for three whole days. Those three days completely change my life, not just in terms of getting better with women. But as a whole, to help me be a complete man!!! Its just not coaching, its an adventure filled experiance.
    He helped me conquere my fears and AFC self doubts, that I had since me and my ex-fiancé brake up. Dusted off the real me, and showed and taught me how to be the awesome kick ass man that wanted to come out.
    From his coaching, I’m currently banging 2 chicks at the moment and with his teachings, I landed my dream job. Bravo 1 on 1 is a priceless experience and something that you will use and never forget for the rest of your life.
    Thanks Bravo for showing the light to me!!! I’m will always be greatful for what you did for me.

  34. I attended the flashchat hosted by Shotz and NSM tonight, and it was honestly the most helpful advice I’ve ever gotten. I’ve been struggling with a few aspects of my life, and he helped sort them out and clarify what I’m doing wrong, and straighten my mindset on how I approach pickup and my life in general. I would take a Bravohood flash chat over any other pickup material i could think of.
    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the help and support you provide through your site. I feel like everyone here actually cares about each others’ progress and well being and isn’t just out to make a quick buck off of rehashed pickup jargon.

  35. Bravo,
    I’ll start with the bullet points
    Age: 27
    Location: San Diego
    Experience: Had like 2 brief GFs in college, and a 3 year relationship during law school. Otherwise, around these I’ve been with between 85-90 girls.
    Basically, before my 3 year relationship, I was great. Didn’t know any of the PUA stuff but guess college and having some of that stuff come naturally I just did well. Anyway, since me and my GF split, my confidence has not come back and I am really off and on. I get the typical anxiety in opening, but once its opened, I am just a descent talker, so I usually have descent middle game. However, and I guess this is where the difference between my old self and new self come in, is my closing def seems to be off.
    Days of coaching: No idea, hit me up on my email so I can get an idea of how this all works and we’ll take it from there.

  36. bravo
    Im 24 Ive got game to a point my friends call me breadcrumbs because they send me out and all the birds flock to me i have no trouble approaching and getting any group laughing without cannned routines and lead them back to my friends or where ever i want but they also give me shit saying i can talk my way into a girls pants then talk my way out because im a dumb ass and cant read IOI’s i also have trouble pulling the trigger…. because i cant read these things. ive slept and dated with 15+ women in the 5-7 range but i want to make something happen with the 8-10s that always just slip out of my grasp!
    how much for your help? i live in australia so 1 on 1 will probably be a problem lol but keen for some feedback by email

  37. Jacob :

    In the email include

    I’m 26
    Cincinnati, OH
    I’ve had two girl friends, many years ago, but still a virgin.

    I would like to develop a very strong internal state of confidence that lasts permanently. My confidence seems more like a roller coaster of sorts. I want to be able to do successful direct approaches, and I would also like to become much better conversationally with women. I have been somewhat of a loner these past few years, so recently I’ve been putting myself out there, sparking up random conversations when I get the chance. I still get major approach anxiety when thinking about or trying to approach women. I appreciate any help you can offer, thanks.

    A weekend of coaching would be awesome!

    don’t plan it out here….need to email me brother!

  38. In the email include
    I’m 26
    Cincinnati, OH
    I’ve had two girl friends, many years ago, but still a virgin.
    I would like to develop a very strong internal state of confidence that lasts permanently. My confidence seems more like a roller coaster of sorts. I want to be able to do successful direct approaches, and I would also like to become much better conversationally with women. I have been somewhat of a loner these past few years, so recently I’ve been putting myself out there, sparking up random conversations when I get the chance. I still get major approach anxiety when thinking about or trying to approach women. I appreciate any help you can offer, thanks.
    A weekend of coaching would be awesome!

  39. Was at a bar with a few of my friends last night ran into some people from high school who I haven’t seen in years. I got stopped by one of them and there jaw’s drop and just bombarding the shit out of me with compliments by how I dress, how confident I am and how I just carry myself in general. It was them wanting to hangout and them asking me for my numbered I thought it was ironic in the sense of this time 6 years ago I was invisible to them. Couldn’t of done it with out you man!

  40. I dedicated the girl I just had sex with to Bravo. Using Bravo’s FREE teachings I’ve had more girls than with any other pua method, when I have the money I’m buying your program. Bravo — drinks are on me whenever you’re in my neck of the woods.

  41. Cant praise this man enough….I followed his advice on how to use plenty of fish dating website..In a matter of weeks I got the chick Ive always wanted..no mascara required…great wisdom with no hidden agenda….do yourself a favor and check out online game….

  42. .
    2 hours ago
    Matthew Dean McClure
    I sarged a hot filipina girl about 25 years old today in a coffee shop. I asked her opinion on a certain actor I had up on my computer. I asked her what she thought of him or another guy (both from the movie Social Network) for my movie. She gave her opinion. Then I ran the ring routine on her..middle finger..Dionysis..ect…then shifted into..list attributes about herself that others find attractive NOT INCLUDING HER LOOKS. ? Here, she paused and was clearly chalenged. She finally answered “Personality.” I said, that’s too vague..and only one. List three atttributes.. I could here the crickets chirping in her head..nothing. Then I did a quick Ross JEffries pattern…and as her order came up she kept backing away from me..crossing her arms..I asked if she was on FB.? She said..with an ugly face..I don’t do Facebook. or something like that. — ERic, I’m more upset with myself for this sarge than her response or lack of..plus I never close with asking girls about FB how lame? But She just aswered a bunch of questions for me about the movie Social Network..so I thought it was an appropriate close. I could tell she was lying and am for some reason pissed off at myself. THis is happening alot to me lately for some reason. Is it my vibe or what? I feel like they are rejecting me before the sarge. Please any detailed insight would make me feel so much better right now??? Thanks bro
    I was thinking I should of said to her after her not being able to list three attributes about herself that people find attractive besides her looks.. — was this: “ERRR..too slow, you failed. I guess your not as attractive as you think to hang out with..” ??

  43. Bravo,
    I am interested in your 1 on 1 training. I think I would prefer to come to your area versus you coming to mine. The timing will depend on the cost associated with this type of training. I have done some coaching calls with you but I think I really need some 1 on 1 training to get me to the next level. Below are the answers to your requested questions.
    1. I am 38 years old.
    2. Live in Houston Texas.
    3. I was married for 15 years but I calculated before and after my marriage I have had sex with only 21 women.
    4. Sticking point consist of multiple items:
    .The biggest thing is being more consistent and understanding what is working when it works and why.
    .Amping up attraction during a conversation.
    .Understanding the social dynamics of the conversation in more detail.
    .Isolating and closing.
    5. A weekend of coaching would probably be good enough for our first get together.

  44. Alain :

    I love Hypnotica’s stuff and when he says that someone is worth it, it’s absolutly true.
    Thanks for all the info and coaching.

    Actually planning on hanging out with him today in SD!
    Awesome attracts awesome

  45. I used to be the person who scanned this page, read other people’s comments, and STILL didn’t realize what Bravo was offering with his phone coaching. Before taking coaching calls with Bravo….I KIND OF had an idea how to get good at pick-up. Yet, I was still a 21-year old virgin, receiving barely any make-outs when I went out, and not living life even outside of pickup as I should be.
    I was very confident that Bravo would be the real deal, so I went for it and after 3 coaching calls with him…I’m no longer the person I used to be.
    2 weeks after doing the homework assignments, debriefing interactions, setting goals and working on ways to achieve them…I lost my virginity.
    Let me say that again…..
    After only THREE coaching calls with Bravo, he helped me lose my V-Card which I’d been trying to lose for more than 6 years. But that’s not all….have had 5 in-field make-outs within 7 days of each other…countless #closes to expand my social circle, and a new F-buddy.
    If you’ve ever played any kind of hobby or sport, you should realize how important it is to have a good coach and how much they can improve your skills in that area.
    Bravo is the coach for you. He’s the real deal…and a damn good friend.
    There are always excuses to NOT do something. I hope my story can begin to give you an excuse to improve your life with the help of Bravo.

  46. Bravo’s 1 on 1 coaching is epic. I did two days with him and the result, he changed my life. Before meeting up with him, I was the guy standing just watching everything happen, always wondering what it would be like to be to talk to model’s and have girls BEGGING for my attention.
    Thanks to Bravo, my dream’s are a reality in only 48 hours! I opened this group of models, and noticed how the guys near by were staring at me, shocked, wishing that they could be the ones talking to the models. Even had girls just doing anything just to have my attention. Which was a complete shock to me!
    Thank you Bravo for changing my life, I can never thank you enough what you did for me!

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