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Tired of watching and reading hours of conflicting content trying to figure out how to fix your dating life and get over your personal barriers? Do you just want someone who has already seen it, tried it, failed at it and succeeded with it to coach you on the fastest track possible to the success you’ve been hoping for?

Let’s stop wasting years of your time and energy and start moving forward.

Private phone coaching offers you the chance to talk directly with me so that you can get all the questions that matter most to you, ANSWERED!

Some of the most popular solutions my clients seek:

  • Approach Anxiety – how to get over the fear of talking to women and get excited to meet new people
  • Openers – how to start a conversation that doesn’t feel forced or cheesy
  • Number closing – how to finally get a phone number, get her to respond and keep your things going forward
  • Conversation – get over conversation stalls, and how to never have a boring conversation again
  • Physical Contact – when and how to initiate physical contact, and how to get women to feel comfortable wanting it
  • Online Dating – optimize your profile and get the women to make the first move
  • Critical social skills – social skills are the key to starting new relationships, maintaining the ones you already have and improving them!

If you’re struggling with a current situation or relationship, and don’t know how to fix it and want to master this area of your life once and for all. Let’s talk.

After your purchase, I will personally email you back with a link to book your first call, and the best way for us to talk. (discord, phone, skype, etc..)

Looking forward to seeing what you can achieve.

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13 thoughts on “Phone Coaching

  1. Phone coaching with Bravo landed me two different lays two nights in a row, immediately after the coaching session. I always had trouble approaching women because i wouldn’t know what to say or how to escalate. Bravo showed me the way and not only that but in a way that still allowed me to be who I am. It is so real and I don’t feel like a PUA, I know that I have become a better version of myself which is an art in its own right.

  2. Review: Bravo Coaching Call (From a Skeptic)

    I got into this, and did most of it on my own for a while, and eventually met up with some of the great guys around here – who gave me priceless advice and became more like brothers than fellow PUAs. I’d first like to thank them, because had they not been so awesome, I’d have been inclined to continue on my own. DJNinja, Rogue4Life, Boomer, NSM, Smoothcall, Ice, Tech, (those one liner posts), and so many others that I can’t even begin to name you all. Much Apreesh, Brothers.

    Now, on to the calls. Like I said, I was a skeptic. I thought it would be literally impossible to learn anything about bettering my life in an hour on the phone with some guy who knew nothing about me, and had never met me. I mean honestly, what the hell was he really going to SAY that would make any kind of lasting impact, in an hour? 200$ Is more money than I have to throw at some gimmick, which is what I truly believe it was, So I resolved that If I was ever going to spend money on this, it’d be at PX, or one on one.

    Enter Rogue4Life, and DJNinja. These guys had done the calls, and had nothing but praise for them. That wasn’t enough to impress me into buying anything though, not that I don’t trust these guys (I do, and they are some of the finest men I know), but I know me, and I just didn’t feel like it was the right fit.

    Rogue kept telling me every time we went out, any time Bravo came up (Which is pretty often with a group of guys from here) that the calls would make a huge difference, not just with game, but with my view of the world, and success, and that those things would bleed through into my lifestyle.

    Rogue told me if I did do it, that I absolutely have to do a package or I would regret it.

    So off I went to chat up bravo, see what it was about. I didn’t know this, but the guy has a 100% refund policy, all you have to do is ask for your money back after the call, and it’s yours. After hearing that I still wasn’t sold even – like I said, total, 100% skeptic. After seeing videos I had downloading of bootcamps from other PUAs, and a few recordings of their coaching calls, etc, I was very convinced that this was a waste of time. Only after talking to DJ about it, did I jump in..

    So I bought the 4 pack. First call comes around, and I wasn’t very good at telling bravo where I was with game, etc. He immediately picked up on the filler words I always use and never knew, told me to cut them out, and a couple of other really great tips. He gave me my homework/mission for the week, which I kinda felt was a step backwards – but I embraced it, and trusted after the end of the call that he completely knew what he was doing.

    By the third call, this guy has identified so many problems that I couldn’t see and wasn’t aware of. It’s astonishing to me how good he is at reading people, and how observant he is. Dude has the perfect metaphors for the situations, to get the point across to you.

    At the end of my last call, I remember him talking about his life before pick up, relaying to me a story about how he would grab the last chicken breast in the grocery store, and if someone else said something or was reaching for the same last item, he would let them have it, because he’s such a nice guy. He then relayed how he’s changed and why it’s better not to be such a “nice” guy.

    At this point, I was pretty shocked. In the last two stories he had completely described the person I used to be, almost to the letter. I had to ask.

    “Bravo, are you for real right now? Did those things really all happen to you, or are you just that god damn good at reading people, that you knew how I was, and how to relate the point to me, using my own traits/building rapport with me”

    I had to know. Of course I expected any social interaction with Bravo, or any other PUA to be calculated, and for there to be a reason behind it. I was just blown away with the accuracy.

    He told me, and I believe him, that this really is who he use to be – and – that he really is that damn good. He told me he was able to figure out who I was, and what would help ME understand the point he was making. He could have picked any of an entire lifetime’s worth of experiences, to relate the story to me – but he picked the perfect example. An example of something I’ve actually done. He did it intentionally. This guy is extremely good at teaching – not just pick up – we all know he’s great when it comes to pua – but after a 6 figure education from a top university, and being a “professional” student most of my life, I can say with complete confidence that I’ve never met a teacher who can convey the message and material in a more efficient and effective method, I’ve only spent 3 hours on the phone with him – and I can tell you right now that my ability to win over sets, groups, and push interactions farther and get VALUE out of every interaction has easily doubled – but I prefer to use the word skyrocketed.

    I’d recommend this to anyone serious about self improvement – lifestyle improvement, and obviously game improvement. Buy the package if you aren’t sure – you’ll kick yourself for not taking the deal when you could have it – you can always get a refund after your first call if you feel it wasn’t worth it – but believe me, there is a reason that no one ever has – or will.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, 40 minutes after our last coaching call, I was naked in bed with a chick.

    So yeah, they’re worth it.

  3. Hey, brotha.. Thanks for talking to me the other day… Honored to have you as a friend…When you first started coaching me, could not even make eye contact with another person… Now married to the woman of my dreams.. Cannot thank you enough.. Thanks for always believing in me, even when I didnt believe in myself… More people should know how awesome your coaching is… Also, so awesome that you actually care, and not one of these guys just trying to get internet famous… Thanks again, honored to call you a friend, would recommend you to anybody seeking any kind of life coaching

  4. Just a quick note of appreciation, our last coaching call is still filtering down and REALLY enjoying not caring on a whole new level. I wanted to really get my head inside it as me having that thought process of caring about what people thought of me that i’d had since I went through a rough time when I was younger clearly was holding me back.
    Now I do what I want and really don’t ‘ping’ off what anyone else thinks about it (didn’t actually realise I did so much until you said) whole new sense of freedom!!
    One question I saw you post on the forum that really resonated w me – ‘did you live last year like it was your last?…’ definitely did NOT do that last year, or any other year. I think I thought I was doing well because I was having more fun and living a cooler life than some of my friends or people I see pop up on fb, but still not up to MY standards. Ties in with my first paragraph too…
    So thanks Bravo, not only for giving me awesome advice on the things I asked about, but also in seeing things I didn’t even realise were problems.

  5. Looking back now and reflecting on the coaching call I had over a year ago with bravo, things that he taught me in the very short time we had, is priceless… You can’t put a tangible value on that… Over 5 coaching calls bravo turned me from insecure, lost, lonely, boring, negative, horrible not just with approach anxiety, but with social anxiety as well, no girlfriend to a man who is now fun, confident, doesn’t seek approval from others, WAY better with women, (now in a longterm relationship with an amazing women my friends are jealous of 🙂 ) travelled all across the world for a year, coming back to my home town back to my old job and getting promoted a week after only to almost triple my old salary.
    I barely even remember how the old AFC me was like anymore.
    none of that would even be imaginable, if it wasn’t for bravo and his purpose.
    So if your ready to change your life , make the call, you won’t regret it.

  6. Just had a coaching call with bravo the other day and it was great. I told him my main area of focus for now is just overcoming approach anxiety. He was able to break it down for me and help me see it from another prospective which was very helpful. I also liked how he talked about staying true to yourself and not compromising your standards.
    He genuinely cares about the people he is working with. He knows what is doing and if you take his advice you will defiantly see improvements.

  7. I don’t know what it was about our coaching call, but I spoke to Bravo on 9/8/2012, while I was on a business trip/birthday tour in Vegas:
    – 9/10: Had my epic foursome
    – 9/11: HBSwedish (one of the girls from the foursome) calls back for a repeat performance, this time just her and me
    – 9/12 – My actual birthday, met a girl at Surrender, got laid
    – 9/24: Sat in a FREE flashchat with Bravo
    – 9/27: Got opened by a girl, fast forward a few hours, got laid
    Plus a girl I was seeing a while back (got her after Project X – Bravo’s lifestyle redesign program) but broke off because of her issues, she texts me out of the blue this morning
    Seriously, this stuff works. And from what other people tell me, after one coaching call from Bravo, they usually experience some sort of breakthrough.
    Quit wasting your time buying useless DVDs, ebooks, and crap. Invest in yourself. Get a coaching call from Bravo. It’s totally worth your hard-earned money.

  8. Speaking one-on-one with an EXPERT PUA about YOUR personal issues is invaluable. After only one hour speaking to Bravo I learned a huge amount and my success with women has taken a pretty sharp incline.
    Not only is Bravo 100% legit, he also cares about your progress. You’ll blast through sticking points faster by speaking to Bravo than any other method I know of.
    Highly recommended.

  9. So fucking worth it.
    I am a virgin and had never made out with a girl in a club before… after a few coaching calls with bravo, I’ve made out with a new girl every time I’ve gone out in the past week, gotten numbers every time out, and was on the verge of losing my V-Card my last night out!!
    Bravo breaks down YOUR style of game and helps change to what works for YOU and what YOU want. Worth every damn penny. This is where you will find the motivation to change your LIFE.
    My life with women has totally changed within the last month.. I haven’t ever had so much fun and been so happy. Which in turn has given me the motivation to achieve goals in life OTHER than pick up.
    Thank you so much Bravo.. You have no idea how much this means to me

  10. In my opinion, Bravo has shown himself to be the most friendly and contactable of all the pro PUAs out there and his no bullshit manner and his back story of transforming himself is inspiring and real
    Am due to have some phone coaching with him in the next few weeks, will let you guys know and maybe post in the forum
    I have no doubt it will be awesome!

  11. The time I’ve spent on the phone with Bravo has helped me so much more than anything else. You can only learn so much from books, forums or spending a day or so at a bootcamp. Although those things can be helpful, one on one direct coaching with an expert is priceless!

  12. I got a coaching call with Bravo on a handful of things, it has helped my game a lot, within 2 days I was banging the chick I WANTED and I was the new alpha male at school; I have girls messaging me all the time on facebook, dating sites, and my phone. 1 1 hour phone call with Bravo has given me what would have normally taken 6 months. Worth every penny.

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