Newly Single – How To Start Dating Again

So you just got dumped or maybe you broke up with your girlfriend/wife and want to start dating again?

After coaching thousands of guys over the years in this exact situation, I wanted to share some lessons I learned going through a few break ups, and a divorce myself.

  1. Take a break. Rushing into a new relationship is NEVER a good idea, and it is especially unwise when you aren’t over your X.
  2. Level up. All those things you have thought about doing, ways of getting stronger, in better shape, more life experiences, adventures= now is the time to start them! You want to be the best version of yourself when the next lucky lady comes your way.
  3. When you start getting excited to meet a new woman, that is when you know you are no longer living in the past. Just like the last scene in Swingers when his X calls him and the other line and he doesn’t care because he met someone better! Then you start again, set the bar low, with just being social. Then get use to talking to attractive women again, then flirting, THEN dating.

I went more in depth and shared a few more tips with the audio below.

And lastly, if you are really in the dumps and need my help right now, or if you are ready to get back into the dating world and feel like taking years off from dating has left you behind the curve, here are a few coaching options are available that can help you. Just click -> COACHING