Approach Anxiety Question

To make 100% sure I cover all of your quy’s sticking points, I am checking with you guys first.
What was/is the BIGGEST thing that gave you Approach Anxiety?
I know what it was for me, and I know what it was for tons of my guys, but I want to make sure there isn’t some anomaly out there that I haven’t encountered yet.
So quick audio check in and me asking you this question.

“Approach Anxiety Question”

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  1. Whats up Brother? Glad to listen to this.
    My Approach Anxiety in the past was:
    (a.) thinking i was gonna get shot down
    (b.) being laughed at by a woman
    (c.) thinking that other people were gonna laugh at me for talking to someone that was “way out of my league”
    (d.)being outcome dependent, and not in the present
    (e.) bad eye contact, and talking too fast
    I never knew that my body language and non-verbals were giving me away until I listening to Hypnotiqa and Steve P that I learned I was in my head too much, and not grounded.
    Since joining the Bravohood, and the Facebook group a couple of years ago, it helped me push my limits to what used to be almost impossible in my mind, to being normal. I can now push myself into what I think are impossible sets just for the fun of it. I actually got some haters because I talk to a lot beautiful women, and they try to use hit them up, and get shot down. I know this because the girls tell me.
    Wow. I just thought about it. 2 years ago when I firs got into the community, this would have seemed impossible.
    I work at a Call Center, and there are quite a few beautiful women that work there.
    My routine stack is:
    I make it a point to sit next to them as soon as i can. I start of with just a quick smile, and some fluff about the weather, or something normal boring.
    I make it a rule to not start Gaming until 1 hour has gone by. I even put a timer on my phone to remind me. As soon as it goes off, That’ll give her some time to become comfortable with my presence, and become more relaxed because I am not hitting on her. (Side note: When a new chick starts, I see a most of the guys do direct approach and get shot down.). Plus, I have Social proof with most of the other employees there, and I say a joke or 2 with them, make them laugh, and just bring positive energy.
    I begin with a situational opener, to see how her attitude and personality is. If she is negative, I just continue my work and move on. Her loss because she lost a High Value/ High Status Man in her life, either as a friend or lover.
    If she responds positively, I start by just joking around for a little bit, making her laugh, then smoothly transition into some Qualifying and Comfort questions. After a few Break In Rapport Routines, I tell her She we gotta hang out one of these days, she is gonna be my new wing-girl, and she’s gonna introduce me to some of her female friends, because that is the polite thing to do.
    Then a Facebook and Instagram close.
    Continue on work as normal, and flirt with some other women for social proof, and to create some jealousy and FOMO.
    Thanks for the knowledge that you post on the group. I really appreciate it. I havent felt that type of camaraderie and Brotherhood since I got out of the Corps. It helped me thru some really dark times, When i was down in the dumps, having a Dark Night of the Soul type of feeling, I would watch the old videos on the page.
    As soon as money is available, I plan on taking a Boot Camp with you. I live in Casa Grande. It woudl be awesome to have a few brews with you,.
    Thank you,

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