EDC Expert Training

Almost every one of my students started their self improvement journey so one day they could start a family.

But can you keep your family safe?

Can you keep yourself safe?

When you don’t even have time to call 911, when you don’t have time to wait for police to arrive, or like we saw on the news during all the riots= cops just don’t show up, then it’s up to you to protect yourself & your loves ones.

This class is SOLD OUT ! Comment below if you would like to be added to the list when the next class is announced.


Anyone that I have worked with throughout the years has heard me say this. They also know that before I ever got into the whole Dating and Life Coaching thing I was a full time firearms and tactical instructor, and was the Director of Training at a large firearms education facility in Arizona.
-And I was pretty good at it, so good that I was hired by a private contracting company and travelled around the US helping teach military and law enforcement.

I have been planning on putting together tactical/self defense classes for the last several years, classes that would flow with everything I teach and love. Something that was geared directly for you. Guys who don’t want to spend years trying to learn something they HOPE will work when they need it, but want to learn the things that WILL work when they need it.

Students always ask me, “how did you learn all of this awesome stuff”? Stuff like how to use a flashlight or a even plastic bag as a weapon.

Simple, I learned the hard way, I spent years training with the best instructors in the world! I traveled the US,  spent 6+ figures on training and gear, I broke my nose a few times, and poured out 100’s of gallons of sweat!

Until recently the only way to do any tactical training with me was to book a private 1on1 which costs $2000 a day, or to attend one of the very limited courses I offered the last few years.

But with so many students telling me about the scary things they encounter, things like a mugger demanding cash and phones from him and his date, hearing a hiker who fell down a cliff in the Arizona desert scream for help, stopping a pack of wild dogs in Europe that looking for dinner, and of course long term power outages during one of those “once in a lifetime” storms that killed hundreds= are all things that students faced but were prepared for because they trained.

We all know that things like this happen. Are you preparing for these kinds of situations? Ones that we seem to hear about almost every day on the news? Or are you just crossing your fingers and hoping it keeps happening to others and never you?


Even just something like a loud noise in the middle of the night, who is going to go and make sure everything is safe?

You, or your wife?


How the world has been the last few years, gun sales are higher than ever, and now having a family of my own, I have decided to offer more tactical classes. So I am proud to announce that there is a =


EDC Expert Training


The next course will focus on shooting, blade work, and emergency radio communication where I will work side by side with you and you will learn=

  • Precision Handgun Shooting
  • Out to 25 yards, which many guns ranges don’t even go that far!
  • Handgun selection, full size vs compact vs subcompact
  • Single action vs double action vs double/single action
  • Holster selection, outside and inside the waistband, and which brands of holsters to stay away from…ones that could get you killed
  • Weapon presentation, the 5 steps to safely and quickly draw your gun from your holster and get it on target FAST!
  • Safe and correct loading and unloading of your firearm
  • Sight alignment, which most gun owners don’t even know how their sights work, when you don’t need them and when you absolutely need them!
  • Proper trigger control, the 2nd part that most gun owners are clueless about and why they miss the target, even at 5 yards (seen more times than I can count!)


  • Close Quarter Edged Weapon Work
  • Blade selection, pro’s and con’s of a folding knife vs fixed blade, and the best ones of each to carry
  • The 2 main blade grips (forward and reverse) and WHEN you should use them
  • How to use your blade solo and in conjunction with your firearm
  • How to defend yourself from edged weapon attacks
  • All of this also works for improvised weapons, so you can be ready in places where you can’t carry weapons


  • EmComms= Emergency Communication
  • How to talk to others when your cell phone won’t work
  • Cheap Walmart FRS radios, vs MURS radios, vs GMRS radios vs HAM radios and which ones you should stay away from
  • Handheld vs car/home radios
  • How to speed program your HAM Handie-Talkie radio, 1st time I tried it took me hours to program 5 channels, I will teach you how to program 127 channels in a few minutes!
  • The 2 different ways to use it, Simplex and Duplex/ short distance (person to person) and long distances (my record is 380 miles away to a buddy in Utah from my loft in Phoenix!)
  • VHF vs UHF, which frequency you should use in the city, and why you need both
  • Building an emergency comms plan with your loved ones
  • When cell phone towers and the internet go down, this will be your lifeline to the outside world and friends/family and if you don’t have it set up before SHTF, it will be too late after!

I could easily fill up an entire classroom at the gun range where we will be training at, and I have, many times for years. But with this technical level of training there is just no way that I could personally make sure you would get the attention you need to really absorb everything so-

This class is limited to only 6 spots and SOLD OUT !

Here is the info for this course:

  • When: March 25th and 26th 2023
  • Where: Phoenix/Gilbert Arizona
  • What to bring: Your current EDC gear = gun, holster, knife, flashlight (talk to me if you don’t already have these), eye and ear protection (I like these = 3M Safety Glasses https://amzn.to/3y18yxe , indoor earmuffs without electronic microphone= https://amzn.to/3m86qRj , with electronics = https://amzn.to/3kBlCWR ), you will also need dummy rounds/snap caps = https://amzn.to/3ELHlCk

    What I provide for you = 100’s of dollars worth of gear!
  • Ammo = so you don’t have to try and fly with it (9mm)
  • Training blade = the same training blade I have used for years, yours to keep!
  • HAM radio = the same one right next to me in my office, the one that I carry in my car, the one I bring with me on trips= yours to keep!
  • Radio programming cable= There are countless crappy ones out in the market, this is the best one, I WISH I would have got when I started out, it has saved me 100’s of hours of programming. I will teach you how to use your computer to program your radio, and all of your loved one’s radios.
  • If you are in the Online Coaching Program, or have ever done any training with me in person, you qualify for a 20% discount!
  • Once you sign up, I will contact you and add you to our private discussion group where you can ask me any questions and I will help prep you for this course. I also have private training videos recorded already online for you to start watching and learning these skills ASAP!




a few pics from previous classes


  • Future classes will be announced here, but each will cover different topics, so returning students will always be able to practice what they learned, and also train new material

23 thoughts on “EDC Expert Training

  1. I’ve been doing phone coaching with Bravo for about 6 months now and he’s all around exceeded my expectations. He can help with any area of your life.

    When I heard about the tactical retreat event I had to sign up, and I am glad I did. The first day everybody met at a breakfast cafe where he spoke with everyone for an hour and a half. Then the remainder of that day was at the gun range. I’ve never been to a gun range, but what I learned will stick with me for life. He was patient and knew what information would help, the gun training he does and the way he teaches it is on another level.

    The second day we met up at his house to learn how to program a HAM radio and then we drove around in multiple cars to test the radios, he also explained the science behind it and other helpful facts.

    Last part of the day was knife training (using dummy knives, of course), with a Filipino Martial Arts, but it was incredibly useful. One of my best friends was attacked and he kept stabbing the attacker and the attacker never slowed down and kept beating my friend down, until blood loss caused the attacker to pass out. Because he was stabbing randomly and not trained.

    We learned knife blocks and different vital points as targets as well as different attacks too. I have over 10 years of martial arts experience and I’ll say he’s top notch, better than any martial arts instructor I’ve ever had.

    Invest in yourself and your safety and the safety of your family and loved ones. This course will teach you how, and it was worth every cent. He’s under priced it to be honest, with everything I gained and learned.

  2. What is your greatest strength? Have any of your recent actions demonstrated this strength?
    So before I attended a class with Stephen I had no idea what I was getting myself into being from Canada, my ultimate goal to learn urban survival was how to use my surroundings to do what I want and survive once I get there. I was taught a totally different idea of what it means to survive in an urban setting from the moment Stephen walked into the room the lesson started everything from tips to driving in the car in an urban area to the myriad reasons for remaining inconspicuous / the “grey man”…. At the end of the class all the students parted ways with a good idea of what was required to survive the world where common civilians have quit thinking and switched to primal survival mode(Zombies)so to speak. How to continue the learning, and a couple new friends… Stephen’s methods were professional, useful and entertaining. His knowledge base is very broad (a telltale of his experience and competence) also he understands how to convey his points and teachings. He not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. I would recommend any of Stephen’s classes if they were half of what this one was.

  3. I went to this class because I wanted to learn the absolute best information on firearms.
    I wanted to have an idea of what to expect and what I should prepare for in a grid down situation. Some of the attendees had lived through natural disasters and school shootings, Life is unpredictable. Their stories reinforced what Stephen and his guest instructor were teaching.
    Having the confidence that you can take care of yourself, your family, in any situation is huge. I know that over the several days of classes I learned skills that would have taken me years to piece together.
    Stephen brings knowledge and techniques gathered by spending over a decade training, working, and teaching with some of the most legit and dangerous specialists on security and personal safety. And often has them join in teaching his courses.
    Its these kinds of trainings I wish were available to me sooner. As before, I am super impressed with the quality of training Stephen provides and how much my skills have improved by attending his Urban Survival Course.
    Again, thank you Stephen for putting these together.

  4. Been attending training intensives put on by Bravo for the past 2 years, and I keep coming back because the caliber of instruction is beyond compare. This course was especially fascinating, as what was learned (whenever it needs to be applied) I know will help protect me and my loved ones. The next time this course, or any other future training is put on, register IMMEDIATELY. And you will be sure to see me at the next course.

  5. Yet another wonderful specialized class put together by Bravo. I’ve done the VIP/Executive Protection class and Wilderness Survival 1 class with him as well, and am amazed each time.
    Before this class I had a passing knowledge of firearms. Shot them as kid and teenager and knew the basic safety precautions, and also would shoot some with friends after college, but always with someone that “knew how” guns worked. If I encountered one of the 3 malfunction types (commonly called a “jam”) I would hand it over to a friend to clear it, and while I could hit a target occasionally, I didnt know how to consciously improve on the “point and shoot” method I would do.
    After this class I feel competent, qualified, and justified to carry and use a firearm properly. All aspects of effective gun use, safety, maintenance, and advanced topics were covered in the 3 days that we were at the range. From safely and effectively drawing your firearm, to being able to clear the various possible types of malfunctions while firing, to being aware of where your shot is going and whether you are only going to hit the bad guy, to the “simple” art of hitting what you are aiming for, Stephen covered it all. And then we started doing these things one handed, including reloading and malfunction clearing (what happens if your arm is injured and you need to reload or clear a malfunction?) and effectively shooting while moving, and shooting in low light environments while using tactical flashlights to both see your target and conceal your own movement. And I almost forgot to mention things like shooting from various points during the draw in case you dont have the time (or the space) to fully extend your draw. These are things that you normally can’t do at a gun range, but because of Stephen’s qualifications as an instructor and the connections he has we were able to utilize the space as he saw fit for us to safely do. And then when we were done with all of that it was back to the classroom where we taught us how to take our guns apart and clean them using his own personal system, and then we were back at it practicing with dummy rounds!
    Just the firearms instruction alone would have been worth it, but then we had world class survival instructor teach us his Urban Survival course. The lesson didnt end when the gun range closed, because then we kept going at our lodging location until close to midnight….and then started up class again by the pool the next morning, until it was finally time to start our final FTX (field training exercise), where we put the pieces together and completed a scenario over the course of 4 hours that used the skills and reinforced the lessons we learned during the Urban Survival portion of the class.
    Would def recommend to anyone if it was offered in the future, and if there is ever a level 2 course I’ll be planning to sign up for that as well (and will be preparing for that by practicing all of the drills that we learned in this class).

  6. This course goes way beyond all of my expectations. Before this course, I had very little firearms training. After this course I am shooting on a level that is above what the average police officer shoots at. Stephen Grosch is an amazing instructor whom I cannot say enough good things about. I highly recommend this course to anyone that can take it. I now feel confident that I am able to protect myself and loved ones not only with a firearm, but in emergency situations as well. He gave us such great information and I am still in the process of getting my family completely prepared should the worst happen.
    The field training exercise that we did was not only incredibly informative, it was also a ton of fun. I would caution that this course is only for people that are serious about learning and protecting their families and themselves.
    I highly recommend this course, it is worth every penny.

  7. I have been regularly training (once a month on average) with firearms since I was 18. In regards to pistol training, I learned and was able to accomplish more in 3 days at the range with Stephen Grosch than I previously had in 7 years. That alone should be enough, but I’ll explain further.
    A major issue with firearms training is finding a qualified instructor. Everyone who shoots a firearm thinks they qualified to train others. Upon this there is a wide range of douche fuckers who steal valor to add to their “resume” as a selling point. They are scum. They don’t know shit. Fuck them.
    Stephen isn’t one of them.
    First, he makes no mistake of being a civilian who started his training some 17 years ago working at a firearm range. But in those 17 years I feel confident he is a better shot than the vast majority of our law enforcement and military.
    I learned major mistakes I was making when shooting pistols. Mainly being that I was improperly using sights this entire time. The truth is that when you get your CCW (concealed permit) you go through a bullshit course that doesn’t teach you nearly enough to be qualified to handle a firearm. You have to train more. You have to understand more. And if it wasn’t for guys like Stephen, we would all be aiming at a threat a hitting a target that is a foot off.
    Admit to yourself, humble yourself… You don’t know shit. You need to learn more.
    Beyond firearm training we got to spend a great deal of time with one of the top survivalist in the world. His teaching methods are relatable and easy to understand. When was the last time you considered what you would do if shit hit the fan and you were without access to a grocery store for a week, month, or longer? Do you know where your local water sources are? Do you know how to purify the water supply?
    Again, you don’t know shit. You’re not prepared. Don’t be that guy.
    We live in a time where men are being told to question their masculinity. Where men are being told they DO NOT have to be providers or protectors. FUCK. THAT. You need to be prepared. You need certain skills. Don’t fall into the mindset that you can sit back and rely on others for your own personal security. Cops aren’t going to protect you. Look at the recent Berkeley riots. Your family can’t protect you. They have never prepared. Your girlfriend won’t protect you. Once she sees that you have passed that duty to her, she will leave you.
    Be a man. You are responsible for everything in your life.
    P.S. Stephen was a real sweetheart. I’m a non-binary, trans-muslim, queer. And he agreed to call me by my proper pro-noun… Jabrone.

  8. This was my 3rd class with Stephen and was once again top notch. Having the special privilege to use a shooting range in front of the line with a safety-first firearms instructor was great in and of itself so that our shooting skills would improve for many possible scenarios. We started with the basics, firearms safety, and ended with one handed reloads and malfunction clearances in low light. We ALL saw major improvement in the most common shooting issues: Site alignment and trigger control. I’ve been shooting most of my life and had not learned these basics from the many experts and instructors I’ve met. After this training, because of the foundation, even my support hand was shooting bullseyes at the end. Something I thought could never be consistent was now better than my two handed shooting at the beginning of class. Concealed carry training, IDPA competition, and advice from other experts never got me to this level of competence and accuracy in my shooting. I now know how to train with shot timers, flashlights in low light, one handed; how to clear all 3 malfunctions; how to properly draw and reholster as quick and as safe as possible; and best practices in maintaining my firearm.
    In the past I was practicing a lot. But Stephen got me to understand perfect practice.
    The firearms training alone would have been worth the price of admission, but add on the training on urban survival which added to our training from our last survival course, and you’ve got an all around view of what it takes to survive the next collapse. I had already had to use these skills in the real life situation of Hurricane Matthew, and you can’t ever be too prepared. Now I’ve got info on the next steps to prepare, such as getting my amateur radio license, bug out bag contents, water storage, mindset, and strategy from a technical expert, not a blogger or youtube, or some staged actor on the tv screen.
    Stephen has put together another great course and experience.

  9. If you’re serious about being self-reliant , then this course is a MUST. From sunrise to past sunset, we learned CRITICAL life saving skills from the best you can find on the planet.
    It kicked ass!
    This training is second to none and I HIGHLY recommend it.

  10. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I also participated in the VIP / Executive Protection course that Steve organized a year or so back, and this survival course lived up to the expectations set by the first one.
    So much practical knowledge was learned, from assembling a kit you will actually take with you, to knowing how to use the items in it (which were provided to us), to the knowledge of how to survive long enough for search and rescue to find you, and how to signal them. This isn’t the movies, this is real life!
    We also delved into the more primal things, what our ancestors used to know how to do, like make fire from rubbing wood together (harder than it looks)…but after staying hard at it, we were able to do it (something a minuscule percentage of the population have ever done). There was also something primal about eating with bowls and spoons that you made yourself, eating meat you learn to properly cook with a fire (like baking in clay, etc….its not just putting it overtop of the coals), and enjoying that meal under stars you can actually SEE away from towns and cities, and listen to the tales of Geronimo around the campfire. In many ways it made me feel more connected to the guys I was there with, and also my forefathers who actually used to live like this!
    This course also tested us, and do things outside of our comfort zone. Things like sleeping in a primitive shelter I constructed, with no sleeping bag or blanket, or doing our final escape and evasion scenario.
    It was so enjoyable, the 4 days felt like it was gone in 12 hours. And everyone back home has been wanting to hear all of the stories, and talking about the awesome pictures they all saw.
    Thanks to Steve for putting on such an amazing course, and can’t wait to see what amazing class Steve has in store for us next!

  11. Having participated in one of Stephen’s VIP courses in the past (VIP Executive protection) I knew his next offering would also be great.
    This wasn’t just a glorified boyscout camp. This was serious classroom and hands-on training in survival, survival concepts, and evasion that you can’t get anywhere else at this level of competency.
    Best of all Stephen culls from some great people to participate in these courses. Just as in the executive protection training, the guys all bonded over the experience, especially the campfire stories. When you have a magician, a doctor, a marine, an actor, a wedding MC, dating coaches, a VA nurse, a writer, a network engineer, an experienced camper, and the instructors who are well versed in Apache and ancient bushcraft lore around a campfire, that alone was worth the price of admission.
    Thanks again Stephen for a well thought out, well prepared, and information-packed training. Thanks for helping me BE higher valued. And helping me experience more cool stuff.

  12. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the class. I read the course overview and immediately contacted Stephen to say “sign me up.” I had attended previous yearly courses Stephen had put on and knew that this event could be a once in a lifetime experience, and I had to go.
    The instructors, made the weekend more than worthwhile. Their ability to pass along their experiences made much of the coursework fun and exciting.
    How many people do you know who can create fire from nothing but two pieces of wood? Everyone who attended the course left with the knowledge and skills to survive in a bad situation.
    Being able to protect and provide for yourself and your loved ones is a fundamental requirement for any person. If this course is provided again, I’ll be there. And so should you.

  13. In this day and age it seems as though the world is spinning ever faster with all of us caught up in its gravity. We go from one meeting, to another appointment, to another item on the chore list and on and on. It’s so constant that most of us don’t even recognize it any more but occasionally, a few of us sneak in that deep breath and decide we need to slow it all down a bit.
    In the back country of Northern Arizona, we find not the hustle and bustle of our busy lives or the outsiders’ assumption of an inhospitable desert but instead preservation. Preservation of ruins from ancient peoples, preservation of a different way of life, and preservation of knowledge passed down through Ancient Pathways. Of course, that’s provided you have a knowledgeable guide to show you the paths.
    At one point of time everyone needed to know certain skills to live. Skills such as making fire from nothing but two pieces of wood, tracking through different types of terrain, and hunting for substance. Over time these skills have been eroded but they are eager to share them with any who seek this knowledge. Not only will they show you the old ways but they will show you modern adaptations of them as well. So no matter your goals you can survive any back country situation. While I expected the skills from the syllabus to be covered there was something else being kindled as well.
    Sitting in the open where the only light pollution is emitted from a fire surrounded by friends a primal feeling is ignited. Maybe it’s the stories from all over the country being shared, maybe its the bowls being burned from embers set upon half rounds of wood, or perhaps it’s the meals cooked on the glowing embers of a hand started fire. Whatever it is, this is something everyone should experience.

  14. I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. Met some amazing cool people, did a lot of new things I thought I’d never learn. I enjoy camping and hiking, but this was on a whole other level.
    Considering everything we learned for the cost that we paid makes it an absolute steal!
    From the moment we woke up, up until we slept, we were always learning and practicing our new skills. These skills are something that not many people know, yet it’s so essential to survival. I was pretty sad when the course ended, because time just flew on by. It didn’t even feel like it was four days, that’s how fast the time went, but mostly since I was enjoying every minute of the course.
    I wish there’s another follow up course to this later in the future and I hope I can attend it (if it comes to fruition).
    The decision to go was definitely one I’ll remember for the rest of my life. If you were considering taking the course, but hesitated to apply, you missed out on such an amazing and memorable event.
    Amazing instructors and made the entire course fun and enjoyable. Stephen did a great job organizing this and just wanted to send my thanks for making this possible.

  15. I have been an avid backpacker for years. I have gone out for days at a time, both solo or with friends and family and I have all the latest and greatest gear. I talked with Stephen before the event because I was wasn’t sure if there was much I could get out of it that I already didn’t know. Boy, was I wrong.
    The amount of additional skills I picked up in 4 days was beyond what I could have imagined. I has caused me to think completely differently about my approach to the backcountry and my future travels will never be the same. I had always thought that with all my experience I could survive in the wilderness if I ever had to but I now know that there were significant holes in my planning.
    This course seriously prepared me for true survival and looking back it’s hard to believe that so much information was packed into just 4 days and yet was thorough and hands on enough that it was easy to absorb and retain. I now am confident that I do possess the skills to survive in the wild and can’t wait to further refine those skills.

    Stephen once again hit it out of the park by organizing such an awesome event. I can’t thank you all enough!

  16. I’ve known Stephen Grosch aka “Bravo” for many years now, having known him as a fellow speaker and coach in our industry. One day he started showing me some of the edged weapons and tactical training he had done and I was super impressed. I had been begging him to put together a class ever since, so when he announced the first-ever “dream course” with a world-renowned VIP instructor who is so exclusive that we can’t even mention his name, I jumped on board right away.
    I came into the class with a little bit of background in self defense and tactical training. I’m a former U.S. Marine Sergeant with a black belt in Shito-Ryu Karate under 9th degree black belt Sensei Fumio Demura and fairly extensive grappling/wrestling experience. But I saw some of the stuff Stephen could do and I was amazed. So I wondered if the instructor team and the content could match my already sky-high expectations.
    The short answer is FUCK YES. I was blown away by the training, the professionalism, the instructors, and the gear Stephen had imported from Southeast Asia for our training. We all left the class with over 30 hours of drills and instruction, real-life tactical simulation experience, and a large bag of some of the best tactical training gear on the market.
    What I was looking for going into a class like this was something that would “fill in the blanks” between my structured, very traditional (and somewhat less-than-realistic) Okinawan karate training and the war-zone-specific tactical training I had done in the Marines. I knew how to punch, kick, block, and fire a weapon, but none of my previous training had ever taught me how to improvise a weapon from a t-shirt, or disarm a pistol pointed at me, or block a knife attack.
    We learned all of that and more. The course covered, among other things, weapons familiarization and training, self-defense against various weapons, working with and around vehicles, planning escape routes, approaching and clearing vehicles, and ended with a real-life field training exercise where we put our skills into practice in a real world simulation with hidden role players and the observation of our instructors. The 4-day class flew by and the exhilarating, adrenaline-fueled field training exercise at the conclusion gave us all a deep appreciation for the skills and stresses of the everyday life of a protective agent.
    The bottom line is that if you care AT ALL about protecting your family or your loved ones, you NEED to take this class or find a way to train with Stephen. As someone who went into this with a little experience already, it was downright humbling to see how much Stephen knows and how effective of a trainer he is. Whether you’re brand new or have had previous experience, you’ll be amazed at how much real-world stuff you’ll learn from him. I know it’s not cheap, but quality never is. The way I saw it was, “Can I put a price on the safety of my loved ones?” I didn’t look at it as an expense, I looked at it as a small investment in the safety of my family, my loved ones, and myself. It’s a shame that most people in the general public will never get training like this, because it’s the type of training that will save your ass if you’re ever unlucky enough to get into a life-threatening situation.
    P.S. The NY Times reports that the U.S. Government’s National Crime Study indicates that 83% of 12 year old children in the U.S. will be victims or intended victims of a violent crime sometime in their life. EIGHTY THREE PERCENT. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

  17. The other week wrapped up one of the most badass weekends of my life, a 4 day tactical training and VIP protection seminar hosted by Stephen Grosch and his special guest instructor. Well worth the time, energy, and money to go and participate in this.
    What we got was basically weeks worth of training condensed into 4 action packed days, highlighting what was most important to our group. While we learned tactics on how to protect Executives and VIP’s, it was also tailored to our group on how to protect yourself, your gf, or wife and kids. And it was obvious that they knew how to teach effectively, because they would take what was normally a two day course, and pare it down to a couple hours hitting the most relevant stuff for our group’s needs.
    The training was divided into two skill sets – Hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills was probably the most fun to learn, like how to use a knife, impact weapon, etc, but more importantly how to defend yourself against these attacks (glad we were given training blades and sticks to practice these moves with friends back home), but the soft skills were probably more useful. Learning how to recognize dangers before you are put in a dangerous situation, how to avoid them all together, and how to prepare your gear to be ready to move from a hostile situation.
    What we learned wasn’t about standing and fighting. It was about learning how to not get hurt and to stay safe, even if that means using the hard skills. But hopefully the soft skills will keep you from needing to.
    Finally, on the last day we did an actual field training exercise working a protection detail for a couple of ladies. We had no idea whether the guys staring at them or coming up to talk to them were planted there by our instructors, or if they were just real life people, and had to respond to potential threats accordingly. It was exhilarating, difficult, and such a learning experience.
    If these guys offer this again, it is definitely worth it, and if they ever do a level two class then I’ll def be there there myself.

  18. Text from me to my fiance:
    I can now draw my knife and kill someone in less than one second.
    As others have said already, this training was amazing. The amount of knowledge gained in this bootcamp was phenominal. If you weren’t there, you really missed out. A couple of people had to back out at the last minute and I feel really sorry for them because they have no idea what they missed.

    First we learned what happens leading up to every type of attack, be it a home invasion, robbery, mugging, you name it. Understanding how to recognize threats and prevent yourself and your loved ones from ever reaching a point where you need to use your skills was of immeasurable value. Since returning home, my house and each room has more levels of protection.
    But it’s still pretty cool to be able to send that text. Obviously I don’t want to ever have to kill anyone. But being able to disarm almost any weapon, being fimiliarized with several types of firearms, being able to recognize and neutralize threats, knowing that I can keep myself and my loved ones safe with the skills I learned; that’s pretty awesome. Of course I will do everything I can in the 90% that leads up to an attack to prevent it. But if it reaches that last 10%, it’s an incredibly empowering feeling to know that I can stop someone with something as simple as a t-shirt, a flashlight, stick, chair, etc.
    I’ve been doing martial arts for over thirty years. In that time I’ve seen a lot of really good stuff and a lot of garbage. One of the many things I loved about this course is that everything taught was something that not only works, but has been tested by real people in life threatening conditions. The tactics are realistic and applicable. As a result, I feel much more able to protect myself and my loved ones. Even more importantly, I feel more able to prevent these things from happening by being prepared, having a plan, and eliminating vulnerable areas. And it doesn’t hurt to hear a girl say how sexy it is to see you spin a karambit.
    Stephen Grosch is as good at teaching tactical stuff as he is at teaching pickup. After 30 years of studying martial arts, he showed me a lot that I hadn’t known. I don’t know if he will offer this course again, but if he does, you’d be crazy not to take it. If there is a level two, I will find a way to be there.

  19. As a dating coach I got good at the game, but felt something was missing from being a well-rounded man. I was told I was too nice in the past, and having some verbal ninja skills with the game helped, but I just did not have the energy of someone who could back up the “Protector of loved ones” vibe. In fact, one of my original mentors said i had to portray more badass if I wanted more success. I got by pretty well without too much badass.
    Many years ago I had some defense training by taking Dang Soo Do from a national Karate champion who was a colleague of Billy Blanks (who started the whole Tae Bo craze). Needless to say I learned some good self-defense techniques, but a lot of it just didn’t seem practical in real-life situations.
    Fast forward to me meeting Stephen Grosch/Bravo at the PUA conventions that we both presented at. His talks on defense, firearms and tactics intrigued me and made sense. I got my concealed carry permit following his advice and started paying attention to his teachings and reading “Emergency” from Neil Strauss. My training in protecting myself, my women, and my kids was beginning from a better foundation.
    Fast forward to a dinner I had with him last year and Stephen showing me what he was able to do with an LED flashlight to subdue an attacker. Just that brief lesson alone increased my abilities and awareness about ways to stay safe that I wanted even more. I was lucky to get his call that he was putting together a training in VIP Executive protection with a VIP instructor… one of the top instructors in the world… for some small group training with info never before taught to civilians. Fully trusting Stephen’s opinion on all things tactical I was an automatic yes and made plans immediately to travel to Phoenix with the few precious days off I have.
    I got there the day before and had a few drinks with the other participants. It’s apparent Stephen picked the participants meticulously because not one guy was “That guy” that asks questions just to look smart, or “That guy” that thinks they are an mma fighting expert and knows more than the instructors and wants to test them, nor was there “That guy” too timid to participate. Right off the bat the group was ready to get to business and be open books for the training at hand and I have to thank Stephen for doing a great job choosing the group.
    Day one’s talk was alone worth the price of admission. But right off the bat we went into hands-on training. The rest of the days we had lots of hands-on edged weapons, improvised weapons, and training I cannot discuss further than just being glad I was given the very opportunity to learn things only a select few get to learn.
    Stephen’s and the VIP instructor’s experience showed. No nonsense. To the point. Directly from guys who have faced death in the eye and helped many others avoid it with their proven, yet simple techniques. The whole training was full of practical, simplified advice from guys who have seen what works, and unfortunately seen what doesn’t first hand. That experience alone made our training that much more practical and yet so advanced that we rapidly learned it as well.
    I judge teachers by how well they simplify the processes they teach. The worst teachers complicate things, the best simplify. Stephen and his instructors taught the foundations and principles of protection from a mental as well as physical standpoint so well and simply that I was almost flabbergasted how simple the systems were compared to the martial arts systems i was exposed to in the past that complicated the same principles. More importantly we were also advised on what other training we could do to further enhance and refine the training we were getting.
    After 3 days, our forearms were bruised. Some of us were scraped by the edge weapons trainers we used. (Stephen is a freakin’ training equipment expert too and got us the best of the best to use during our training). But on day 4, our awareness was put to the ultimate test protecting VIP’s in a real live public location and scenario. It was quite the eye opening, yet once again practical and most importantly, helpful experience in knowing we could protect vips, our loved ones, and ourselves with our new knowledge.
    Stephen Grosch is obviously a well-respected member of the firearms and self protection world based on what he was able to arrange for us during the training. Top notch experts were available to us including Phil Roux who taught us the latest in firearms technique and knowledge. It’s no wonder how he became a top notch dating and relationship coach as well if he could garner this respect from a crowd where respect is tough to come by. I can’t thank him enough for the invite and VIP training experience. Cross your fingers he will do this again some time in the future. I will certainly be there. But if he doesn’t get training directly from Stephen as part of your journey to manhood.
    If you can arrange training with Stephen on tactical, defense, firearms, or edge weapons, it comes with my highest recommendation, you will not regret it, and I stake my reputation on it.

  20. This was an unreal experience that was everything it was projected to be and beyond. We learned self-defense and weapons techniques that normally no one outside a few elite sectors in the government are trained in, direct from a VIP instructor, who has seen it all and done it all in every part of the world. I was a bit nervous going into it, because I don’t have the kind of martial arts/ weapons training that other guys had, but i’m glad I pushed myself and came, because what I came away with was badass. And it was worth the time and investment, not only to meet all the guys and be part of it, but to help Stephen Grosch achieve a long-standing dream of putting on a kickass tactical class that was pretty amazing. Plus, he supplied us with all the gear, like a tactical swag bag! That just doesn’t happen. So now I have karambits and tac knives and carabiners on my coffee table at the ready. And to top it off, we ended the training by getting to do a real world live training exercise, playing Secret Service to a pair of lovely ladies. Not to mention some other training during the week that was like bonus rounds. So, I have to say it was one of those epic burned-into-your-memory intense surreal awesome experiences of a lifetime. Thanks to Stephen Grosch, and to everyone involved and all the guys who made it worthwhile. It was a privilege to learn and train alongside you guys. And great to know that I can learn more of this from Stephen directly whenever i’m ready…

  21. Stephen Grosch’s Executive Protection Seminar brings together amazing instructors who teach real world no nonsense techniques and makes them easy to learn and adaptable for students of all backgrounds. Just 3 days of training and they had the entire class up to speed on attacking with and defending against several different types of weapons. It didn’t matter the experience of the participants, they were able to adapt the techniques to our abilities.
    I’ve done martial arts for several years and have attended all manner of training seminars. The Executive Protection Seminar is the best investment I’ve made in personal protection training. Getting a chance to see the techniques in action and hear the real life scenarios they are based on was instrumental to understanding the moves and making them my own.
    Self defense is a personal responsibility and if attacked, there is no guarantee that someone will come to your rescue. If you haven’t already begun the process to prepare yourself for a situation where you may be alone in the responsibility to protect yourself or your loved ones, this class is a huge step forward in the right direction.

  22. Most of you don’t know me, even though I’ve been a friend of Stephen Grosch for over seven years, though after this past week at the Executive/VIP Protection Training course that Stephen Grosch offered I felt compelled to share my experience. For those who have not attended anything hosted by Stephen Grosch, let me emphasize that he always goes above and beyond what is expected. This past week of tactical training, that standard that Stephen Grosch has always maintained was achieved with a way of teaching that really emphasized the lessons learned that I have not seen in my entire time in academia (we’re talking over 8 years of college). Stephen Grosch, for those not aware, was an instructor in the past and during this particular training was an immense help in polishing our drills to perfection. Grosch definitely knows how to teach this material and I bet would teach you directly if you asked. He also did a fantastic job of screening individuals so that the class went smoothly. All the items that were provided for the course, from knives to trainers were outstanding.
    Before the class I would say I had minimal knowledge of how to protect myself if I was caught in a bad situation. One of the most important lessons was how to be situationally aware to prevent bad situations from happening in the first place. Then there was the massive amount of training on how to use a variety of weapons: deploying a folding knife from my pocket to be ready for a fight in 0.94 seconds, how to effectively fight with a karambit, using flexible weapons from sticks to fabric, and how to disarm people with a variety of weapons (from pistols to rifles and knives, to name a few). I now feel confident that if I keep practicing the drills, I will be ready to protect myself and my loved ones from threats that come. It is absolutely must-know knowledge.I have no idea if this course will ever be offered again, though if it does I would jump at the opportunity instantly. The lessons learned I know have me prepared more than your average citizen if a threat is ever encountered in this crazy world. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my experience.

  23. I have good news for anyone reading this… the economy must be on the upside. Our rights to protection must not be at risk and people must be filled with overactive responsibilities. I am basing this off the fact that out of about ten firearm and tactile trainers that I have tried to contact, none have returned my emails or phone calls. They must be too busy or think that their job is not important. Nothing else could make sense why I have been continuously ignored by tactile trainers for private lessons. But alas! There is always an exception to the rule. In this matter it was Stephen Grosch.

    The training course had multiple uses for me. The first use being that I refuse to be a victim. If I am not going to be a victim I have to have a solid base of knowledge in relation to combative situations. I hope that I never have to use the lessons I learned in the Executive Protection training course but if I am put in that situation, I am fully confident that I will be able to proceed and calibrate the situation.
    The second use of this class for me was a possible venture into a new industry, the music touring security industry. While security firms are different from executive protection, the training is important for both. After class each day I was absolutely dead tired, barely able to keep my eyes open sitting around a fire at the house a couple guys and I rented. It was well worth it though.
    Thank you Stephen Grosch, Phil and the other guys who attended the course. I learned more than I could ever put a dollar price on.

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