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Bootcamps are currently on hold, I may announce them again one day, but right now the only way to train with me is 1on1 private coaching

Like many of you after I finished reading The Game, I thought WHAT IF…

  • What if I could master the art of Pick Up and the skills of Attraction?
  • What if I could confidently walk up to a beautiful girl & talk to her day or night?
  • What if I could get her to say YES to going on a date?
  • What if I could get HER to ask to be my girlfriend?
  • What if I could finally start living the life I always dreamed about?

The problem was, we didn’t know where to start or where to go.
Then after a little time on Google, we’d stumbled upon a site that offered us a chance to MASTER THE GAME, the only problem was a rushed together E-Book or a crappy set of DVDs isn’t going to do shit to help us in the long run!
But the biggest WHAT IF of them all, the one I, and pretty sure ALL of you dreamed about, was never even offered before?


What did we all dream being a part of, so we could not only MASTER everything I listed above, and even MORE???

Project Hollywood

Too bad it was already LONG GONE by the time you finished reading about it.

So I had to develop my own version of it, I could rebuild it, make it stronger…faster.

I used all the knowledge I have gained in my years learning THE GAME.

  • From teaching across the world, helping THOUSAND of men, running sold out seminars and bootcamps, and working with/teaching/partying with the LEGENDS from THE GAME.
  • Using the skills I learned before getting into Pick Up, where I taught military and law enforcement across the United States the skills they needed to survive.
  • From being married, going thru a divorce, and now being in the best relationship EVER!
  • Running a yoga studio focusing on health and wellness.

So I created


It’s not a seminar
not a bootcamp
…and MORE
Quiet and private place to learn at- CHECK
Low student and hight instructor ratio- CHECK
Nearby bars, clubs, coffee shops, malls, busy sidewalks to practice DAY and NIGHT game- CHECK
Transportation during- CHECK
Close to the airport so easy for you to get to- CHECK
Place to sleep, after party (and use for sexy time)- CHECK
Learning from one of the TOP MASTER PUAs in The Game today- CHECK
Having me and my coaches as your personal wings while in field- CHECK
Proven routines and top secret tips and tricks taught that you can use that night- CHECK
On the fly adjustments to cover exactly what you need and want, not stuff you already know- CHECK
Charging WAY less than what I could in this industry- CHECK
Money back guarantee- CHECK
and that is just some of it!
Let me summarize all of that for ya
You get here and everything else is taken care of, for less than what others charge, who offer WAY less than I, and we basically live together for 3 days EATING AND BREATHING pick up and alpha-ness
It’s the ultimate PUA and LIFE IMPROVEMENT event I am personally hosting and wished was around when I started!
-Check out my vid to get a feel for what I am about and what others who have been in your shoes right now have to say

Pretty awesome isn’t it?
I especially love when PX alumni text me stuff like this in the middle of the night

Late night text


PX alumni a year later

-If you want to read more from the guys who have attended PX, just scroll down and read some of the comments below


Conferences can be great, but unless you are able to go out IN FIELD and practice with a coach, and have them there to help you along the way, it will never really sink in.
Bootcamps can be awesome, but the OTHER companies pack as many students in them as possible, teach you only a couple routines before throwing you out infield, and have coaches who aren’t up to snuff just pushing you into set after set..
Project X is the best from both and none of the shortcomings- non stop teaching during the day, infield training at night with the BEST coach to student ratio I’ve ever heard of!
I’ve had 10 YEARS to test and tweak each event to see what works best. YEARS to coach, mentor and build up a badass team of Senior  and Jr. Coaches who are PX alumni (guys who I consider the best of the best), who can assist me as I personally download as much as I possibly can into your brain during Project X. ALL of us will be there with you every step of the way.

How to apply-

Wait, I have to APPLY to attend Project X=
Fuck ya…..unlike the other guys, this isn’t just about me trying to get you to sign up. If you aren’t serious about changing your life, if you aren’t willing to work your ass off and BLAST thru the sticking points that have been holding you back for years, if you aren’t willing to MAN UP and finally deal with your crippling AA, negative beliefs, or anything else that is preventing you from living the life you dream about
This isn’t some marketing spin. I am 100% serious. Project X takes SO much work on our part, planning and time, that I don’t want to waste my time or the time of my coaches….and I SURE AS SHIT won’t waste the time of the other students who are counting on me to help them if you aren’t 100 serious to improving your life!
I put my heart and soul into these, sometimes only getting 2 hours of sleep a night during a PX, it takes me a week to recover and weeks to catch back up with work after. I only will go put myself thru that for guys who DESERVE IT!
 Details about Project X you need to know before you apply

  • WHERE– in the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale AZ area
  • WHEN- Next one SOON!!!
  • Small private room for coaching during the day
  • Booking a suite and adjoining room that will be ours for training/partying/and some sleeping (no need for you to spend more $ on a hotel room) or I will rent a house for us
  • Close to the Phx airport and super easy to get to
  • During Project X, I will cover transportation- no need to rent a car
  • During Project X, lunch and dinner will be on me (GOOD FOOD!)
  • You will get my most up to date and powerful PUA tactics, stuff I never publicly teach
  • Advanced coaching with LEGENDS
  • Infield training at night
  • Day Game
  • Fashion make overs
  • Follow up coaching afterwards, to make sure everyone is still kicking ass
  • STILL LESS than what other NO-NAMER PUAs charge, and they don’t teach/train for as many non-stop hours, and they make YOU cover hotel and food!!!
  • and more….

Send your application email to with the subject “I want into Project X”

The email MUST contain the following information (I don’t need PAGES, a few paragraphs max)

  • Name (real name and forum nickname)
  • Age (must be at least 21 years old to apply)
  • Cell phone number (plan on me personally calling you for more info)
  • Number of sexual partners (only FULL closes count, and specify if you paid for any)
  • Previous PUA/self help training you have received
  • How long you have been into Pick Up
  • Why you want to attend
  • What you hope to gain from attending
  • Your biggest sticking points
  • A recent picture
  • Since we will be LIVING together the whole time, I read thru each application and hand select who will be invited to attend.

Don’t spend another year wasting your time and getting nowhere…or getting worse because you are following shitty advice that isn’t congruent with YOU.
Apply NOW and prepare to start seeing the matrix.

22 thoughts on “Project X

  1. Bravo,
    I am interested in going to Project X and truly refining becoming someone attractive. Before that, I will have to know 1) when the event starts and 2) how much it costs. I have been posting in the forums and am curious. Hopefully it’s during my break since I am a college student.

  2. Faisal :

    2 questions:
    When is it .. And how much does it cost ..

    you have to apply to find out
    one of the ways I weed out the guys who aren’t 100% serious about working with me

  3. Well as you can see I’m a bit late to the comment party here but for good reason… A) I just picked up a new job B) I’ve literally been on a date with a different girl every single night this week.
    When you attend PX it will literally change your entire fucking life. At first glance you might believe this is just about pickup and getting girls and initially it is. But once you delve into the scope and magnitude of everything covered in PX it will effect a multitude of facets of your life. Love, career, school, friendships, family, confidence, self esteem… everything.
    To top it off you make friends that you stay in contact with for long to come. Its been 4 months since PX4 and we all still talk multiple times a week via a text message thread with well over 2000 messages in it at this point.
    Hmm… what else to add. Oh!
    I was the guy making out with the girl and picking her up in the video. Think that shit ever happened to me before? Actually, once. But I was so piss drunk and so was the girl I couldn’t remember any of it and only heard about it from friends the next day when I was to hungover to care. That was all done completely sober at PX.
    Plain and simple… If you’ve been looking for a change in your life… THIS IS IT!

  4. Wow!..Man where do I even fucking begin..I just watched this and I wasnt even there but felt the bond you guys had.1 word,Jealous.

  5. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.”
    I was tired of waiting for life to throw me a bone. I was angry that other guys were having all the fun, living the life i wanted to live, getting the girls that always seemed to be just out of reach.
    I decided to stop doing the same thing.
    I decided to do something different.
    When the opportunity to take part in Project X came up, I jumped into it.
    More than a year later, the rewards of the mentor-ship and guidance of Bravo and my PX brothers are still keeping me motivated. The mentality I gained at PX has carried over to other areas of my life.
    I’m no longer tired.
    I’m no longer angry.
    I did something different.
    My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.
    In 3 days I learned more about myself and what I wanted and how to successfully grapple with my fears than I had done on my own in the past 3 years. And it wasn’t just about pick up and women. Because its more than that.
    This isn’t just about pick up. This is about building a better lifestyle, finding the path that YOU want, and empowering yourself to walk it.
    If you feel shackled, Bravo, the Bravohood, and Project X will help you realize that the keys to your chains are in your hands and have been the whole time.
    The world is out there. And initially its scary. But you know whats worse? Going through life never really having lived at all.
    So you decide.
    Make the choice to free yourself.
    On the other side you’ll look back after doing shit you never dreamed of and at the pinnacle of your success, in a state of near euphoria you will ask yourself this question:
    “Was this really what I was afraid of?”

  6. I had no idea that by attending PX2, it would mean the start of a whole new life for me – the life I had imagined, the confidence I would gain, the new vision and perspectives I would develop, the brothers I would meet, and all the crazy sex adventures that I would make happen!
    It’s been over 1.5 years since PX2. Looking back, I realize just how much I have accomplished with my life these last two years – more than I ever would have doing this alone. I am more confident with myself than I have ever been. I attract great people and energy around me. I surround myself with positive people who believe in me and want to see me succeed. I know more about myself as a person/leader/man, than I ever thought was possible.
    If any one would’ve asked me at PX2 whether I could believe I would have the kind of sex I’ve had, that I would have a signed sex contract saying a lot of things I can’t mention on here, and that I would be helping guys on the forum who were in my shoes once…. I would’ve told them no fucking way, they’re crazy and belong in a mental hospital!
    But reality set in and it all came together for me, and for us, as PX alumni.
    It started out with sex for me – and a lot of it. Though at some point I realized that for me, it was about being a better version of myself – one with drive, a higher purpose, one with lasting relationships = my best self. I now have a new vision that gets me up everyday, I am a better person than ever before, and I now understand, and live my life’s purposes.
    My life changed when I showed up at PX. And I am still learning, growing, and leading my life authentically.
    It takes a community to raise a man worthy of leadership. PX, and our coaches, can help you learn to be a better you and to create the lifestyle you want – should you REALLY want this to be possible.

  7. I attended PX3 in May 2012. Before going, I was approaching daily and only getting a few phone numbers. After PX3, getting phone numbers, dates, and make outs was easy. Project X will definitely speed up your learning curve. Fast forward to now, I would bet that Project X has easily paid for itself and more when I think about all the free drinks, meals, and gifts I have gotten since then from various girls.

  8. If you have ever wanted to change your life but didn’t know where to start , well I am here to tell you PX is it.
    Bravo is the real deal and the guys he chooses to work with him at PX not only are tremendous at pick up but truly amazing people as well.
    I can honestly say that I learned more about in the weekend I spent at PX then I did in the year and a bit I did before attending.
    After PX3 I kept in contact with the other attendees and even
    flew to Atlanta for a mini reunion and met guys from the original PX. One thing that seperates PX apart is the bond you form with everyone while there.
    PX is truly a life changing experience.
    If you look at your life as a house, PX will give you the blueprint to build the house of your dreams. As long as your are willing to build it.

  9. The PUA market is littered with “get laid quick” programs and bootcamps where you are 1 of 50 with very little in field support. Not Project X. Not only do you get intense play by play instruction from undoubtedly the best in the business, you also get 1 on 1 (sometimes 2 on 1 or 3 on 1) assistance in the field. This was the most intense training of any kind I have ever had and I have done a ton.
    If you want to make a major change to your life in this arena, more than you can ever get online or in books, there is only one program that will give you the ultimate bang for your buck – Project X. Incredibly worth it!

  10. I attended PX back in the beginning of 2012. Before that I couldn’t even get a number. Since PX, I have had numerous number closes, kiss closes, SNLs, and D2 lays. My natural friends think Im a natural, which is crazy.
    But, it doesn’t end there, absolutely not. Since PX, my career has skyrocketed, my income has doubled, my friendships have gotten better, and my relationship with my family has improved 100 percent. This is all thanks to Bravo and his teachings.
    One of the most important things that Bravo teaches in my opinion is inner game, which is lacked by other instructors. If you don’t have that, nothing else matters. So, what are you waiting for, apply, hit the submit button, and get ready for your life to change forever.

  11. This was the only PUA boot camp I would have even considered attending and am ecstatic I made the decision to do it.
    Since attending PX, I’ve approached hundreds of women, gotten well over 50 phone numbers, lost track of in-field make outs, and slept with several of them.
    I had no idea it would possible to progress so much in just a few short months. If someone told me this a few months ago I would have laughed in disbelieve.
    I used to be the guy who was clueless, having the worst luck with women. On the rare times when I had the slightest amount of success, it was attributed entirely to alcohol. When friends would talk about their adventures with women, I was the guy who got quiet because I didn’t have much to contribute. Now the tables have turned, I’ve realized luck has nothing to do with it, and they’re the ones getting quiet.

  12. I can’t recommend PX enough and want to echo what all the other guys have already said.
    Since PX, every aspect of my life has improved, I’ve experienced a massive amount of personal growth, made many great friends and had some crazy adventures with some sexy ladies.
    PX won’t just teach you how to get your shit handled in regards to women, it’ll hand you the keys you need to unlock your full potential, it will give you the opportunity to literally change your life.

  13. I’m an alumni of PX2 and I happened to attend right before my last year in college.
    The before and after transformation was so drastic, my close friends were pulling me aside at parties saying, “Dude….wtf kind of secret potion did you drink this summer?!”
    I used to be the shy kid without confidence. After PX2, I was finally seeing the matrix. Bravo and his coaches are able to personalize having a great lifestyle and P/U skills for YOU.
    Almost every weekend my entire last year of college, there was a woman in my bed. I would often try NOT to go out to the bars/clubs just so I could give my “member” a break.
    However, I must say the best part of the PX program is the follow-up advice, continuity, and friendships with everyone involved with it. Despite there being 4 PX’s , I have personally met all but two attendees. I’ve also met top people in the industry such as Steve P & Dan Guess.
    There’s so much to gain in giving PX a shot. You’d be hurting yourself to apply.
    I hope you make the right decision and join in on the fun!

  14. Before attending PX4, I already knew Bravo gave a shit. We would message each other (and still do) on a regular basis. If he hasn’t heard from me in a while, he’d check up. You don’t see that kind of person very often in this thing of our.
    So really, signing up for PX was a no brainer. It wasn’t ever IF, but WHEN. And when I say it’s life changing, don’t take that lightly. It really forces you to look in the mirror and see where you are and where you want to be. But it’s incredible. I have gained new brothers whom I talk to every day. I have SEEN some incredible transformations. I personally have grown more.
    And what’s really impressive is how much Bravo and his coaches care. They really are doing this for your benefit. And it shows. No where else will you find anything like this. Hell, we got to learn from Steve P and Ross Jefferies because they like Bravo so much. If you’re on the fence, you’d be a fool not to go.
    Oh, and that’s me who number closed Bravos gf… 😉

  15. Look no further because you have found the number one place to be when it comes to building the lifestyle that you want and deserve.
    Bravo is the light house in the sea of pick up and lifestyle change. There is so much garbage out there, trust me I know, that it can become an addiction to garner as much knowledge as you can and never get into field and grow. Bravo is that shining light that will put you back on course. The man has been there, learned this shit, and helped countless men change their lives for the better.
    Since PX I have travelled around the world and had countless adventures the last one was having a sexy and intelligent French girl drive me, with her car, across the south coast of France for 6 days. All from a cold approach at a train station in Paris where she spoke little English, and had a boyfriend.
    This will change your life. It will shatter your reality. It will tear down your limiting beliefs and rebuild you into a colossus of a man who attracts what he deserves in life.
    Welcome to your new life!

  16. I feel like I have to comment on this…
    I am also one of the first candidates selected for project X.
    I wanted to join a bootcamp bc my game was lacking…
    The question was which one? Many to choose from!
    I had a few in mind I was going to do. But knowing Bravo and knowing that he is ALWAYS committed to quality and always puts his students first. I figured I’d do his bootcamp.
    Not sure what I was getting into… but had no doubts and jumped in both feet.
    Its been a couple of years.
    I’ve banged close to 40 scallywags now and couldve nailed at least 55-60.
    (I get lazy) not trying to brag. But px is definitely the catalyst to my MACKism.
    I met some fucking amazing ass pua’s and friends for life. We actually get together a few times a year. If the leveling up isn’t good enough. Then, meeting some likeminded individuals and friends is. Seriously, bravo hand picks students that will mesh well and etc.
    You can’t put a price on this type of experience and knowledge.
    Thanks again for everything Bravo! See ya in 2032! 😉

  17. Bay here… My path in PU and lifestyle improvement began with the game, and has included a style life seminar, mehow, love systems, and bradP products, a Badboy boot camp in Cancun and phone coaching with bravo and many other random sources.
    I had the awesome experience of coaching at PX2 and helping design some of the material.
    The product Bravo and the crew put out for PX gives you all the info you want… And that other companies try and charge extra for. We teach and share from inner game right up thru the dirty sexy time stuff we are doing to keep girls coming back.
    Compared to other products this is a no bullshit experience which will give you the tools in a weekend which took me several years to explore and get into.
    If you are that guy… That smart, kinda normal guy that just doesn’t have the edge with girls i feel you, because that was me… Baby bay. I was a not to bad looking D1 athlete with a 3.9 gpa with NO clue about girls.
    We can fix that
    Welcome to The Bravohood !!!

  18. It’s been 4 months since my life changing journey that I’d like to call PX4. It exceeded everything I expected. It wasn’t just about pick up. I gained a ton of new friends from this forum that I now refer to as brothers. I’ve proved myself in the eyes of my coaches and continue to do so. But one of the KEY things I took away from PX that resonates with me EVERYDAY is COURAGE and a positive outlook on EVERYTHING
    A portion of PX will be heart to hearts and reframing certain situations whether they be life problems or women problems. I still have problems I deal with in both categories but since then I’ve gained metal and emotional strength to keep pushing.
    -My balls are twice as hard since PX (self respect and frame)
    – now have a blue print for start to finish with women
    -I know how REAL our coaches Maestro, Farmer, Bravo, DJ, Boom,Ice, and Cinema are. They are people just like you and I. And they GIVE A SHIT about all of us.
    I am a better man in general. I am in a little debt because of it but I wouldn’t take it back at all. PX4 was worth it.
    Thanks everyone who was there.. You all are some bad ass motherfuckers!!
    ps. The awesome guy with the black spikey hair in the video.. That’s me talking about how much of a lifestyle change this was for me…

  19. Since my Project X adventure (PX2): I have
    – slept with more girls than I could have possibly imagined
    – slept with three girls AT THE SAME TIME (yes, a MFFF foursome), as a same night lay, with one girl coming back two nights later for more fun
    – created a bond with my PX brothers that will last forever
    – hung out with Bravo and the coaches
    – co-hosted an awesome flashchat with Ice (my PX2 brother) to help other guys become more awesome
    – found a girlfriend who’s hot, sexy, smart, and nerdy (see the text that Bravo got above? Yeah, that’s me…and that 5’10” model/dancer chick was lucky enough to become my girlfriend!)
    – gained the confidence and mindset/frame to be the best and most successful version of myself
    – taken all of the skills that I learned at Project X and applied it to business, social circle, LIFE…and all areas have grown spectacularly
    All because I invested in myself and applied to Project X.
    So what are you waiting for?

  20. Project X was a pivotal moment in my life. I attended the very first one and learned more than I ever thought possible. I didn’t think it was possible that they could get any better, but when I attended the next three as a helper then a coach, I was amazed at the quality and professionalism that went into ensuring that each student reached their full potential.
    Then after the intensive bootcamp, there was a plethora of follow up and a continuation of support from men that would become more like brothers than friends. Brothers for life.
    Project X will not only help you to be fully confident with women, it will make you a better man. You will improve socially across the board with men and women. You will learn to work towards and achieve the goals that make you happy as an individual. And you will learn to challenge yourself in ways you never imagined.
    Since Project X I have been with countless women, had threesomes and a foursome, but none of that was fulfilling. Through the skills I learned there, I first bettered myself then found a girlfriend who was worthy of being with a Project X graduate.
    It’s hard to put into words how life changing this experience is. But ask every single guy that’s been through it and they will tell you….. Go. Do it. Apply. You will not regret it.

  21. Bravo is the real deal. That’s all you need to know.
    If you don’t believe me… go check out my posts on the forum before and after PX. I was the most skeptical guy ever to come along (all the other guys agreed… ask anyone who was there).

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