Everything you need to know about OPENERS (podcast)

One of the HARDEST parts of Pick Up, but once you understand it, it really is maybe the least important.

That’s easy to say now…but when I was still in AFC land, when I was forcing myself to go out at night and OPEN, when my feet were frozen to the ground and wouldn’t move…I would have told myself to shove that advice up your ass.
Direct vs Indirect openers, situational, canned, improv, FTCs, rooting, AMOGs, mixed sets, day game, night game. I get into all of it here!

Here is over an hour of FREE insight, advice, and game changing tips about OPENERS. With some of the same information I cover with my private 1on1 students.


3 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about OPENERS (podcast)

  1. Hard to believe it’s been almost a decade. In that time, Many of Stephen’s students have found so much success by learning to be and convey the best version of themselves. His coaching helps with business, women, and life in general.
    I am now the happiest I’ve ever been with a wife, child, and growing martial arts business.
    I highly recommend taking advantage of the content here and doing phone coaching or a one on one with Stephen. Worth every penny.

  2. Starting a conversation with someone is easy….once you just know how to do it. But for guys who had no idea how to just talk to new people (like I used to be before I met Stephen) it seemed impossible. The insight and structure he gave me with openers allowed me to meet soooo many people I otherwise wouldnt have, until it became natural and could just say hi.
    Thanks for the refresher course, its always good to know how to start up a conversation with anyone by just pulling an opener out of your pocket and meeting new people without even thinking!

  3. Thanks Steve for posting the Openers podcast. It was a great refresher for me as I’m getting back into the dating scene again. The audio quality was great on my end. Hope you will do more of them.

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