My life is dope, and I do dope shit!

Some of you guys might have heard me say this already, or post about it online.

My life is dope, and I do dope shit -Kanye West

I can’t stand Kanye, but damn if that isn’t a great mindset! (it’s from a Dave Chappelle interview which I will embed below)

This is our motto for 2017.


What if you only had this next year to live, how would you plan it out differently? What are the things you have been wanting to do, but have been putting off? What have you been DREAMING about doing…someday? (If you want some advice RIGHT now, post them below as a comment and I will help you)
What if you only had 6 months left?
1 month…1 week?
How would you start MAKING those dreams your new reality?
I did it, and here is a vid I shot just a little bit ago explaining it more in depth

We all have wasted our time on activities that didn’t deserve it. At jobs we hated, on people who didn’t add value to our lives, or even just on negative thinking.
If you are sick and tired of doing all of those things, and instead want to level up and want to learn some of the secrets that helped me after hitting my lowest, stay tuned.


Here is the Kanye vid. The part I am talking about starts around the 4 min mark.

8 thoughts on “My life is dope, and I do dope shit!

  1. Absolutely spot on about difference between pick up and manipulating v. doing cool things and new adventures and attracting people by being confident about who you are. Really glad you made the decision to evolve.
    Also – I’m liking the video blog style a lot.

  2. The more common question I get it, what if “yourself SUCKS?”
    Then you have to start leveling up in life, just like a video game character building exp.
    Once you are leveled up, and practice at conveying it in a cool way, AND approaching women, you will find ones that like you for you.
    Unless you are a creepy loser

  3. When someone says, “be yourself, be authentic” to a young one, how does that young one use that identity to connect with women? I understand the answer to the question but also the frustration if the student doesn’t grasp the completeness of the answer. I suppose one could answer the question with a question: “what would you like to do that’s dope?”

  4. Inspiring video, brother. It distills everything into a mantra to focus on. I have so many interests that I find it hard to focus!
    I’m still here though, and still striving to figure it out…been thinking off and on about what you said at the Executive VIP class to me that night in the parking lot. I haven’t forgotten. I remember. I admit, it kind of shocked me and I’ve been meandering ever since, trying to digest it. Just takes a while to penetrate my stubborn skull I guess! Still wanting to get there…

  5. I’ve taken part in some of the epic classes Stephen has put together (like the Wilderness Survival class out in the desert, and the Executive VIP Protection class, both taught by some of the foremost teachers in the world in those fields), and something all my friends seem to ask is “How do you do all of these amazing things?”
    It’s because of Stephen, following his advice on getting what you want out of life, and taking part in the classes he put together (with instructors who respect HIM enough to do these classes for civilians).
    Looking forward to the upcoming Urban Survival class, and any others that are in the pipeline!

  6. Steve a solid, uplifting and inspiring New Year’s video by someone leading by example and who cares about the people he teaches, thanks brother!

  7. Great video and great direction for the website! I’ve seen first hand, so many people pretending to be what they’re not. Authenticity in this world is so lacking, and yet it’s what truly creates confidence. Looking forward to great things!

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