The guys who attended PX2 are already posting about how life changing it was….
I felt horrible that I had to turn away so many during the selection process, that I am trying to offer another Project X before Phoenix heats up.
Locking down final details now with the rest of the crew, but if you want in, and do NOT want to miss out, then make sure you keep checking back here often.
This may be your only other chance to get into PROJECT X this year….don’t miss out.
(only offered 1 for 2011)

5 thoughts on “PX3?

  1. @Bravo
    PX2 changed my life. This transformation is life-changing.
    I have almost doubled the # of girls I have sex with only after a month after PX2. There is no more ‘hoping’ to hold hands or hoping for a kiss at the end of the date. I am now f-closing on the first date and having crazy sexual adventures with good looking women.
    PX is solid investment into your personal-growth and your game. You would be crazy not to sign up for for PX3, especially if you were one of the few selected. I would not be where I’m at now if it had not been for Bravo, the PX2 coaches, and my new PX2 brothers that have helped me along the way. One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

  2. Bravo, are you fucking INSANE!?
    lol 😀
    Wow!I can’t believe another PX is being offered so soon after the last one. Guys, I think this says a lot about how much Bravo really cares about us.
    This is a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Bravo will mould you into an ALPHA MALE, you will lean how to talk, walk, dress, fuck, act and even shit like a man (well maybe not shit, but you will def be leaving the toilet seat up after this experience)
    My point is Bravo knows his shit and is extremely effective at getting what’s in his head into yours. You will leave the bootcamp with all the tools you need to transform yourself into the man you want to be, and you will be a part of an exclusive group of guys who will ALWAYS be there to help you every step of the way.
    Bravo has created a family. Unlike other camps where you pay your money, leave, and are forgotten, here you will always have access to PX related material, past and present.
    PX Fucking rocks! Be a part of something awesome and change your life forever.

  3. As a graduate of X2, I will tell you IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. This is an incredible opportunity to level up your game, and you do not want to miss it. Don’t be the guy with EXCUSES:
    – No money
    – No time
    – Not good enough
    The stuff you learn will not just apply to picking up chicks, but to become the awesome alpha male you deserve to be. I’m applying the lessons to business, life, social circle, sex…it’s a total lifestyle redesign and confidence builder.
    If you’re on the Bravohood, look for my FRs, it will give you a glimpse of how awesome the program is.

  4. You definitely don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this.
    Endless hours of coaching, in-field feedback from sets, and dual induction hypnosis from Steve P. and Dan Guess were just a subset of PX2.
    And yet they already top 99.999% of bootcamps that any other no-name PUA “gurus” bootcamps who charge even more than what Bravo does.
    Don’t let PX3 slide by!

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