After 16+ years of coaching, there is a reason there isn’t 1 negative review ANYWHERE online about me-

I am great at helping guys transform their dating lives!

But, don’t just take my word for it.

The forum, Discord, and my IG page all have countless reviews from previous students, below are just a few of my favorites. But even maybe more impressive is that if you scroll down you will see I am the only Dating Coaching in the world to be endorsed by every legend from THE GAME!



A great coach, a great example, and most importantly a great friend and mentor to every student
-Neil Strauss ( aka Style author of THE GAME )



If you simply allow him, Bravo WILL change your life. You WILL become solid. No question, he delivers the goods.



Of the few coaches out there, Bravo is for real. He’s dedicated, a very good teacher, believes in what he is doing and both wants to and actually assists his students in getting results.
GO to his bootcamps and tell him I sent you.
-Ross Jeffries



To say that Bravo has “skills” as a Dating Coach or as an engaging and articulate seminar speaker is an understatement.   His presentation, at my –Becoming A Powerful Man Workshop, was filled with so much user-friendly material and practical advice that anyone could start using the information to immediately improve their Dating Results.
-Steve P



If you want to learn to be MANLY listen to Bravo. If you want to learn how to wear a boa, lipstick, and fingernail paint there are PUA guys that teach that as well. Bravo = two thumbs up



Bravo, I’ve had dozen of teachers, you’re one of the few who has made a crucial difference in my life. You taught me how to appreciate people, and your devotion to my learning inspired me to become a better teacher.
Bootcamp Alumni
Ph.D university teacher



Just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. Don’t know where I would be without you. In a field where there are a lot of people after the all mighty dollar, it’s good to see somebody who really cares. My life has changed drastically because of you.
I’m the man I want to be, because you believed in me, and refused to give up on me.
I remember on a coaching call, you said “if you’re not going to put in the work, I’m wasting my time, and I will give you your money back.”
What kind of PUA does that. I’ll tell you, an honest guy with integrity.
Thanks again, brotha.

Hey, brotha.. Thanks for talking to me the other day… Honored to have you as a friend…When you first started coaching me, could not even make eye contact with another person… Now married to the woman of my dreams. Cannot thank you enough. Thanks for always believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself… More people should know how awesome your coaching is… Also, so awesome that you actually care, and not one of these guys just trying to get internet famous… Thanks again, would recommend you to anybody seeking any kind of life coaching!



Real coaches like Bravo teach men (and taught me) to respect women, teach men confidence, and to understand that women are not an alien species to be feared, that require bizarre and even socially unacceptable behavior.
Beyond that, real dating coaches like Bravo and his  team are what gave me the confidence to tell the girl I knew was perfect for me for the past 7 years (Jenna that’s you!) how I feel about her.
Bravo teaches men to better their life – with the goal of being more successful with women – by improving themselves, by identifying areas of their life and their personal image which others – not just women – would not find ideal, and improving them.
I would not hesitate to credit Bravo and many of his team with helping me find the confidence I needed to force people to see my skills at work, which quickly propelled me from PC World assistant to Senior Mobile Developer at a greater London area based technology company!




Bravo – I sending this to you in the hopes that other guys who are struggling to find answers about online dating read this. Feel free to share it. It’s honest, nothing more, nothing less.

Let me preface this by noting I am a clinical and forensic psychologist (yes, doctorate level). I study people. I can’t even estimate the number of couples I have counseled. Almost six weeks ago, my relationship finally ended (a dentist can still get a cavity). I have heard horror stories about online dating from both male and female patients. In the same boat, I was confused, anxious, and even considered returning to that terrible ex. Online dating isn’t natural, and it’s fucking weird. I sought some clarity on the internet and repeatedly saw folks referencing someone named Bravo. I finally found a video of him explaining online dating. It blew my mind! I sought him out, and it’s paid off in dividends already. I would have never figured this out on my own despite seven years of grad school and a ton of professional experience. My online game is like fishing with dynamite. He has made it so easy!

As a psychologist, I am amazed at what you have put together, Bravo. It all makes so much sense now, and the results speak for themselves. You are my new favorite person! I’m so impressed. You have had a major impact on my life in a few short weeks. Thank you! And I hope you know that. You really have!

If you are struggling with online dating, check out Bravo’s online coaching program (after you do, say hi – I am a real person). He has put in years of work figuring this out, so we don’t have to. What you will learn from him is priceless, and the collective mind of the other group members accelerates this process. All the things you won’t even say to your closest friends about your insecurities will at some point come up in the online coaching program. Bravo is the guy I go to for help with online dating. Online dating is confusing! Why struggle?



I can’t thank Bravo enough what has done for me. The guy is amazing. Think about it, he has done things, my parents wouldn’t do. He told me I was worthy of hot chicks. The social skills, he taught me, has helped me in my job, with my family, in everyday situations. There are few things in life that are life changing experience. Meeting Bravo, has changed my life. If you want to get this life handled, contact Bravo!



This guy is extremely good at teaching – not just pick up – we all know he’s great when it comes to that – but after a 6 figure education from a top university, and being a “professional” student most of my life, I can say with complete confidence that I’ve never met a teacher who can convey the message and material in a more efficient and effective method, I’ve only spent 3 hours on the phone with him – and I can tell you right now that my ability to win over sets, groups, and push interactions farther and get VALUE out of every interaction has easily doubled – but I prefer to use the word skyrocketed.



From the first moment I saw Bravo I knew he was the real deal. I had been reading about this stuff and on forums and all that but had never actually seen somebody in person who was USING and APPLYING the material like he was. He became an instant mentor to me. His feedback is specific and on point, but he doesn’t pull any punches. If you can’t take constructive criticism you shouldn’t be talking to him, but if you can…your life and love life will improve ten fold within just a few conversations. I know mine did.



I’ve been active in the community for a long time and a lot of instructors disappoint.You meet them, see their quirks and shifty eyes, and think, “how the hell does THIS nervous guy attract women?!” But the first time I shook Bravo’s hand I knew instantly he was the real deal. The word that strikes me is SOLID. He emanates self-assuredness. His voice, eye contact, movements and gestures are all rooted in an effortless confidence. And he is absolutely fearless in the field. Bravo’s got some of the tightest game I’ve ever seen; I’m talking rockstar shit. I’ve been out with him and personally witnessed some of his escapades with women right there in the club that are so salacious I couldn’t believe the bouncer wasn’t tossing them out. Also, he is a born instructor. I was fortunate enough to have him mentor me and I would learn more from him in one conversation than I would from 3 hours of reading. He has a way of breaking things down so concisely and clearly that you instantly feed off his energy. He is, without a doubt, one of the most motivating teachers I’ve ever met.



During my time as a social artist, I met many if not all of the big names in the industry and The Game. Few of them lived up to the hype. Bravo is one of the guys that actually transcended all expectation. His game is unique, effective, and honest. While most guys can teach OR pick up; he does BOTH better than anyone I have ever seen up close. He takes those skills and applies them into drills that push you to places you never thought you could go. When I was a student in a Stylelife LA bootcamp, he taught me to believe in myself and that I was much better than I thought. Since then I’ve gone onto excel not just with women, but in all areas of my life. 
– Topher



His precise, to the point, honest feedback are some of the things that distinguish him from most of the other coaches I’ve met. Confidence, Grace, Calibration, Alpha-Guy-befriending, Closing (k-closing and #-closing in matter of mins), how to be a leader of men – are only few of the many things I have learned from him. Being an immigrant from India, when I met him, I was full of limiting beliefs, and almost negative game. Now I am with a great girl, in an amazing relationship, and great social circle. I’ve learned more from one evening with Bravo than I’ve learned from 3-day boot-camps with (name removed other pick up companies)



Bravo took me under his wing immediately and taught me things that raised my game entire levels each time. I can’t even begin to talk about the subtleties of women, AMOGS, and social dynamics that he has mastered and continued to build upon…many of which he discovered on his own and added to the “gurus” he studied. When I met Bravo, I was at a point where I was outwardly successful with health and wealth. But I was literally deteriorating inside: angry at the world, angry at women, and most importantly angry at myself because of my utter confusion and failings with the opposite sex…for 31 friggin’ years. Only a short time after learning from him, I now have three…lets say “good female friends”…in Phoenix and one in San Francisco for when I travel. If anyone wants to learn internal self-confidence and outward success with women, I have met a LOT of people in the community…and none are more real and truly successful with teaching the game, than him. Thanks for the life lessons Bravo, and I look forward to working with you in the future.



After meeting and going out with Bravo for the first time, I realized not only was this lifestyle real, it was something I was not going to give up on…He exudes his strong inner game which translates into his awesome outer game. The cool thing is that it is very LEARNABLE with him. He has personally taught me more about inner/outer game then anyone else.
– Jai



I really believe that BRAVO was placed on this earth to teach, to motivate, and to show guys the way to success!
– Dave G.


There are a LOT more on my IG page, and on our Discord=

Instagram feedback from students = HERE

Discord feedback from students= HERE



3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Bravo is a dating expert who came highly recommended. After doing 1 coaching call with him, I could tell right away that he’s a cool guy who knows his stuff and wants to help.

    I was working with another coach whose program was more expensive and didn’t provide much feedback at all or would show me random stuff that had nothing to do with my situation. Whereas with Bravo’s program, we are able to go over whatever I want such as online game, inner game, logistics, etc. He also tells funny stories to put things in perspective which makes the calls more fun and enjoyable.

    We also have a private message board and weekly chat that we can use to interact and share stories with like minded people who are also in the program so you get the help of a mastermind as well.

    I would definitely recommend this guy’s program for sure.

  2. Bravo’s unique approach to coaching is by far the best there is. He’s not trying to make you into something you aren’t, but rather helping you become the best version of yourself. By doing that, dating comes naturally.

    I have personally benefited from his coaching and have been married for 8 years now with two children and one more on the way. I can personally say I’ma better man from knowing him and benefiting from his coaching. I can also say there’s very few people that set such an example of integrity in their own personal life the way he does.

    Do yourself the favor of trying his one on one coaching. You will have to do the work, but if you do, it can be life changing. I highly recommend Bravo for all of his training!

  3. I did my first one on one with Bravo right at the start of the pandemic. When most people were stuck at home my inbox was filled with women who wanted to meet me because of what I learned from him.

    This coming winter when my life quiets down a little bit more I will be doing a second one and one, and I cannot wait to work with you again, brother!

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