The Bravohood hits 1000 members!!!



I remember when I first set up this site as just a blog, really so I could stay in touch with many of the guys who enjoyed my posts and writing.

Then one of them posted as a comment that I should add a forum
The truth is I REALLY wanted to create my own forum and FINALLY be able to run it MY WAY


I didn’t want to make one and have it be a ghost town.
One of the first things I do when researching someone / trying to figure out if PUA coach is solid – is check out their website.
A cool set up and flashy pages can just mean that they suckered a computer intern into designing something for them, but the forum never lies.

  • How active is it?
  • Does the guy who’s name is on the website post there?
  • Are their posts actually cool/funny/helpful or just shitty marketing?
  • How are the rest of the members? Helpful or just frustrated keyboard jockeys
  • Is there an easy way to instantly tell who the advanced guys are?
  • Is the forum COOL?

So when I set up MY forum- THE BRAVOHOOD I tried my best to address each of these, and it seems like many of you guys dig it…well at least 999 of you.

I was blown away when we hit 300, then 500….now 1000
Thank you guys, and here is to the next 1000

22 thoughts on “The Bravohood hits 1000 members!!!

  1. Aries :
    Bravo’s forum is greater than the Big forums, WHY BOTHER TO COMPETE…Bravo has successfully recreated the Golden age of PUA.

    I am going to quote this!

  2. First of all, I want to say congratulations to Bravo…. Second to SocialKenny, you sound very bitter… Bravo has done for me and alot of other guys what the so called top PUAs never would do…. He cares, majority of the other guys it’s just about the money….
    I think what makes this forum different is that we are all really care about each other…. Without sounding cheezy, we are really a family…. A lot of guys on here I text and talk to, my best friends in life are on this forum…. So, maybe you should investigate the forum, before you bash it….

  3. So your idea of what’s better than Bravo’s forum, is obviously a piss-poor, 2nd rate, low quality wordpress site with no pics of women you banged, and comments made by people you bribed. By the way, did I miss the pages on your website where you had NO GOOD ADVICE on picking up women?
    I have no doubt in my mind that your gonorrhea-looking wordpress site (with a lack of quality original pua material) is right up there with the big boys.
    You’re totally right. We should stop listening to Bravo, stop making girls beg for our cocks and fucking them crazy, and start listening to you.

  4. I’m with DJ, it’s really a shame all the cool shit that Bravo’s forum includes. How dare Bravo not charge for his forum, teach us all to be better, and be available to us all the time. Almost everyone that I hang out with regularly has met him and again…it’s a shame. 2 of my closest friends (maestro and NSM) are in Phoenix right now chilling with Bravo. Oh yeah, and it’s really too bad that he actually posts on his forum.
    Seriously though, who cares if EVERY pua has a forum? All of the guys at the Bravohood have an opportunity to better themselves and that’s all that matters. It isn’t a competition. Bravo kicks ass, and he wants us to kick ass too.

  5. Bravo’s forum is greater than the Big forums, WHY BOTHER TO COMPETE…Bravo has successfully recreated the Golden age of PUA.

  6. You’re absolutely right, Bravo & his forum will never compete with the Big Boys. With the very intimate nature of the Bravohood, it’s a shame that all of the new guys get a lot of attention and help from the more advanced guys and even Bravo himself. It’s a shame that a lot of the members are active, and that many of them are committed to not just picking up chicks, but building an incredibly awesome & fulfilling life. Hell, i’ve been telling Bravo for ages to get out of the pickup world and focus on being a lifestyle redesign coach, but he’s to busy helping guys become better. It’s a shame that I can drop in almost any major city and be able to hang out with a brother who knows what he’s doing.
    I’ll write more later, once I get up later today next this gorgeous chick who i railed all night. Too bad I got the help, support, and confidence from the guys at the bravohood to learn what to do to get her, it really is such a shame.

  7. Every PUA is looking to set up forums.I really don’t see the point if everyone had a forum.Your forum will not be able to compete with the big wigs,so I reaLly don’t see the point.

  8. Bravo, thank you so much for setting this site up….you’re the man! Best PUA forum on the planet….no joke

  9. Congrats! So glad to be a part of this! This place is cool with genuine guys who know their shit! Bravo is awesome and always posts something cool/helpful! Love it here. Congrats again!

  10. hell yeah fuckin right!
    reaching this number is awesome…AND even more important:
    the guys who come on your forum end up STAYING THERE 🙂

  11. Glad I am part of this!
    If it was not for your website, I would not have met some awesome friends and probably not be where I am as a man today!
    This beer is for you!

  12. Congrats Bravo! Your knowledge and ATTITUDE is what has gotten you to this level and will help you continue to grow. Thanks for providing a forum that has greatly changed my life for the positive, with women and more importantly life in general. Because of you and this forum and it’s members, I am a better person today, still working on being my best self possible, and I know the guidance and support will come from this forum.

  13. Congrats Bravo on reaching member 1000!
    Your forum is simply amazing and has done nothing but great things for my life since I’ve joined.
    Anyone considering on joining needs to. It will change your life.

  14. Congrats Bravo! The Bravohood is definitely something special in the PUA world…I second NSM! Cheers

  15. Glad you set this all up Bravo, and I’m glad to be a part of it all! Here is to the next time you get blown… away!

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