Find Love, Discover Purpose, Rewrite Your Story

The Bravohood = men around the world, all working towards leveling up our lives.

Most of us started with wanting to improve our dating lives,
but being bad with women is just a symptom of bigger issues,
which have to get fixed if you truly want to have fun in the dating world, and have long lasting, healthy relationships with women.


I was never a guy who wanted to hit on every pretty girl I saw, I am actually an introvert!

But every once in awhile I would see a beautiful woman, maybe one that most guys wouldn’t think was a “10”, but she was to me! And then I would do nothing about it… I remember exactly how frustrating it was. Seeing a woman that made me HAPPY to be a man, butterflies in my stomach, blood racing across my body, my mind forgetting about everything else imagining what it would be like if I could get a girl like that to be my girlfriend and then….a little voice in the back of my head would ruin everything.

It told me things like “no way she is single” or ” she would never be into a guy like me“, “I don’t know what to say“, or even worse, “it would be too awkward to go and talk to her with people watching“!

I am sure many of you guys can relate to this. Some of you have always felt this, and some guys like me, after a long term relationship ended, had to get back out there and start all over from scratch.

The few times I did force myself to try it, (after a few beers and with the encouragement of my friends)  I would just usually mess it up, and it felt even worse than just not even trying at all. Very rarely would I get LUCKY and then get a date, but again it was NEVER with a woman of the caliber or the connection I wanted.

I finally hit my breaking point when I got stood up on New Year’s Eve. I had the perfect date planned, dinner, fireworks shows, and then back to my place…but she ghosted me. The worst part was I wasn’t even really into her…I had lowered my standards and STILL got stood up!

That night I decided that I would figure this area of my life out, no matter what!!!

You have to remember that the internet in 2006 wasn’t even close to what it is today. I had no one to help me, and books were the first thing I tried. Most of them were pretty worthless. But I did get a good tip here or there…. but one book that was recently released called THE GAME by Neil Strauss, changed my life! It was at that moment I realized that talking to women and dating was something I could get better at.

I started going out 3-4 nights a week, constantly doing what I was most scared of, talking to women. I didn’t have a coach or mentor to help me so it was slow going at the start, but then…things started to click. I was getting more dates than ever before with women I thought weren’t just beautiful, but really GOOD people as well…something I had almost given up hope on finding!

My new found social skills were so impressive I had friends start asking for help, friends trying to get me to help THEIR friends, guys on the internet who had read some of my advice driving from different states to come meet me, and finally the author of the book that had such a big impact on my life, asking me to come work for him. Eventually he even wrote about me in the follow up best selling sequel to the book that changed my life, Rules of The Game.

Living in Hollywood and traveling the world teaching was a crazy time in my life. I learned so much, but I also learned what I didn’t want to be. I never was a club or bar guy, I don’t do drugs, rarely drink, and while it was fun having a super busy dating life…that just never was a big deal to me. I originally got into this stuff to get over my X and to just get a cool girlfriend. (which is what most of my students want). So in 2010 I moved back to Arizona and started my own company where I teach guys how to do that in a cool and authentic way.

After tons of success teaching, I realized that most of my students would get good with dating and pick up, but then what? They didn’t have friends back home, they were working jobs they didn’t love, they were on a similar path as me and wanting to level up in other areas of their lives but didn’t know where to go. That is how THE BRAVOHOOD was born!


I am now living the life I always dreamed of with my wife and child. After 17+ years of professional teaching, with thousands of guys from all over the world, there actually are only a few sticking points guys have when it comes to connecting with women, and almost always it only takes a few hours to start fixing YEARS of mistakes!

  • How to approach women and get over your Approach Anxiety
  • What to say and how to say it
  • How to deal with her friends or other people around us
  • How to get a phone number and then what to do with it
  • How to plan a cool date (this breakthrough was HUGE for me)
  • How to sexually escalate, especially in the ME TOO era
  • How to not be clingy or desperate
  • How to make friends
  • How to be cool at work
  • and other the other things I teach like how to protect yourself + your loved ones

Are all things I coach guys in. I share things that changed my life and the lives of countless students around the world. Not just dating advice, but living your life like a MAN advice.

Let me help you, like I have helped so many others!

I can only imagine how fast my progress would have been if I had someone there to help me when I needed it. That is why I offer personal and 100% private COACHING, either in person or on the phone. I will help you break through any sticking points you have or any walls that come up in your way. Trust me, I 100% know how depressing it can be when you don’t have control of your life. I am living proof of what is possible and how awesome your life can get, and the best part is it wasn’t even that hard to get here!

If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you. This is what I do, I love helping you guys, it is my mission in life. I get to turn all the negative shit I went through into something positive and spread it out in the world. Life doesn’t get much better than that. The best part is that guys that I work with, get to eventually do the same thing…

Hopefully, I will hear from you soon.


If you are still reading, then here are a few tips to start helping you ASAP. Remember all the stuff I wrote saying that would pop in my head? Well here is what the voice in my head said to me after I leveled up!


“No way she is single”, turned into “She isn’t with anyone and I don’t see a ring, there is a good chance she IS single!

“She would never be into a guy like me” became “she would be LUCKY to date a guy like ME”!

“I don’t know what to say” was now, “I know EXACTLY what to say to her”.

“It would be too awkward to go and talk to her with people watching” is my favorite, “look at all these chumps all too scared to do anything besides look! She probably almost never gets hit on. Let me show everyone who has the balls to step up”!

-that last one, Subway girl, ask me to tell you the story when we talk, one of my all time best!


109 thoughts on “Find Love, Discover Purpose, Rewrite Your Story

  1. The shorthand version of my review is that Bravo is an amazing coach, and an even better person.

    Now for the longer review:

    This is coming from the perspective of someone who has played and won a certain 30 day challenge at least 3-4 times at various stretch points of his life, starting with his Freshman year of college. The rules were simple – do the daily missions, and win it by getting a girl’s number and going on a date with her at any point within its 30 days. That said, as anyone who has attempted to learn pickup knows, the process of actually taking on this challenge is extremely difficult. The truth is that almost every aspect of how you interact with the world needs to be tweaked or changed completely, and actually making these changes takes time and effort. It’s extremely easy to go down the wrong path by overlooking various aspects of yourself, not get the results you want (even after making the effort), and burn out. This is especially true if you’ve only ever attempted to learn the game solo, without any real guidance, as I have.

    I reached out to Bravo specifically because of his background with said challenge. You see, I could never stick the landing regardless of the amount of effort I put into playing the game. I would go through the missions, “win” the challenge after 2-3 months, and for whatever reason eventually revert to my pre-challenge self, wasting all of the effort. Looking back, part of it was definitely the intensity of the school I went to. That said, I played the challenge enough times where I knew that there were definitely other factors at play – subconscious mistakes I was making that I weren’t aware of and therefore couldn’t fix. It got to the point where the process of taking on the challenge to learn pickup turned into a pretty bad cycle. I’d play the game, usually get a date or two, and then eventually give up and revert to my earlier self – rinse and repeat.

    The worst part is that life eventually catches up to everyone. It’s been years since the last time I played the game. The truth is that I’m out of practice, and I’m nowhere near that modest skill level that I once had. Let’s just say that after one particularly bad social experience, I woke up the next morning realizing that I wasn’t 18 anymore, that I had wasted a lot of time leaving this part of my life up to chance, and that my best shot at getting good at the game came in the form of jumping into pickup one last time. The only question was “What could I do differently so that I could actually stick the landing this time”?

    From the moment I met Bravo in person, I got the type of feedback that I needed. Previously, I would open and push sets forward mostly through willpower alone, unaware that I was making subconscious mistakes that were already in the process of sinking me. Bravo studied me, pointed out the issues I needed to fix, and gave me concrete recommendations of how to fix them. He was tough, calm, and fair – all while being a great mentor and an even better person. It was a humbling and eye-opening experience. After all, you can’t fix the issues that you can’t see, and I definitely didn’t see them. The truth is that I really did need someone with the experience to mentor and provide me with the feedback that I needed to succeed.

    My story is still very much in progress. I’ve spent the last week since my one on one with Bravo, combing through my notes and taking the actions that I need to take to implement his feedback to the best of my ability. I can already tell that these upcoming months will be both challenging and rewarding, given that these are actions that I have never done before. All I want is to stick the landing; it’s my hope that this will be the last time that I’ll need to go through this personal journey. Bravo, thanks for all of your help. Thanks for believing in me and giving me the confidence that I could actually make this happen. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a mentor and a friend. I’ll be in touch.


  2. Bravo cares about the people he coaches, and helps them level up in ALL areas of their lives. I know my life is MUCH better because of listening to his advice, and he has never steered me wrong. People now can’t believe it when I tell them I used to be an introvert and too shy to talk to women, but Bravo helped change all of that with his amazing coaching. If you want to improve any area of your life you need someone to help coach you, and when it comes to relationships, becoming more social, and anything about being a better man, you can’t go wrong with coaching from Bravo!

  3. Bravo’s unique approach to coaching is by far the best there is. He’s not trying to make you into something you aren’t, but rather helping you become the best version of yourself. By doing that, dating comes naturally.

    I have personally benefited from his coaching and have been married for 8 years now with two children and one more on the way. I can personally say I’m a better man from knowing him and benefiting from his coaching. I can also say there’s very few people that set such an example of integrity in their own personal life the way he does.

    Do yourself the favor of trying his one on one coaching. You will have to do the work, but if you do, it can be life changing. I highly recommend Bravo for all of his training!

  4. I did my first one on one with Bravo right at the start of the pandemic. When most people were stuck at home my inbox was filled with women who wanted to meet me because of what I learned from him.

    This coming winter when my life quiets down a little bit more I will be doing a second one and one, and I cannot wait to work with you again, brother!

  5. Bravo – I sending this to you in the hopes that other guys who are struggling to find answers about online dating read this. Feel free to share it. It’s honest, nothing more, nothing less.

    Let me preface this by noting I am a clinical and forensic psychologist (yes, doctorate level). I study people. I can’t even estimate the number of couples I have counseled. Almost six weeks ago, my relationship finally ended (a dentist can still get a cavity). I have heard horror stories about online dating from both male and female patients. In the same boat, I was confused, anxious, and even considered returning to that terrible ex. Online dating isn’t natural, and it’s fucking weird. I sought some clarity on the internet and repeatedly saw folks referencing someone named Bravo. I finally found a video of him explaining online dating. It blew my mind! I sought him out, and it’s paid off in dividends already. I would have never figured this out on my own despite seven years of grad school and a ton of professional experience. My online game is like fishing with dynamite. He has made it so easy!

    As a psychologist, I am amazed at what you have put together, Bravo. It all makes so much sense now, and the results speak for themselves. You are my new favorite person! I’m so impressed. You have had a major impact on my life in a few short weeks. Thank you! And I hope you know that. You really have!

    If you are struggling with online dating, check out Bravo’s online coaching program (after you do, say hi – I am a real person). He has put in years of work figuring this out, so we don’t have to. What you will learn from him is priceless, and the collective mind of the other group members accelerates this process. All the things you won’t even say to your closest friends about your insecurities will at some point come up in the online coaching program. Bravo is the guy I go to for help with online dating.

    Online dating is confusing! Why struggle?

  6. When it comes to dating coaches, there is no question Bravo is the man to see! After
    just two days of 1 on 1 coaching, there is definite improvement in my game.  I came to cover
    basic sticking points such as approach anxiety, developing self-confidence, escalating
    conversations, and number closing. These points were not only covered, but so much more
    information was addressed.

    Starting each day, Bravo drops so much information and touches
    on a ton of subjects, but it’s never too much for the student to handle. Then the second half of the day we went infield to the mall. The first day went well but not exceptional. After each set
    Bravo breaks things down and you go right back into the next one more prepared. The second day was much more difficult to get rolling into sets, but when he saw me getting overwhelmed he reassessed the days assignment and made adjustments. To me this showed how good of a coach he really is, because he adjusted the objective to make my approaches and conversations much more effective and positive instead of continuing what wasn’t working for me.
    After it was all said and done we went to dinner to debrief the weekend. While we were eating our waitress came over and handed me her number on a piece of paper. All this happened without me even asking for it. I followed Bravo and his work for a few years before pulling the trigger on a 1 on 1 session with him and I wish I had done it a long time ago. Without a doubt he is an unbelievable coach and this shows by being able to cover a ton of valuable information quickly, motivate the student to complete their daily objectives infield and out, and giving constructive criticism on sets.
    Lastly, when he is coaching he is completely locked in. Each day we went well beyond our scheduled time together, and he continued to give valuable Information. The entire time, you have his undivided attention and he gives you more than you pay for. 

    The past two days were incredible and I can’t wait till the next time I’m able to go back! Not
    only were my sticking points covered but my expectations were exceeded. If you’re looking to
    level up any part of your life, there’s no one else I recommend to see more than Bravo!

    Thanks for an awesome weekend!

  7. Review: Bravo Coaching Call (From a Skeptic)

    I got into this, and did most of it on my own for a while, and eventually met up with some of the great guys around here – who gave me priceless advice and became more like brothers than fellow PUAs. I’d first like to thank them, because had they not been so awesome, I’d have been inclined to continue on my own. DJNinja, Rogue4Life, Boomer, NSM, Smoothcall, Ice, Tech, (those one liner posts), and so many others that I can’t even begin to name you all. Much Apreesh, Brothers.

    Now, on to the calls. Like I said, I was a skeptic. I thought it would be literally impossible to learn anything about bettering my life in an hour on the phone with some guy who knew nothing about me, and had never met me. I mean honestly, what the hell was he really going to SAY that would make any kind of lasting impact, in an hour? 200$ Is more money than I have to throw at some gimmick, which is what I truly believe it was, So I resolved that If I was ever going to spend money on this, it’d be at PX, or one on one.

    Enter Rogue4Life, and DJNinja. These guys had done the calls, and had nothing but praise for them. That wasn’t enough to impress me into buying anything though, not that I don’t trust these guys (I do, and they are some of the finest men I know), but I know me, and I just didn’t feel like it was the right fit.

    Rogue kept telling me every time we went out, any time Bravo came up (Which is pretty often with a group of guys from here) that the calls would make a huge difference, not just with game, but with my view of the world, and success, and that those things would bleed through into my lifestyle.

    Rogue told me if I did do it, that I absolutely have to do a package or I would regret it.

    So off I went to chat up bravo, see what it was about. I didn’t know this, but the guy has a 100% refund policy, all you have to do is ask for your money back after the call, and it’s yours. After hearing that I still wasn’t sold even – like I said, total, 100% skeptic. After seeing videos I had downloading of bootcamps from other PUAs, and a few recordings of their coaching calls, etc, I was very convinced that this was a waste of time. Only after talking to DJ about it, did I jump in..

    So I bought the 4 pack. First call comes around, and I wasn’t very good at telling bravo where I was with game, etc. He immediately picked up on the filler words I always use and never knew, told me to cut them out, and a couple of other really great tips. He gave me my homework/mission for the week, which I kinda felt was a step backwards – but I embraced it, and trusted after the end of the call that he completely knew what he was doing.

    By the third call, this guy has identified so many problems that I couldn’t see and wasn’t aware of. It’s astonishing to me how good he is at reading people, and how observant he is. Dude has the perfect metaphors for the situations, to get the point across to you.

    At the end of my last call, I remember him talking about his life before pick up, relaying to me a story about how he would grab the last chicken breast in the grocery store, and if someone else said something or was reaching for the same last item, he would let them have it, because he’s such a nice guy. He then relayed how he’s changed and why it’s better not to be such a “nice” guy.

    At this point, I was pretty shocked. In the last two stories he had completely described the person I used to be, almost to the letter. I had to ask.

    “Bravo, are you for real right now? Did those things really all happen to you, or are you just that god damn good at reading people, that you knew how I was, and how to relate the point to me, using my own traits/building rapport with me”

    I had to know. Of course I expected any social interaction with Bravo, or any other PUA to be calculated, and for there to be a reason behind it. I was just blown away with the accuracy.

    He told me, and I believe him, that this really is who he use to be – and – that he really is that damn good. He told me he was able to figure out who I was, and what would help ME understand the point he was making. He could have picked any of an entire lifetime’s worth of experiences, to relate the story to me – but he picked the perfect example. An example of something I’ve actually done. He did it intentionally. This guy is extremely good at teaching – not just pick up – we all know he’s great when it comes to pua – but after a 6 figure education from a top university, and being a “professional” student most of my life, I can say with complete confidence that I’ve never met a teacher who can convey the message and material in a more efficient and effective method, I’ve only spent 3 hours on the phone with him – and I can tell you right now that my ability to win over sets, groups, and push interactions farther and get VALUE out of every interaction has easily doubled – but I prefer to use the word skyrocketed.

    I’d recommend this to anyone serious about self improvement – lifestyle improvement, and obviously game improvement. Buy the package if you aren’t sure – you’ll kick yourself for not taking the deal when you could have it – you can always get a refund after your first call if you feel it wasn’t worth it – but believe me, there is a reason that no one ever has – or will.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, 40 minutes after our last coaching call, I was naked in bed with a chick.

    So yeah, they’re worth it.

  8. Hey, brotha.. Thanks for talking to me the other day… Honored to have you as a friend…When you first started coaching me, could not even make eye contact with another person… Now married to the woman of my dreams.. Cannot thank you enough.. Thanks for always believing in me, even when I didnt believe in myself… More people should know how awesome your coaching is… Also, so awesome that you actually care, and not one of these guys just trying to get internet famous… Thanks again, honored to call you a friend, would recommend you to anybody seeking any kind of life coaching

  9. Wanted to give you guys an update from our Online Game coaching call yesterday – Every single call there’s always something to learn and take away from and this week was no exception. The main discussion was Bravo’s new, short bio. I’ve played around with my bio and tested a few to some great success, but the last month it’s been a bit slow for me, in terms of likes and matches. Decided to try out the new short bio (which short bios really haven’t worked well for me in the past) and my god within the 1st hour I got over 20 matches and already scheduled a date for tomorrow. Since implementing yesterday, as of 4pm today, I’ve gotten over 100 “likes” between both Tinder and Bumble and over 40 matches to go through. If you haven’t signed up yet, I STRONGLY recommend.

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