“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.

The second best time is NOW!”

Since 2006 I have coached thousands of men across the world and helped them start living the life they always dreamed about!
Whether you are recovering from a painful breakup or divorce, wanting to level up your Seduction + Dating skills, or just wanting to learn what it means to really BE A MAN, I can help.
Don’t take the hard road like I was burdened with. Going out 3-4 times a week, getting rejected more times than I can count, wasting months of my time and 10’s of thousands of dollars because I was forced to CRACK THE CODE ON MY OWN.
Attending martial arts seminars, committing months and even YEARS of my life studying things that when I really needed them, would leave me helpless.
Let me pass on all of my TOP SECRET SHORTCUTS, CHEAT CODES, and until recently RESTRICTED TACTICS to you, so you can jump start your training and begin living the life you always wanted ASAP!

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45 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Hey, brotha.. Thanks for talking to me the other day… Honored to have you as a friend…When you first started coaching me, could not even make eye contact with another person… Now married to the woman of my dreams.. Cannot thank you enough.. Thanks for always believing in me, even when I didnt believe in myself… More people should know how awesome your coaching is… Also, so awesome that you actually care, and not one of these guys just trying to get internet famous… Thanks again, honored to call you a friend, would recommend you to anybody seeking any kind of life coaching

  2. Wanted to give you guys an update from our Online Game coaching call yesterday – Every single call there’s always something to learn and take away from and this week was no exception. The main discussion was Bravo’s new, short bio. I’ve played around with my bio and tested a few to some great success, but the last month it’s been a bit slow for me, in terms of likes and matches. Decided to try out the new short bio (which short bios really haven’t worked well for me in the past) and my god within the 1st hour I got over 20 matches and already scheduled a date for tomorrow. Since implementing yesterday, as of 4pm today, I’ve gotten over 100 “likes” between both Tinder and Bumble and over 40 matches to go through. If you haven’t signed up yet, I STRONGLY recommend.

  3. Hey Steve – would love to get some coaching in phoenix AZ. I am divorced and also now out of a three year relationship. Looking to get out there and learn a lot more about meeting women. Motivated, and ready to develop some skills !

  4. Seriously Steve
    I’ve been following/reading about different pua’s and their tips but what you gave /for free!/ had the biggest impact!
    Man legendary isn’t enough to describe what you’re doing!

  5. You’re a fucking hero, watched your YT video about pof tips, man that
    shit works, although I had to change few things as some of yours were
    too cocky for Irish women 😉
    much love

  6. Bravo is an awesome pickup artist, coach, and human being in general. I recommend him to anyone, male or female, who wish to educate and empower themselves in order to achieve satisfaction and happiness in their love lives.

  7. I am a member of the forum and I can not thank you enough. I joined style life a while back when you were head coach and would often ask myself, “What would Bravo do?”” Well since then I have read about your exploits and followed your advice. I went from being 24 years old in a finance job I hated, a serious case of oneitis, having slept with three women, all the way to being 28 years old, going to a top medical school, slept with 106 women (including two of the models from “Deal or No Deal”), in a relationship with a hot, rich, blond who just took me to Asia for 4 months. My life is better in every way possible and I could not have done it without you. You gave me the skills and pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and get the things I really want in life. You are the man! Thank You!

  8. I joined the forum early in 2011 after leaving a paid subscription with a well known PUA site. I’d almost lost faith in the community and had started to believe that everybody out there was looking to make money by selling people their dreams…
    Then I found this place…
    As a PX2 Alumni and a coaching call student of Bravo’s, I can honestly say that not only does he know his shit inside out, he’s also a stand up guy who actually wants to see his students succeed!
    I’m a different guy to the person that joined the Bravohood and I owe a great deal of my transformation to Bravo’s coaching and his excellent forum.
    I wish you every success in the future brother, you deserve it!
    Much love!
    Moiser! X

  9. Ironically enough I found Bravo through another PU company/community. When I first talked to Bravo on a coaching call, my PU skills were a total mess and my life in general. I was all over the place! Bravo set me straight and started having me work on things that I didn’t think were a problem butt actually were huge problems.
    A lot of inner game issues were worked on which touches all aspects of a man’s life. After 5 coaching calls I was approaching and getting phone #’s more than ever! But that was just the beginning….
    Not much longer I was at Bravo’s boot camp (Project X3) with a total of 6 students and 4 coaches (You Will Not see that ratio anywhere else). Bravo holds nothing back. He is straight forward in his assessment of you and your skills and what you need to work on. Bravo gets straight to the point And doesn’t waste time because time is money and Bravo makes sure that you get more than your money’s worth.
    After 5 coaching calls and PX3 it wasn’t much longer that my 3 year dry spell was over and I was living out some of my deepest sexual fantasies.
    My first call with Bravo was in Jan. 2012 and in a 5 short months my life was truly never better. I’m the happiest I have ever been, my grades in school have never been better, my friendships are stronger, my family relationships are stronger, my social life has never been better, I’m busier than I have ever been, and I’m right on track to achieving my life and career goals.
    Bravo can show you the way but ultimately it will be up to you to decide to take what he says to heart and put in the work. Without the hardwork than nothing is going to happen.
    If you truly embrace what Bravo coaches and immerse yourself in the process of working with Bravo than you will achieve all of your goals and desires in PU and in life!

  10. I really don’t know where to begin with this because Bravo has helped me so much.
    Before I started coaching with Bravo I had been in the pick up scene for a few years but had little to no success. I hadn’t been on a date in over year and had only slept with one girl.
    During my first coaching session with Bravo I number closed a girl that resulted in my first date in over a year and a half. Follow up coaching sessions resulted in more number closes, dates and hook ups.
    As a result I started to feel more confident and comfortable in who I am. Most importantly I started to actually feel successful in my dating life, the one area of my life I had always felt I could never be happy with.
    Without Bravo none of this would have been possible.
    Thank you Bravo for everything you have helped me with, not only in dating but in life.

  11. As a busy professional and masters student, I found it was hard for me to make time for pick up… until I realized that was a limiting belief and Bravo suggested how I can make this work.
    I was recently on a 3 month dry spell and went on a coaching call with Bravo. He had a good sense of where I was at, and what I needed to work on. Bravo over-delivered, super-ceded my expectations, and I left that call with A LOT more respect for him and what he was about.
    A lot of guys going into this ask about pickup – and Bravo is excellent at that. What most people don’t realize, is Bravo is teaching us a lot more than just pickup: ie. being a man, embracing strong values and attributes, being someone that people look up to when handling situations in our life, etc.
    And so re: pickup, Bravo suggested some tweaks in my game to make it more solid. Two days later, my three month dry spell was over and I had a another D2 set up with a petite girl who was a former runway model and been in movies with high profile celebs.
    Reason I’m sharing this is because my mindset, and how I am as a person, has changed dramatically because of all the effort Bravo puts in. You guys out there need to know how transformational this can be for you: IF you really want it to.
    Choice is yours.

  12. Before, I got into the pick-up community, I had the occasionally hook-up, but it was by luck…. Then, I would get really needy, and loose them…..
    So, I started in the pick-up community under stylelife, no offense to anybody that likes that site, they were no help to me….I would buy a marketing tool they were selling, then they would want me to buy something else…. I wanted a quick fix, I didnt wanted to have to work at this…
    So, I found this site, started taking coaching calls and Bravo told me I was going to have to work at this, damn….I remember the first time, I talk to him, he had me write down my goals… I was thinking was does this have to do with P/U… I learned this is about creating a life, not about picking up women…. Life has definetly changed… I now get numbers with ease, have had crazy make-outs, and had sex with hot girls… Not just girls because I thought that was all I could get, but hot girls, that i never dreamed I could get….
    Alot of other things have changed… I’m doing cool stuff…. Going ziplining this month, my salary has doubled since meeting Bravo…. And, know I’m the social person, that attracts people…. I have even had friends, tell me, you used to be this quiet guy that never talked, now your the social guy….I have even been accused of being a player… Haha…. Thanks, Bravo, not only are you a good teacher, but a great friend…

  13. I started my journey with another PUA company. After almost a year of these lame missions and still haven’t opened ONE set. I stumbled upon Bravo’s site.
    One coaching call and I finally saw the light. I finally opened my first sets.
    I had extreme anxiety.
    Shortly after, I started Bravo’s online program.
    So happy with his method and teaching I attended project X.
    A couple of years later…
    I have nowhere near as much anxiety as I did. I will approach an attractive female and conversate with her.
    I Met some amazing friends.
    I nailed more chicks than MOST of the people in the world.
    His online program? Wow! I met some people that thought they were pimps on POF. Not even close. I literally have over 300 pages of replies in my hotmail account (I save those and erase others lol). Totally worth.
    I honestly believe Bravo should increase the cost of his online program to at least 300 dollars.
    It you guys had any doubts about bravo and his coaching.
    Erase it. He is the real deal.
    Thanks bravo!!!

  14. Its been about a year since I started doing any type of coaching with Bravo. Between 7 Coaching Calls, and attending Project X2, my life has taken a journey from being the virgin I was a year ago, to having sex with at least 1 different girl each month.
    Never before would I have guessed that I would be going out at night and receiving no less than 3 numbers, a few make-outs, and the occasional SNL. It’s not a shock to me when I receive any of these anymore….it’s a normal part of my reality and lifestyle.
    My life socially is the envy of my friends who call me the “Pussy Extraordinaire”. They now believe I was born with a “gift” similar to naturals.
    I also never thought that I would have the balls to go Direct during Day Game, and actually have success from it. One of my current F-buddies was Picked up, had a D2, then a F-Close in less than 6 days through this.
    Bravo has been a catalyst to my improvement since the very first day I spoke with him on the phone. His help with my lifestyle and Pick-Up wasn’t something that was complete after a single month or two. Even after a year, I’m remembering Bravo’s advice and am starting to become to the social artist I always dreamed of.
    I never thought I would be where I am today!
    So if you’re looking for any reason to contact Bravo for any of his coaching (Online Game, 1-on-1, Project X, Phone Coaching), hopefully my “long-term” story can persuade you to do so.
    Although I honestly think there should be a disclaimer of some sort. Because once you start coaching with him, you’ll need to start purchasing condoms in bulk to handle the amount of traffic you’ll be receiving….

  15. Was at a bar with a few of my friends last night ran into some people from high school who I haven’t seen in years. I got stopped by one of them and there jaw’s drop and just bombarding the shit out of me with compliments by how I dress, how confident I am and how I just carry myself in general. It was them wanting to hangout and them asking me for my numbered I thought it was ironic in the sense of this time 6 years ago I was invisible to them. Couldn’t of done it with out you man!

  16. .
    2 hours ago
    Matthew Dean McClure
    I sarged a hot filipina girl about 25 years old today in a coffee shop. I asked her opinion on a certain actor I had up on my computer. I asked her what she thought of him or another guy (both from the movie Social Network) for my movie. She gave her opinion. Then I ran the ring routine on her..middle finger..Dionysis..ect…then shifted into..list attributes about herself that others find attractive NOT INCLUDING HER LOOKS. ? Here, she paused and was clearly chalenged. She finally answered “Personality.” I said, that’s too vague..and only one. List three atttributes.. I could here the crickets chirping in her head..nothing. Then I did a quick Ross JEffries pattern…and as her order came up she kept backing away from me..crossing her arms..I asked if she was on FB.? She said..with an ugly face..I don’t do Facebook. or something like that. — ERic, I’m more upset with myself for this sarge than her response or lack I never close with asking girls about FB how lame? But She just aswered a bunch of questions for me about the movie Social I thought it was an appropriate close. I could tell she was lying and am for some reason pissed off at myself. THis is happening alot to me lately for some reason. Is it my vibe or what? I feel like they are rejecting me before the sarge. Please any detailed insight would make me feel so much better right now??? Thanks bro
    I was thinking I should of said to her after her not being able to list three attributes about herself that people find attractive besides her looks.. — was this: “ERRR..too slow, you failed. I guess your not as attractive as you think to hang out with..” ??

  17. I used to be the person who scanned this page, read other people’s comments, and STILL didn’t realize what Bravo was offering with his phone coaching. Before taking coaching calls with Bravo….I KIND OF had an idea how to get good at pick-up. Yet, I was still a 21-year old virgin, receiving barely any make-outs when I went out, and not living life even outside of pickup as I should be.
    I was very confident that Bravo would be the real deal, so I went for it and after 3 coaching calls with him…I’m no longer the person I used to be.
    2 weeks after doing the homework assignments, debriefing interactions, setting goals and working on ways to achieve them…I lost my virginity.
    Let me say that again…..
    After only THREE coaching calls with Bravo, he helped me lose my V-Card which I’d been trying to lose for more than 6 years. But that’s not all….have had 5 in-field make-outs within 7 days of each other…countless #closes to expand my social circle, and a new F-buddy.
    If you’ve ever played any kind of hobby or sport, you should realize how important it is to have a good coach and how much they can improve your skills in that area.
    Bravo is the coach for you. He’s the real deal…and a damn good friend.
    There are always excuses to NOT do something. I hope my story can begin to give you an excuse to improve your life with the help of Bravo.

  18. Bravo and his forum have, and continue to, change my life for the better. Being a part of this community has given me the much needed kick up the arse to sort my life out. I’m now finally ticking off those goals I’ve wanted for years.
    Bravo’s online game package is a straight forward, field-tested, and best of all, no bullshit piece of work. If you actually want to see results, rather than drown yourself with theory, GET IT.
    Thanks Bravo, and all the posters on the forum that have guided me through this amazing experience.
    Honey Badger

  19. So fucking worth it.
    I am a virgin and had never made out with a girl in a club before… after a few coaching calls with bravo, I’ve made out with a new girl every time I’ve gone out in the past week, gotten numbers every time out, and was on the verge of losing my V-Card my last night out!!
    Bravo breaks down YOUR style of game and helps change to what works for YOU and what YOU want. Worth every damn penny. This is where you will find the motivation to change your LIFE.
    My life with women has totally changed within the last month.. I haven’t ever had so much fun and been so happy. Which in turn has given me the motivation to achieve goals in life OTHER than pick up.
    Thank you so much Bravo.. You have no idea how much this means to me

  20. Bravo is an amazing teacher, someone who actually cares about you and genuinely wants to help. He provides structure to pick-up that allows his students to turn theory into practice. Even after the coaching calls, he will continue to check in on you. Talk to him, you will be motivated to do this and Bravo can show you the way.

  21. I have grown more than I can imagine, I’ve had coaching calls with him and met the man in person plenty of times, he’s 100% legit and has helped me surpass levels I didn’t think were possible, I have two fuck buddies and other women I see. So thank you Bravo, thank you for helping me grow not only as a pick up artist, but even more, as a Man.

  22. Bravo, I was linked to this page when I was looking under your “social alchemy section”. Don’t see that offered on here. Or is it not up yet?

  23. Stop sitting at home by yourself, talk to Bravo and start living your life!
    Game on!
    Bravo, we’ll talk again soon, thank you my friend!

  24. I’ve gotten great at pick up, thought I flatlined and couldn’t get much better, talked to Bravo and he opened my eyes again, now I have bigger goals. Thanks again for putting things in perspective.

  25. Dear Bravo,
    Brother i’m 26 and i’m already DIVORSED and my wife rather ex-wife is already engaged again:( .Now I picked up a girl whom i met on a bus and exchanged emails with her. And she sent me an email but now she isn’t replying now.
    How to proceed now and escalate??

  26. Bravo knows his stuff. That’s all there is to it.
    He’s climbed the ladder to Master PUA in no time, and there is good reason for it. I was really thinking about it, and it comes down to this:
    The reason why Bravo is so talented at what he does is because of his disciplined mind, organized lifestyle, and his understanding of social dynamics. (If you’ve had the pleasure of talking to him in person, you know what I mean).
    All of his life experiences have prepared him for this role. Given his tactical training in firearms he has developed leadership skills, fearlessness, and the ability to convey and communicate ideas in terms we can all understand. If you’re reading this, he’s been in your shoes— he’s experienced your failures and he’s figured out how to turn those failures into successes.
    If you want to make an investment in your future love life, career, and beyond— this is how it is done. Get out a piece of paper, list what you want to accomplish this year and then get out your phone and call Bravo, its as simple as that.
    Take the reigns of your life: Welcome to the Bravohood.

  27. Hi Bravo
    I am getting more confident at approaching women, at supermarkets at the library etc., but after my initial opener, some small talk, I run out of inspiration and don’t know what to say. For instance I was in a shoe store yesterday where there was this beautiful girl who was trying out 4 pairs of shoes in a row and I said: the black ones fit you really well. She smiled and said thanks and we spoke for a minute. I really felt she opened up and was positive about me approaching her. So after a minute of talking, which went really well, words failed me. Her last words were that she found it difficult walking with those types of shoes.
    When leaving the store I told myself: Why didn’t you say something like, ‘well, you have to suffer for your beauty’ and follow up with something like ‘and you must suffer a lot’. But those words didn’t come to me and once again words failed. Why is it difficult to sustain MOMENTUM? On advance thank you very much.

  28. I just finished up my first round of coaching calls, and while I didn’t need convincing that Bravo and his techniques were the real deal, experiencing it first hand was awesome. Already my confidence, skills, and love life are improving by leaps and bounds. His teaching style and methods combined with an enthusiastic and positive attitude make absorbing the material easy and putting it into practice very natural.
    If you are on the fence about this stuff, skeptical about the results, or nervous about your own issues, do yourself a favor, send him and email and find out for yourself. Read through the forum and talk to men like myself and others who, because of this “PUA stuff” are experiencing the sex lives, love lives, and lives in general of their dreams.
    Bravo, keep up the good work and spreading the gospel, helping men become better men. I can’t wait to keep working.

  29. When I first saw these posting, I was like “Ya right, this guy aint the real deal.” Just probably had some of his friends come on to post stuff so people will believe the hype. After one phone call with him, taking notes and using what he taught me. HOLY SHIT I WAS WRONG!!!
    With one phone call from Bravo I learn more about the art of pick up then from other “PUA’s” materials that I bought in the past year. He is the truth!!! He explains how you can use things that are blocking your game and how to use them for you advantage. Took his advice and had my best sarging session EVER!!! One set I had went so well I couldn’t believe it. He gives you the blue print on how to become a better PUA but most importantly a better person. But it’s up to the individual to use it.
    If your serious about changing your life hit it up and learn more about the game, HIT HIM UP!!!!

  30. I just got done with my first coaching call with Bravo and all I can say is it is well worth the money. I spent over a year on SLA as well as years learning other methods and learned more in 1 call than several months of other programs. If you are thinking about upping your game or just getting started, I highly recommend taking some 1 on 1 lessons with Bravo.

  31. If you are ready to change your life, fix bad habits, or just plain have more fun with more girls, you can’t do any better than talking to Bravo. The new surge of confidence I feel as I approach women is an incredible feeling and has only improved all other areas of my life.
    I put it to you, do you have an hour to change your life? I bet you do. The only thing stopping you is your own fear…
    Bravo’s dedication to turning boys into men and making their lives better is a debt we can’t repay. Keep up the awesome work spreading the gospel!

  32. You the man Bravo. I wasn’t pulling anything. Then I made a couple changes to my profile and lined up two dates within a week, with good looking girls. I went from zero email responses to girls hitting me up on the phone.

  33. Hi. Bravo. I know you through pick up artist, and I liked your style and your teachings too.
    I´ve been training the approach, the openers, kino etc, but I Don´t know how to tell history still. I Sometimes use the enviroment for install a conversation, but is difficult for me. I need more practice, but I´d like you recommend something about. Tks!

  34. And wouldn’t you know, 2 days after Bravo’s coaching call I got laid. I typed my first lay report ever. Bravo is truely about helping you get where you wanna get. Thanks a lot, next time she comes in the maid outfit!

  35. Bravo helped me on my sticking points over the phone and he did it in ways I could relate too and were easy to understand, I expect to start writing some LR’s now. Thanks a lot, I know who to call when I’m stuck on something. The phrase is starting to become more popular, but once you talk to him you’ll find yourself asking WWBD too

  36. Just wanted to make a note here that I’ve been doing coaching calls with Bravo for the last few months and they have helped TREMENDOUSLY.
    I was an SLA member for many months and improved more over four coaching calls than I did in all those months. I was a little hesitant at first because of the price and I wasn’t sure how much the calls would help, but I followed my gut and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
    Being an asian guy from Canada, I went from doing cold approaches and struggling just to do the opener to just recently almost getting a 1 night lay in 3 hours with a decently attractive girl. It blows my mind how much better I’ve gotten in the 4 months I’ve been doing calls with Bravo. Nonetheless, I still consider myself very much a novice and believe I have a long road ahead… and I consider myself extremely lucky to have Bravo to help me along.

  37. Bravo…fully enjoy your posts on Stylelife.
    You sound expensive….give me the run down on what you offer regardless though…

  38. Before I talked to Bravo, I read the game and the 30 day challenge by Style. While both these books are great tools to learn from talking to Bravo really helped understand alot of the principles in the book better and how to apply them. You can tell by the way he explains the concepts that he is not only passionate about helping guys out, hes also been there himself. For the $200 I spent for the hour to talk to him, it was well worth it and I will be buying more time from him in the near future.

  39. There are few men I could think of who I consider my role models. Bravo is one of them. He dedicated a great deal of time to develop his craft. He inspired countless men – myself included. He helped me grow as a man and social artist. For that, I will always be grateful. Bravo is the ultimate alpha male and a true master of his craft. I am honored to have him as a mentor and most importantly to have him as my friend.
    If you’re looking for the very best – you’ve come to the right place!

  40. I ran across a post of Bravo’s on an internet discussion forum, where he talked about ways to stand out and get women to respond to you on internet dating sites.
    As with most things, I was pretty skeptical. I’ve heard plenty of guys claiming to be a super stud, only to turn out to be a loser dud.
    After following the discussion for several days and seeing other members replying and claiming they had used the methods he was promoting, and were now getting noticed by women, I started to get a peaked interest.
    To be completely honest though, I decided to move forward with his advice, half because I figured what the hell, anything is worth a shot, and the other half thinking I can expose this guy and those replies a probably his best friends backing him up.
    So, I diligently followed his advice, word for word. I wasn’t going to mess this up by slightly changing something and leave him a door to blame any failure on my changes.
    Up to that point, I had been on this particular dating site for a few months and had only gotten a handful of replies, and only a couple worth even replying to, using a profile I created myself, and thought was pretty good.
    I replaced this all with the suggestions Bravo had made.
    Within 3 hours I had 2 replies, both from cute looking girls!
    Oh well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, right?
    I went to bed that night slightly intrigued with the 2 ladies that had suddenly shown an interest in me.
    The next day I was busy and didn’t get to check online until late in the evening. Not even 24 hours had passed, and when I logged in I was shocked. I had 17 women who had send my messages! And at least 6 of them were very attractive girls that seemed to offer other great attributes, like shared interests, good humor, and similar goals.
    I was blown away. Consider me a skeptic no more.
    I sent my profile to Bravo and he suggested a few more tweaks for me to make. I can’t wait to see how they work out. If it works as well as his initial help did, I’m going to have to forgo some of my personal activities, so that I have more time for dating.
    Bravo is the real deal. I am a skeptic no more.

    Its so rarely to have someone break down anything so simple and have it stick forever. When other people teach me something, its like a bruise, stays for awhile and then disappears. Bravo leaves scars, I remember it…period.
    Also, it so refreshing to see someone that is passionate about their craft, loves to spread their knowledge, and genuinely WANTS TO HELP people that want to improve themselves.
    Not only that, he backs it up. He isn’t the fat coach telling his kids to run laps and cant do it himself to save his life. He proves that what he is teaching you works in the field. Master of the Social Arts.
    He is the Bee’s knees, arms, and the legs. He’s the cat’s meow. He is Fedor’s sweater. My god, this Bravo.

  42. I learned more from you in 4 phone calls than I did with (personal coaching with – name removed – a very popular “Dating Coach” ) over 6 months. Most importantly, the indirect openers I learned from him never showed the approach anxiety I had until you insisted on me doing direct openers.

  43. Bravo kicks some serious ass!
    This man has been one of the most positive influences in my life. He
    is the man among all the men I have met, a true leader, a loyal
    friend, and a genuine role-model. He is so authentic that it’s almost
    intimidating to be around him, and yet, he is so humble and caring
    that you feel like he is being your big-brother.
    His coaching got from me a long way from where I was when I met him.
    When I met him, I was full of limiting beliefs, and almost negative
    game. Now I am with a great girl, having awesome relationship, and
    great social circle.
    His precise, to the point, honest feedback are some of the things that
    distinguish him from most of the other coaches I’ve met. Confidence,
    Grace, Calibration, Alpha-Guy-befriending, Closing (k-closing and
    #-closing in matter of mins), how to be a leader of men – are only
    few of the many things I have learned from him. His social
    intelligence marvels me. Just one little feedback from him has
    changed my entire thought-process on social situations. Anyone who
    has open mind and open heart is guaranteed to get amazing results if
    coached by Bravo.
    He doesn’t believe in beating around the bush. He doesn’t believe in
    endless-DHV’ing of himself. As a coach, he sees your true potential
    and helps you get there no matter fucking what. I know guys who have
    been on major TV shows, and they don’t get as much respect as Bravo
    gets when he goes out to the local venues.
    I’ve been to RSD*, Mystery-method** (before Venusians Arts took
    shape). I’ve learned more from one evening with Bravo than I’ve
    learned from 3-day boot-camps with MM and RSD. Bravo’s coaching is
    precisely tailored to your personality and your background. What he
    gives you, works for you, guaranteed!
    *RSD’s bootcam was leaded by Christoph and Geoff, they are great guys.
    I learned a lot about being confident from them, but I just think
    they didn’t give me the kind of feedback I needed to accelerate my
    game. Bravo gets gold-points for his super-sharp social intelligence.
    **MM, I was out with Matador, Dante and LBD. These guys are awesome
    too, and I learned a lot about how to do pick-up when you are in
    VIP-section and have your own booth. But they are too stuck in there
    own ways and didn’t give me the ‘out-of-the-box’ feedback I needed to
    eliminate my sticking points. Bravo gets golden points for giving me
    ‘out-of-the-box’ feedback.

  44. Sensei Bravo,
    It was an absolute privilege to be taught by you. I want to thank you for your patience, instruction, positive feedback and particularly the one-on-one assistance you offered. It’s a very rare opportunity to be able to speak to an accomplished pua in person, let alone get live feedback in the field. You are an awesome coach and a great human being. Thanks again for all your help.
    I know that I am on the right path and that someday soon, I will be a great pua (and human being too, LOL). As is my style, when I attain that Jedi level, I hope to help others as I was onced helped. And you can be absolutely sure that on day I will tell them all, I am here, because Bravo was one of my teachers.
    You sir, are the shit.

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