40 Year Old Virgin – How To FINALLY Get A Girlfriend

40 year old virgins, maybe older/younger, but that isn’t the thing that we need to fix. The real issue is that you have the mindset of a 40 year old virgin! Some examples of a 40 year old virgin/AFC are=

  • You put women on a pedestal
  • You can’t get a date and don’t understand why not
  • Your friends date/married awesome women, and you are secretly jealous of them, and maybe think they would be happier with you
  • You always develop a crush on women you work with
  • You fantasize about actresses or cartoon characters
  • You watch porn every day.
  • You think bad luck is to blame for your lack of a dating life
  • Your mom is your closest female friend and gives you dating advice
  • None of your hobbies and passions exist in the real world. eg you are a gamer, play Dungeons & Dragons, or cosplay
  • Romantic comedy movies and the Lifetime channel taught you about dating
  • Think FATE is how you will meet your wife
  • Want to “just be friends” with women (but we both know you are lying)
  • Warns women after you read The Game or about me in Rules of The Game (Ya I am talking to you Ian!)
  • You haven’t had sex in years

So unlike the other guys I coach, ones who are recently single, or guys who date a lot of women but are trying to find THE ONE, they already have experience dating.

You don’t

So the first thing you need to realize is that your entire Mindset/OS/Operating System is flawed.

What you have been doing, clearly isn’t working. So accepting that is the huge first step.

Once you do that, you graduate from level 1 to level 2 in the 4 stages of competence. Working through step 2 to 3, changing your ability to analyze, and is going to be the rough part. I know it is possible because I have worked with countless guys who have all had to do it. The other students can usually figure things out on their own if they work really hard and spend a lot of time practicing, but the angry/depressed virgins usually can’t. You guys are usually just so far behind and on the wrong track that you need some help from a pro.

So I made a FREE coaching download to help start you on your journey. I hope that it helps you get on the right path and helps you finally take control of your dating life.

I also assume that you will check out the other links and will see that I am not this blunt with the other archetypes. Because you need to finally be told the truth, and most of you guys are on the more intelligent side, and unfortunately the brain that helps you excel in school and work is the same brain that hurts you in the dating world.

If you need more help, then click the COACHING link on the top of this page and we can get to work ASAP.

You don’t have to be a 40 year old virgin, and this is an area of your life that you can master, and I am here to help!


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