Quality Over Quantity – How To Find The ONE

Quality Over Quantity guys are the easiest to work with.

You already do pretty/very well in the dating scene, but are looking for a “keeper” so you can settle down.

Which really is the way it should go for men, sow your wild oats, get all the dumb shit out of your head, make your dating mistakes, then find someone to settle down with.

The problem is, you have been going after low hanging fruit for years. Women that were easy to pick up, that didn’t have the highest of standards themselves, that were maybe damaged or nuts, and that wouldn’t be good moms.

You have to realize, once you are looking to get married, you are looking for a woman to fulfill the MOST important job in the world! The mother to your children and the woman who has your back like no one else has ever had in your life!!!

So 2 things.

  1. Think about how serious you would take this if it was a job hunt for the VP of your company, the company you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into for 30 years. Would you hire just the first person you interviewed? Of course not. You would want a stack of applicants, and would work your ass off to make sure that the person who gets the job is the perfect fit. Well, the role of WIFE is even more important, so give the “job hunt” the respect it deserves.
  2. Think about the caliber of woman you want to marry, and then think about what you bring to the table. Many times the women that guys are looking for are “10s” but you are only a 6, why would a 10 want to settle for a 6? So you need to level up and become a better man. Across the board in as many ways as you can. Some guys get lucky and find a badass wife who puts up with them and all their flaws (remember attraction is not a choice), but the fact that you are here means that you aren’t one of those lucky ones…yet.

So time to start leveling up, time to start going after higher caliber women, time to change your approach, and time to stop just trying to hook up with your date as fast as possible.

I will tell you, after going through all of this for years, and now having a family, the juice was 100% worth the squeeze. All the hard work, dates, relationships, all of it, was so I could get to where I am now, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I made a free audio that might help you jumpstart this journey, let me know if it helps you out. If you need more help, then just click on the COACHING tab on the top of the page and we can get in touch and start fixing this area of your life once and for all.


“I’d rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies”. -Al Capone

I’d rather have a silver dollar than 4 quarters, or another way to think about it, I would rather have 1 queen than a bunch of horses!



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