Can men and women just be “friends”?

One of my all time fav YouTube videos


In the video, the girls all believe (or say they do) that the guys they are friends with, are “just friends”, but every guy ends up admitting they are an orbiter

This was something we discussed on a recent call

Most guys who are “just friends” with a woman are lying to her, or lying to themselves. Just like in the vid, they would JUMP at the opportunity to hook up if she asked.

It really comes down to if there is any attraction. If there is, then a true friendship is next to impossible, Maybe there isn’t, but then it builds= and then you are doomed.

So in my experience and what I have seen over the last 15 years, is the only ones who could be “just friends” are the ones who dated for a little and realized there is no way they could last, or both of them are just not into each other that way. -No passion if you are thinking about the Triangular Theory of Love.

So yes, it is possible for men and women to be just friends, but most who say that, at least one of them is full of BS.


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