What does everyone else see? Part 3

Most guys say this is one of the main things holding them back, and this definitely was one of the hardest limiting belief I had to work through=

“What if people see me get rejected”

But the truth is, we really aren’t that important. Most people are strangers, most people are stuck in THEIR own head, and even if someone does notice you, a few seconds later they have already forgotten about it.

Another simple truth that gets people through this is, WHO CARES, let them watch!

Once you learn this lesson, another layer presents itself, how you can use this to your advantage. How you can control what others THINK they see when they look at you.

I already discussed the the 1st person perspective and 2nd person perspective in previous blog posts

Here and Here

So here is part 3, the final chapter on this lesson.

3rd Person Perspective, what everyone else sees.

This is a clip from one of our weekly coaching calls that I trimmed down so I can share with you.

Once you start understanding the 3 different perspectives, how to level up with each one, and how to use them to your advantage, how to get better at dating won’t be the only thing improving!




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