Chicks use online dating sites to sucker guys out of $$$

I love it when chicks try to give me shit about guys learning Pick Up…. and then I come across a gem like THIS!

“Before I barely had enough money to pay for food,” said McGonagall. “After using I found I wasn’t going into debt anymore.”
McGonagall started eating out five nights a week using a rotation of different guys she met through the dating site. McGonagall kept things simple—no more than five dates with the same guy.

It gets better-

Two weeks later, McGonagall and her other roommate joined.

This is why so many guys NEED to learn Game…so they don’t get strung along, used, and scammed out of their hard earned money by serial daters and bitches like this!

It was interesting timing finding this article, because I am always testing pick up theory. In the last few months using my Online Game program, I’ve gone on tons of dates, 3 of them I wanted to spend some $ and really “try to impress” the girl. The funny thing is, those were the worst dates AND are the ONLY ones I didn’t end up railing… even crazier, they are the ONLY ones I didn’t even get a 2nd date with!
One of my recent COOL dates, we were going to catch a $3 dollar comedy show down the street from my place, and we never even made it out the door until the next morning….
Which for those of you who are bad at math, that cost $0

So remember guys, you don’t have to spend $$$ to impress a chick, and if you do get suckered like this…it’s your fault for not running the show!

5 thoughts on “Chicks use online dating sites to sucker guys out of $$$

  1. Good tips for the newbies as usual.I find that when you spend less(or not at all),the date or meet-up usually results in a lay report(at least for me).Curious to know your thoughts on buying random girls drinks at the bars and clubs.We know that that’s a sin in the community lol.Check out my short article on buying drinks(not buying),and show some
    blog love from a vet’s perspective on the comment.

  2. Hello my name is Anderson, I live in Brazil, would like to learn more to make me bullish on one and would like your help in Brazil since few still know, that would help people without enough power to conquer.

  3. Wow. Great article find Bravo. God only knows how many guys are being taken through the ringer throughout our country by these type of users.

  4. Too bad none of those suckers checked out my site, just knowing how to plan a cool date has personally saved me THOUSANDS of dollars I would have blown in the years since my divorce!!!

  5. funny how they had to turn off the comments from the original article post- guess some guys weren’t too happy to read it!

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