Happy Thanksgiving & Thank You

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I wanted to let everyone in THE BRAVOHOOD know that the thing I am most thankful for this year is you guys and your support.
When I went solo at the start of last year, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick around in the PUA community, or that if it even wanted me.
That decision was one of those forks in the road…
Looks like I picked the right path, all while NOT turning into a scammy internet marketer who only cares about the sale.
none of this would have been possible without
So I wanted to send this out and thank you for the love.
I hope you get to enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday season…and if not, use it as motivation to make NEXT year’s better!
(like I did after my divorce on New Years- I wrote about it on HERE)

ps. if you haven’t watched SIDEWAYS (wine tasting, bachelor party, road trip), or if you have but it has been a while, I would watch it soon-ish. Been wanting to plan a special 100% FREE forum Flashchat hosted by ME and think starting off with discussion about that movie would be cool
more details to follow

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving & Thank You

  1. I haven’t been too active recently purely due to finances, but I’ve got that under control and am extremely glad I found this site. Thank you.
    As for the movie, I downloaded it recently and watched it again. Very underrated/awesome film.

  2. huge thanks to you for sticking around…lots of us wouldn’t be have any other place to go if bravohood wasn’t here!

  3. Thanks bravo!
    happy Thanksgiving to you too brother!
    Actually watching that movie tonight. 🙂
    wish I can attend…
    Talk soon

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