Free coaching call for the first one to call me!

This ACTIVE Google Voice Link Removed (wow that was fast)- keep checking back for more of these to get a free call too!
edit- just hid ANOTHER one on my website somewhere, if you can find it first you win a FREE coaching call-read the comments below to see when someone finds it and I take it down

12 thoughts on “Free coaching call for the first one to call me!

  1. Just wanted to make a note here that I’ve been doing coaching calls with Bravo for the last few months and they have helped TREMENDOUSLY.
    I was an SLA member for many months and improved more over four coaching calls than I did in all those months. I was a little hesitant at first because of the price and I wasn’t sure how much the calls would help, but I followed my gut and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
    Being an asian guy from Canada, I went from doing cold approaches and struggling just to do the opener to just recently almost getting a 1 night lay in 3 hours with a decently attractive girl. It blows my mind how much better I’ve gotten in the 4 months I’ve been doing calls with Bravo. Nonetheless, I still consider myself very much a novice and believe I have a long road ahead… and I consider myself extremely lucky to have Bravo to help me along.

  2. @DC1000
    awesome. sounds you really used your time with bravo wisely and got a lot out of it. thanks for the posting the review and sharing the info with us. bravo is great at breaking stuff down and helping you see how it really works.
    and thanks for doing this bravo, i’ve never even heard of another master pick up artist just giving away free phone coaching before? you’re the man. thanks bro…

  3. AND someone found it, this one took a little longer (I better not hide them too well or I will have to sit around for a few hours for someone to find it)

  4. Thanks DC1000
    Finishing up a coaching call now, will hid a widget (looks just like the pic above) on the site very shortly, first guy to find it and have it call me (keeps your number private) will get the coaching call, as soon as my phone rings I will take it down and post here that someone found it
    good luck!

  5. I was the lucky winner. Bravo was gracious enough to give me 30 minutes of free coaching because I called in first. I guess it pays to keep up with the blog.
    We covered a lot of topics but Bravo narrowed down the discussion to things that were really relevant to me:
    We talked about my online game and how it was probably a crutch for me to avoid approaching and cold opening. Which it totally is. I’m good once I get in front of the girl but making that opening is always hard for me so I avoid it. He told me that its like any martial art (which is a good analogy for me because I can relate) – you don’t practice the things you are good at – you have to practice the things you have trouble with. So go out there and approach. Don’t be afraid to be rejected by someone you don’t even know. Don’t give them that power.
    I told him that I thought canned openers sounded cheesy and lame. But when he actually demonstrated them with me they sounded perfectly natural and reasonable. I mean yeah there are some dumb ones but kicking off casual conversation with someone doesn’t have to sound cheesy. No, he didn’t suggest the did you see the fight outside opener but more casual and relevant stuff. Hearing him talk me through it gave me a ton of ideas and the confidence that I can do it.
    We also talked about making women earn our good graces and good deeds and not giving up nice things without getting something in return. Or at least making her work for it. Once you start providing good things to her in order to earn her respect, you’ll lose it!
    And just a funny note…as I am writing this I get an IM on OkCupid…girl says, why can’t I message you if I am a scorpio?? Haha which is hysterical because she is responding to one of Bravo’s suggested online profile lines that I’m using. This shit works!
    Thanks again for your time today Bravo, I’m going to use some of your suggestions at 6:30 when a girl comes over who I hooked online with your material. Gonna make her work for it tonight.

    emails are rolling in that this was missed, so I just hid another one on my site
    it is live RIGHT NOW

  7. even I was surprised at how fast my phone was ringing!
    I will put another widget somewhere on my page tomorrow for another FREE coaching call.

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