Learn why The Fonz got laid

Grounded, confident, no fear of loss, funny….lots to learn from this!

Good rule of thumb, when not sure what your next move should be with a girl, is it something Richie Cunningham would do? (an AFC)
Keep calling her
Keep texting her
Make the date a giant event
Send flowers to her work after the 1st date
Tell her you don’t want to have sex, just cuddle with her
Is extra careful with anything he does in the bedroom because it might be YUCKY
Loans her money
Babysits her kid while she goes out with another guy

Something The Fonz would do=

Doesn’t care if he never hears back from a chick, he has 5 more on the hook
Hanging out with him IS the giant event on the date
Lives above a garage with someone ELSE’s parents and still gets chicks
Doesn’t have to drop $ to impress a chick
Is happy to do all the stuff she secretly fantasizes about

Some of this sounds like common sense, but common sense isn’t so common…

18 thoughts on “Learn why The Fonz got laid

  1. You people are all crazy.
    Everyone in Hollywood knows that Ron Howard (the guy who played Richie Cunningham) has a near identical personality to Richie himself.
    From Wiki:
    Ron Howard was asked, “What do you consider your greatest achievement?” He replied, “Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life.”
    Gee, and you people look down upon someone like that and prefer to be the Fonz……

  2. This is my favourite way to end a great coversation with a woman you have a good vibe with after a day hanging out together and a night of closing — the first phone call:
    You: What has little balls and hangs down?
    Her: Um, I don’t know
    You: A bat …
    You: What has big balls and hangs up?
    Her: Um, I…
    You: (dont wait, just hang up)
    4/5 times she’ll call you right back. Else, she’ll send you a text with a big smile HAHAHA
    Think I read this in a forum some years ago though don’t know the PUA to credit

  3. @Bravo
    I Have one I use on waitresses or hostesses. I say “my waitress bit me. And she either says I didn’t bite you or she will say I’m the waitress or hostess. I then say, that was you? You bite hard as hell. And then start teasing her by saying do you sharpen your teeth? lol

  4. The funny thing is, the night before Bravo posted this, I hung up on a girl for having the audacity to tell me she had never seen Star Wars. I think I made the right call doing that.
    Immdediatly she is texting asking me to call her back. I wait a couple hours cause I have other things to do, and then she starts telling me how we should just watch those movies together.
    What would Richie have done if a hottie told him that she had never seen Star Wars? He would have probably immediately told her that he wasnt really into it, and blah blah blah, and trying to downplay it. He would have fallen into her frame and instead of being confident in what he likes, would be embaressed and backtrack on his stance if a woman didnt like something he enjoyed.
    Richie…complete AFC, and Im sure everyone here has fallen into a woman’s frame before instead of holding your own steady at least sometime in their life.

  5. Even though building an appropriate amount of comfort/rapport is crucial in limiting the chances of a woman flaking on you, I always assume that they will flake. In my experience, women are really fickle with their emotions so I try to keep as many options as possible so that if she ends up flaking, its not a big deal and I can move on to the next girl.
    So Rule #1, “doesn’t care if he never hears back from a chick, he has 5 more on the hook” is definitely something one should live by.
    As far as impressing a girl with $$$$ or taking her on an extravagant date and making a big deal out of it (which is more or less you trying to win her over with $$$), its absolutely true that it doesn’t work. While this is generally true of most women, there are many that you can win over by taking them out to nice places or spending money on them. They’re known as GOLDIGGERS. Chances are, you will be taking her out to nice places, buying her gifts, trying to show that you respect her by cuddling with her and not trying to escalate kino further into sex while she will be banging another guy behind your back.
    I use to make all these AFC mistakes and when Bravo showed me what I was doing wrong, I never had those problems again. I’ve taken out waaay hotter girls to really mellow (and inexpensive places) and had great success. The key is to just convey your personality and win her over with that.

  6. how is that henry winkler is a douche, but he was “the fonz”, but yet fucking scott baio played that loser on charles in charge, but he bangs chicks like there’s not tomorrow???
    however, i did enjoy reading the story of Mystery stealing Baio’s chick away in The Game…

  7. Henry Winkler should have gotten an Oscar for his acting. In real life, he is a total AFC libtard.
    But, the Fonz…while growing up watching it, the Fonz AMOGed every guy watching, because we all saw what he did and thought, “I could never be that cool.” Little did I know Style would blaze the trail to living Fonz’s life.

  8. hahaha. awesome bro. i think i’ve posted this video on my facebook before. video is great, and i love the comparisons to cunningham and the fonz. that picture of richie reading the book is hilarious. poster boy AFC.
    forget Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Style or any of the other masters, Arthur Fonzarelli is the true Godfather of Pickup…AYE!!!!!!!

  9. awesome. i’m gonna use that line.
    the fonz is the best.
    one attitude that always works is never ever being upset if a girl flakes, has to reschedule or whatever. you just hey no problem. act like you got ten others lined up right behind her. because you know what, you do. and if you dont. act like it anyway.
    pull away to gain traction. its amazing.
    kinda like surrendering to win, counter intuitive but that shit works.

  10. Better than the interminable, “You hang up.” “No, YOU hang up.” “Aww, you hang up.” Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

  11. and I have used that line “why don’t you be cool for the first time in your life”
    if said with a smile, it is gold

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