It’s OK to be alone on New Year’s Eve

Someone reached out to me after my FB post about my New Year’s years ago and being stood up that start this journey for me, and asked if it is OK to be alone tonight.


It is 100% fine to be alone on New Year’s Eve. I am right now and will be all night.

It’s OK to be alone, if you CHOOSE to be alone.


Every year since that night where I decided to change my life, to be the one in control of it, and to FINALLY be in charge of my dating/love life, I have liked to be alone and reflect.

I think about everything I have been thru, how this last year was, what I did well and what I could have done better, and then what I will focus on during the next year.

I do what I want, which right now includes me watching Netflix, doing some work, playing a new video game, and in a little bit will also include a steak before that late night whiskey.

So I wanted to share my New Year’s Eve ritual with all of you.

AND I wanted you all to know that we already have some things planned so we hit the ground running tomorrow.

It has been discussed in our Discord group –LINK HERE!!!

We are all doing a NO PORN in January challenge (similar to previous years No Fap, but this time just NO PORN) and doing daily check ins in the HEALTH section.

Also we are reading a new book, the one I emailed you about the other day, AS A MAN THINKETH.

So be alone tonight if you want, but don’t be alone tomorrow. Be with your brothers.

And if 2019 wasn’t a year that you can be proud of, then let’s all make sure 2020 is.

The help and support is here for you….waiting……it’s up to you if you will take it.

I hope you will.

Happy New Year

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