Never freeze when you see a beautiful woman again!

I remember exactly how frustrating it was the last time I had Approach Anxiety. I saw a beautiful woman walk past me and stop. She was in a tight red dress and was clearly looking for her friends. She really was one of the hottest women I have ever seen in my life, even still to this day. I jokingly looked up to the sky and mouthed “thank you God”. It was perfect, she walked up right next to me, she was alone, God clearly sent her my way. Then I tried to move and I couldn’t. Every fiber in my body was frozen.

My feet felt like they were glued to the ground. I thought to myself, even if I talk to her I don’t even know what to say. The window of opportunity was still wide open but instead of using it, I reached out and closed it on myself. All night it ate me up…Why didn’t I talk to her, why didn’t I even try, if I saw her again I would talk to her! But of course I didn’t see her again. 

That night as I was brushing my teeth, I couldn’t even look at myself, I was so disgusted. Then when I got into my nice big bed, ALONE, I was looking up at the ceiling thinking how much of a loser I was. The entire next week at work, any slow moment I had I thought about her and how I wussed out.

I am sure many of you guys can relate to this. Some of you have always felt this, and some guys like me, after a long term relationship ended, had to get back out there and start over and are feeling it for the first time.

I decided that week I would figure this area of my life out, no matter what!!!

You have to remember that the internet in 2006 wasn’t even close to what it is today. I had no one to help me, and books were the first thing I tried. Most of them were pretty worthless. But I did get a good tip here or there…. but one book that was recently released called THE GAME by Neil Strauss,! It was at that moment I realized that talking to women and dating was something I could get better at.

I started going out 3-4 nights a week, constantly doing what I was most scared of, talking to women. I didn’t have a coach or mentor to help me so it was slow going at the start, but then…things started to click. I was getting more dates than ever before with women I thought weren’t just beautiful, but really AWESOME people as well…something I had almost given up hope on finding!

I no longer had Approach Anxiety, I now had APPROACH EXCITEMENT!!!

My new found social skills were so impressive I had friends asking for help, friends trying to get me to help THEIR friends, guys on the internet who had read some of my advice driving across state lines to come hang out with me, and finally the author of the book that had such a big impact on my life, asking me to come work for him. Eventually he even wrote about me in the follow up best selling sequel to the book that changed my life, Rules of The Game.

Living in Hollywood and travelling the world teaching was a crazy time in my life. I learned so much, but I also learned what I didn’t want to be. I never was a club or bar guy, I don’t do drugs, rarely drink, and while it was fun having a super busy dating life…that just never was a big deal to me. I originally got into this stuff to get over my X wife and to just get a cool girlfriend. (which is what most of my students want). So in 2010 I moved back to Arizona and started my own company where I teach guys how to do that in a honest, awesome,  and authentic way.

The best part is, after 17+ years of professional teaching, with thousands of guys from all over the world, there are only a few real sticking points every guy has when it comes to connecting with women, and most of the time it only takes several hours to fix YEARS of mistakes!

  • How to approach women, get over your Approach Anxiety, and get Approach Excitement!
  • How to start a conversation with ANYONE and ANYWHERE (3 ways)
  • How to talk to someone who is alone, or surrounded by friends
  • The absolute BEST WAY to get a phone number and then when to use it
  • How to plan a cool date that takes the pressure off of you, and DHVs you
  • How to sexually escalate, especially in the #METOO era
  • How to stop be a clingy wuss
  • How to make awesome and genuine friends
  • Tips on how to stand out at work, get a raise or promotion
  • and other the other things I teach like how to protect yourself + your loved ones

I share things that changed my life and the lives of countless students around the world. Not just dating advice, but living your life like a MAN advice.

I am here to help you!

I can only imagine how fast my progress would have been if I had someone there to help me when I needed it. That is why I offer personal and 100% private coaching, either in person or on the phone. I will help you break through any sticking points you have. Trust me, I 100% know how depressing it can be when you don’t have control over your life. I am living proof of what is possible and how awesome your life can get, and the best part is it wasn’t even that hard to get here!

If you have any questions, email me and I will get back to you. This is what I do, I love helping you guys, it is my mission in life. I get to turn all the negative shit I went through into something positive and spread it out in the world. Life doesn’t get much better than that. The best part is that guys that I work with, get to eventually do the same thing…

Hopefully, I will hear from you soon.


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