Joe Rogan teaches GSP the turning side kick

This video was part of a recent Eddie Bravo 10th Planet video.
Joe Rogan had some clips in previous ones showing some of his TKD skills, but in this one he is actually showing GSP, who is a current UFC champ and many consider one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.

It would be pretty badass to see GSP pull off this move in his next fight!
(and I rolled with Joe Rogan once at 10th Planet, his BJJ is fucking amazing)

2 thoughts on “Joe Rogan teaches GSP the turning side kick

  1. We always called this a spinning side kick, and what he’s calling a “360”, we called a step-over spinning side kick. I used a variation of this technique in competition (sport karate fighting) many times; it’s a great move.
    Joe’s lower body technique here is very good, but his hands are awful. When he throws these kicks he’s dropping his hands pretty bad. That’ll get your head taken off.
    That being said, I was surprised to see he was this polished. I always knew that he talked a good game and sounded like he knew his shit, but now that I’ve actually seen it, I’m impressed. He would be fun as shit to hang out with.

  2. Joe Rogan is a bad ass. Dude is smart as fuck too. I’ve seen him live in Ontario, fool gots jokes.
    This right here shows that even though you’re one of the best you can always learn something new.
    Dude could have acted cocky and been like, “What’s comedy boy gonna teach me?” But instead he’s humble and taking it all in.
    That kick is fuckin’ hard btw…You hear JR say, “Kick them right here, right in the guts.” Brutal shit.

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