Love on the Spectrum Netflix

Netflix already has 2 seasons of this from Australia, but it wasn’t until I heard Shane Gillis joking about Season 3 on a podcast that I decided to give it a shot.

Season 3 = the US version

I tried to give season 1 a shot, but so far it hasn’t hooked me, so I recommend you go right to the US season.


First off, it’s really great.

It shows that so many of us share the same struggles when it comes to finding love. Whether you are on the spectrum or not.

There are some really touching moments, and not sure if it is because I am older now, or a dad, but I got hit in feels, and a couple of moments really got me.

The parents supporting their kids and being so happy for them, for moments they never thought that may come, and the end when one of them gets a girl and they both are so happy… really great moments.

It also had me legit laughing multiple times. Renaissance Fair guy talking about swords was gold.

So I recommend you watch this show, either with your girl, and enjoy it together. Or watch it and learn a few things when it comes to dating. I know for a fact some of the advice and awkward dates can help some of the guys I have coached throughout the years.

-a few guys this show might REALLY help!



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