“I almost wore the exact same outfit” Opener Vid

The first time I used the “I almost wore the exact same outfit” opener, I was with my wing in a goth club in downtown Phoenix.

As FAR out of my comfort zone as you can imagine!

Which is exactly what I wanted, I knew the only way to truly level up was to do all the stuff I didn’t want to do, the stuff that “scared me”, the stuff that Stephen would never say yes to!

But I wasn’t Stephen tonight, I was Bravo!

And Bravo was doing every thing he could to get outside his comfort zone.
-and by definition, anything outside of that comfort zone is going to be UNCOMFORTABLE.

“Wanna go out to a goth bar, next to a gay bar in downtown”?

Normally my answer would have been not just no, but HELL NO.

Especially when I was dressed up in my normal clothes, but instead I asked who was drivng.

We get there, it is worse than I imagined, but… there were a few girls there, most were big, a few REAL big…but there were 2 stunners. Tiny latex/rubber/plastic/leather outfits, showing the world almost everything.

There were some guys there in leather coats, gas masks, the neon dreads, out on the floor dancing, horribly.

It was one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life, but I made sure to sit at the bar like I was 100% comfortable, learning back, laughing and having fun with my wing. Then a girl in a black latex nurse outfit walked up to the bar next to me to get a drink, and looked at me in my light color flannel and jeans and gave me a puzzled look.

She was looking, I was on her mind, so I opened

“Wow, it is a good thing I changed tonight, otherwise we would be wearing the same thing and THAT would have been embarrassing”!

She laughed, we started talking, and something I didn’t want to do, turned into a great story, a great new opener, and a new level in my ability to step outside my comfort zone and be comfortable wherever I wanted to be!

That opener became one of my fun go to’s whenever I would see a girl in a attention grabbing outfit.

Like in the video below, she was walking by in this cheetah/jaguar skin dress, and even though we really weren’t even ready to start filming some hidden camera infield demos, I couldn’t wait…


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