More men than ever aren’t having sex

A Washington Post article is making its way around online again, with a pretty depressing headline “More men than ever aren’t having sex“, the number has nearly tripled in the last 10 years. The data ends at 2018, but we can all safely assume after a few years of lock downs, working remotely, and “social distancing” that number has only increased.

I came across this article being discussed on a forum, lots of the comments were all about how unfair and hard dating is for guys, and how if you didn’t win the genetic lottery then you were never going to get a girl.

“Dating just isn’t fair for the average guy”.

This is what that looks like to me!


What a pathetic load of BS

Life isn’t fair!!!
Think about every animal on this planet, and the mating rituals they have to go through like building nests, showing off their feathers, fighting..sometimes to death, all just to mate.  Any adult male who doesn’t want to cut back on the fast food and video games, get a little bit of muscle tone, update his wardrobe, work on his social skills, and can plan a cool date, is living the dating life they earned.

They don’t have one!


If I was you and single, and read this today, instead of looking at it like those guys and having a circle jerk bitch fest about it, I’d look at this and see 2 things which are instantly clear-

  1. More men than ever aren’t having sex= less competition!
  2. Look at how many women aren’t having sex also!

Women are out there, single women, not wanting to be single, but because there are so many AFCs online and in the real world they meet, they are. This line from one of the greatest motivational speeches in a movie comes to mind.


Women are sitting out there waiting to be swept off their feet, are you going to do it?
Are you man enough to do it?


For whatever reason if you aren’t, but you want to, there is help= COACHING
-don’t waste this golden dating opportunity!

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