Night game infield pick up with Bravo

Many guys doubt that the pick up arts actually work, others want to see a “master” in action to learn how it is done.
Not sure how long this video is going to stay up on youtube so I would watch ASAP!
Now for the set up- this is a of me demoing indirect game with a routine stack/ We did this to prove that it doesn’t matter where you are that it still works, even with having 4 guys follow me around, it still worked perfect!

I open with my Facebook Stalker opener (which is in the new version of Neil Strauss’s Rules of The Game) the video fades out but I use the rest of the routine stack that then lead into her and her friends being cool with me isolating her. During that I ran a few more routines and number closed her, where I have her write her number on my arm with a sharpie marker. I LOVE having girls do that because every set you approach after sees this girl’s name and phone number on your arm and it shows preselection and gives you tons of social proof!
Also for the guys who watch this, this isn’t really my style of game. It was shot to specifically demo a routine stack. Everyone who knows me or has read my Field Reports know I am much more direct and natural.

Let me know what you think , ignore the sales stuff (it is over) and if you guys like will post the follow up text messages after this which led to her coming over to my hotel room, me having a married chick leave minutes before she showed up, us have fun (3 times) and also the funny text messages I was sending back and forth to a wrong number before I got her!


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  1. is there any CUT scenes or in just 3 minutes he moved to A3?????? NEED AN ANSWERE. i thought it was more difficult????hahaha

  2. Don’t think it will ever see the light of day
    There was even better stuff than this, and either from poor filming or other reasons it never made it thru editing
    Believe me I am way more bummed about it thatn anyone.
    Ps don’t buy anything that vid is promoting, I no longer have anything to do with them

  3. Bravo :
    and 2 more super important points
    1. make sure you are adding value and energy to the set, not taking it away
    2. when I open, especially with indirect game, it is usually 80/20. 80% me talking, 20%. Until they are hooked.

    Only 80%?
    I would have guessed you did 90-95% of the talking 🙂
    But seriously…who else goes out there and gets in-field PUA video like this? Can’t wait to see more!

  4. superdudeman :

    You know what i noticed… Bravo never locks in.

    Metz :

    What I think superdudeman means by “locking in” is what Mystery teaches on The Pickup Artist.
    Such as being the guy against the bar instead of on the outside, stealing a chair from them, basically having them around you instead of vice-versa.

    Basically, if they’re not focused on anything else but you and you’re moving at the pace Bravo is, locking in is almost a waste of time. As long as everyone is having fun and focused on you, then you’ll be good. Why have them shuffle around to make room for you when your quick goal is to bounce your target on a 7min date to the other side of the bar?

    another HUGE point of locking in is the social proof.
    when everyone else in the bar is looking at you and the group, it LOOKS like they are all surrounding you and engaging you. It also helps keep them focused on you so less chance for interruptions, and changes the energy of the set.
    There is lots of stuff that Mystery and Style teach that I don’t use, like False Time Constraints (FTC). I only do stuff like that if I KNOW I have to, otherwise I always want to be as effective and efficient as possible whenever I do anything. I always joke that I am lazy and dont want to do any more work or waste any more time than I have to.
    Whether it is trigger control and reset when shooting a firearm, or picking up some chicks.

  5. What I think superdudeman means by “locking in” is what Mystery teaches on The Pickup Artist.
    Such as being the guy against the bar instead of on the outside, stealing a chair from them, basically having them around you instead of vice-versa.
    Basically, if they’re not focused on anything else but you and you’re moving at the pace Bravo is, locking in is almost a waste of time. As long as everyone is having fun and focused on you, then you’ll be good. Why have them shuffle around to make room for you when your quick goal is to bounce your target on a 7min date to the other side of the bar?

  6. hired guns is a whole different kind of game. you can’t learn everything from one video. what do you mean he never locks in? he opens, DHV’s, shows social proof and that he is a leader of men (i picked up the tab for all my friends), and once he starts to get IOI’s, he isolates the target to go spend time with her alone. sometimes we can get so hung up on “procedure”, that we forget what it is all about. like style says, there is only one rule to pickup. and that rule is that there are no rules, only recommendations. so don’t always worry about counting IOI’s, and when and how many times to neg and reciting a canned script, etc. learn the principles of pick up (rules of the game by neil strauss is a great way to start), and go out and have fun. mystery method is amazing, and mystery is a genius for what he put together, but the problem i have is that MM is very technical, and if you focus too much on all the techniques, you become a social robot. learn a concept, try it, and have fun. like bravo says “learn it. absorb it. forget it.”. remember, it’s all about having fun!

  7. So then what you are saying bravo is that as long as your are adding value and energy to the set, and then doing the 80-20, they should then hook and then therefore give you some conversation back to you?
    Also, Bravo.. .please clarify what you would define as hooking?
    What are some signs that you would say that you look for that tells you that they are hooked?
    Ive heard things like “anything other than total avoidance.”
    But then what about hired guns who are paid to be nice to you?

  8. and 2 more super important points
    1. make sure you are adding value and energy to the set, not taking it away
    2. when I open, especially with indirect game, it is usually 80/20. 80% me talking, 20%. Until they are hooked.

  9. if you get into that situation superdudeman. stop talking. and see if she keeps it going. you CAN come off as needy and DLV yourself by trying to keep it going. You gotta give her time to invest. If she digs you, and you did things right, she WILL invest. If you never let her speak, or just keep going and going because you aren’t getting what you want you come off as try hard.(which it is)
    so next time, just stalk talking, look away, scan the room and see if she brings you back into the conversation. Also, the girl’s input was typical to a good set. I wouldn’t expect much more then that unless the girls are SUPER outgoing or just not shy at all and into you from the get go. it does happen.
    also keep out for signs of signs, and fidgets from girls. I was talking to a girl one day and she told me about some nervous twitches girls will do when they want you to keep talking. For some strange reason, one of those things is sighs. I think it comes from inhaling to speak but then chickening out or realizing they dont have anything to say so they exhale, and it looks like a sigh(IOD) but its in fact, insecurity/lack of top to discuss… even though she wants to talk.

  10. i know this may not be the answer you’re looking for bro, but it’s the correct one, which is practice practice practice. sounds like you are making a huge first step, by opening. that is the part that most people are scared as hell to do. so as long as you have some simple openers you are comfortable with, check your attitude and enthusiasm level. make sure when you are talking you don’t come accross as boring, but than you are an exciting, interesting person which is a DHV. you’re right, bravo did most of the talking in the video, that’s how its gonna be. the girl isn’t gonna start to talk your ear off right when you open her, you have to control the conversation. start easy and use what this thread is about. use the facebook stalker opener (run the routine bravo did in video), but then, instead of isolating the target like he did, stay in with the group for the practice. use a FTC so you’re not “that guy” just standing around, but stack into the stalker thing more with “has anybody every done anything like that to you? my ex girlfriend jessica, she had a bunch of friends that would facebook stalk everyone. guys, girls, these girls were insane. be honest, have you EVER done that? haha”. transition with something like that. if you’re presenting yourself properly and not coming across as intimidating, as least one of the girls at this point should have something to say to keep this going, then go ahead look around the bar and pick out the “facebook stalkers”. wait til the girls pick out the creepiest guy in the bar, and then act offended and say you know him, then laugh it off and say no just kidding, but you too do like you would be adorable together, if he comes over here, i’ll see if i can introduce you. and if he does come by, actually introduce them. if the girls are still sitting around with nothing to say and the conversation is one sided and you’ve done everything right, then f them. a high quality man doesn’t waste his time on boring girls anyways. but if you reach a point where you dont know what to say, just stay in there, for the practice. in rules of the game, neil strauss of stylelife academy says sometimes, when you’re learning, overstay your welcome. when the set dies down, get blown out. stay in and keep pushing and pushing. just to see the results and so you can learn what works or does not work for next time…

  11. The problem i have is that when i get into a set, most of the time i dont get any real stuff to lead off of.
    IF the girl is just nodding her head and saying “uh huh.” Which is what normally happens for me, All i can think of doing at that point is sptting out memorized material.
    It seems like then i almost have to be a robot and spit out lines, if shes not giveing me anything to work with.
    I really dont know how to do it any other way. Or maybe im doing something wrong and i should be getting more of a response than that? I dont know.
    Even in this video though, they didnt say much to bravo.
    And yeah i meant the 20 girls ripping your clothes off was a crappy opener.

  12. superdudeman, are you saying the fb stalker opener sucks or something about 20 girls ripping your clothes off? i’m assuming the latter. it’s true that your opener should be believeable, i think bravo explained it great when he told what he looks for in his opener. that’s the key. neil strauss is of course a legend at perfecting the opinion indirect opener, but sometimes you dont even have to go that in depth. you don’t always have to have a five minute story about your ex and her best friend and that guys ex boyfriend and the cat that went to the bathroom on the floor, etc. this is not something against an opinion opener, they work amazing, i just mean don’t get caught up in telling some crazy in depth story and lose the point of what you are trying to do in the first place, which is…start a conversation. keep your openers simple. open. respond. stack forward. you can stack forward with anything that seems natural from the conversation. if it flows, it works. too many times i see people memorizing openers and routines and doing jealous gf and then jumping into the cube and rings, etc. it just doesnt flow if you are a robot spitting out memorized material. those are all great things to have in your arsenal, and you use them when the time is right. find an opener you are comfortable with (this fb one is great, i used it this weekend) or come up with a stock one of your own, and just see where the conversation leads. read my field report above to see how i stacked off of the stalker opener this saturday. cant wait to see more videos from bravo soon…

  13. bravo, these videos are great because people can actually SEE it in action, hear the voice inflection, the pauses, the modulation, etc. i always liked watching video’s of different pua’s in the field to see how they all have their own styles, but they all basically follow the same basic guidelines. it’s very entertaining to watch mystery’s video’s if you haven’t done so, half the time he seems like he’s high. he just wanders around a group kind of talking to everyone and no one at the same time. if you’ve never seen his videos, find the youtube video of him doing the “why the fuck is everyone wearing white” opening. it’s hilarious, but he hooks them right away.

  14. it IS a crappy opener, I should know, ive tried some that were ALMOST that bad.
    So i had to learn that the hard way. Talk about some s-tests.
    I think you should post a follow up video or something that shows more about what to do or say after the opener.
    Im really struggling with that. And something fierce.
    Im guessing you just do somekind of routine stack after the opener.
    Yeah i agree with that reframe.

  15. Superdudeman- copy, that makes much more sense.
    your example of 20 women hitting on you, as long as it is gets a conversation going then it is an effective opener. It just sounds like that would be a crappy opener.
    I like openers that do 3 things, open, DHV, and allow me many conversational paths to take afterwards. This does all of those.
    It also really happened to me, but it was a few years ago on MySpace.
    Next follow up on this set was going to be the text game that then led to her coming to my hotel room, I could instead cover over the stack if you guys want.
    and about the limiting belief, just change the word “bad” to “not as effective” for a better reframe of why saying women hitting on you is bad

  16. I like this opener, because its believeable.
    It would have been bad to say that women are hitting on you, but you said you were flirting with her.
    I get that this sounds like a limiting belief and i understand that its therefore thinking that i have to apologize for being a man and hitting on women and such… yes i get that.
    That being said, its been my experience if you make up an opener involving 20 women trying to rip your clothes off who are all supermodels named yasmeen… they tend to not believe it so much.
    The reason why i like the opener is because its more believeable, i think women are going to buy it. Because you are being congruent with it as you say it.
    You are telling a story about you, hitting on a woman, and they are going to believe it, because they are probably thinking that you are hitting on them “right now.”
    So its congruent, its believable.
    Then you turn it around and tell them that she eventually is trying to stalk you now.
    And they are probably going to believe that too, beacuse if you are coming up to them and displaying value and they are then attracted, they are ALSO going to believe that as well.
    The only problem i have with this video is that i wish i could have seen the whole thing. At least from opener to isolation.
    I can open just fine, its just everything after that.

  17. Awesome.
    Is there 30 mins more of this video? I know you said ignore the marketing, but it said there was more to the video. How do we see it?

  18. awesome brother!!!
    anytime you can get the US vs THEM, or COOL KIDS vs EVERYONE else vibe going it is a win

  19. i used the facebook stalker opener last night, it was fun. it was a “warm” group, met some friends at a bar for a birthday party and there were some girls that i didn’t know but they were in the party group, so not really a cold approach. started talking with them, and then ran the facebook stalker. they got really into it. it just stacked itself into several different threads just by having the conversation. we then stood by the bar and looked at the big crowd in front of us and picked out all the creepy facebook stalkers in there and laughed. definitely all AFC’s standing there in the corner staring creepily at the girls walking by. it really got fun when some of these guys came to the bar to get a drink and tried to act cool. i introduced the girls to these guys that i didnt know and tried to “set them up” telling them they were so adorable together. the guys had no idea what was going on and they were getting all excited, and the girls were laughing so hard they were crying because these are the same guys they had just picked out as “the creepers”. it was an awesome night, maybe i’ll post the full field report on Neil Strauss’s Stylelife forums, to keep the rest a little private and to not write too much here right now. you would have loved it Bravo, it was a great time! another great weekend in the life of new jersey pick up artist…

  20. Red Head comment- I started using this for 2 reasons. Many have seen the Southpark Ginger episodes and it is a funny joke. It is also a real observation I have made, red head girls are either really hot or really not.
    I started saying it to either pull the set back into the opener by getting them to chime in on something small during it (like asking what is the biggest planet on my 5 oceans stack, when of course I know it is Jupiter)
    It is just a small funny piece of it, don’t focus or fixate on it too much, many times I don’t say it.

  21. Bravo! It’s always fun to watch you cold approach. The funny thing about Bravo’s cocky stuff, is that if you know him, they’re not really lines at all. It’s just who he is. And yes, self deprecating humor is so much fun if it’s done right. It’s all field time brothers! Let this video be motivation.

  22. Dhaval!- long time no see, good to hear from you brother! (one of the first guys I did in field coaching with)

  23. Bravo good point about self-deprecating humor in the case where it could be true. I LOVE saying I’m a virgin, or making a joke that I have a little dick. It’s a disqualifyer in a sense and it lowers expectations. And especially where I live, most men around here have the Macho ego so it makes me stand out all the more that I can make a joke at myself.
    Fish in a barrel 😉

  24. ‘It’s like the gingers. They’re wierd. They’re evil.’
    No seriously this video is really cool. You entered the set with high energy, strong tone of voice, strong eye contact with all the girls, bringing them all into the interaction.
    Then you isolated with balls. ‘do you mind if I hit on your friend?’
    i’m willing to bet very few guys say these things to girls in this way, so it’s fun and refreshing for them.
    Your target laughed when you said this while the other girls were eye coding each other in jealousy….nice

  25. BRNO- a good pick up should come across as having a cool conversation with a interesting guy. It actually shouldn’t be an over the top production.
    Now if you are trying to get in field make outs or other fun stuff, that would look different. But most of the guys who do that are just running FLASH GAME. It is flashy and looks cool, but nothing comes of it.
    My more crazy stuff are FRs on the Neil Strauss Stylelife forum, not sure if I want to post all that stuff here yet. There it is more private, here any girl I date or even my mom would read about me having sex with girls in clubs or see vid of me making out with chicks, some even at the same time.
    Not sure if I want that yet…lol

  26. After watching this video of someone thats really good at pick up and watching how its done te right way. I feel so much better about my game , for some reason it felt that the more experienced guys would just go in the set and just have like….i dont know I thought it was like amazingly hard. But after watching this it looks normal.
    Good job Bravo, lol at the ginger comment.

  27. Yeah this is a great vid!
    Things that stand out to me in this approach are:
    1: Bravo speaks clearly and deliberately, his words are enunciated well and he uses a strong, easy to hear voice. This is key to a) getting all three women’s attention at the start, even though two of them are not looking at him and don’t appear to have noticed him when he approaches; and b)maintaining the group’s attention and interest.
    2: Very early in the opener he offers them a shared perspective that they(being blondes) are able to agree with him on(that redheads are not always hot) . This gets them on his side by subtly playing on their vanity. They want to be hotter than redheads.

  28. interesting idea on why not to use that kind of humor. I never thought about it but i started naturally using that humor because i KNEW it was over the top and not true. trying to fake it would probably be extremely easy to read on me though. im a terrible actor.

  29. This is definitely one of the more high-quality in-field videos I’ve seen… I dig the approach, definitely a lot to learn from here…

  30. and the virgin line- I have heard guys teach to NEVER use self depreciating humor. I love it and use it all the time. The problem is that many guys use it and if there is even the smallest chance the girl could think it is true, then you fucked up.
    So when I joke about being a virgin, or never kissing a girl, they KNOW I am joking, but whether you have or have not, if you are the type of guy that is COULD be true, then don’t.

  31. Ya it was me demoing a textbook pick up for teaching purposes.
    The “maybe she thought you were really hot” is an IOI, a HUGE IOI but still much work needed to be done to get her all the way to the bedroom.
    Everything you need to know about the Facebook Stalker opener is in this vid, a future post may break it down further.
    I also was sick this night and was throwing up a few hours before, but was the last day of filming so powered thru. Also guys always feel pressure when approaching, imagine the other coaches watching you, knowing this is being video taped, Neil is going to watch it, it is going to go on the internet and follow me for LIFE= THAT is pressure!

  32. nice approach bravo. i guess i’m out of the loop because i’m not familiar with the facebook stalker approach. i guess i’ll have to pick up neil’s new copy of rules of the game. awesome stuff, cold approach, opened, stacked and isolate target within three minutes. thanks for sharing the video bro. shows why you are the executive coach at stylelife academy! i’m gonna try this routine tonight, looked like a fun conversation.

  33. I love this, you really did alot of the right moves. I love how you ask them if you can isolate her. Also, the quote “Trust this good looking dude” my fav line.
    That virgin line really does work too, but you already know this. 😛
    did you get de-virginised by her? lol

  34. good shit dude. its always nice seeing openers work. cause when you read them you always think “this will never work.” like the 5 oceans opener. Never thought that would wok but used it all week in myrtle beach. Never really used the stack, but still. worked great.

  35. Not bad. Seemed to go pretty well, routine, by the book.
    Negs, teases, escalated sexually with the “don’t talk about hard.”
    Honestly, You could tell you had the target right after your opener when she said “oh maybe she thought you were really hot.” to me that says “i think you are really hot”
    at that point, you were in.
    I do think you came off a tad needy on the isolation though. The friends didnt seem to be buying it.
    What do i know though, u have the rep

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