Parents sue hockey team after kids are cut

The further pussification of America and of males.
Instead of teaching the kids to work harder to try and reach their goal and how to deal with a defeat, the parents sue the hockey team.
Two sets of parents are suing the Greater Toronto Hockey League, one of its clubs and four coaches for $25,000 each because their sons were cut by the Avalanche Minor Sports Club midget junior A team during tryouts in April.
It’s the first time parents in the GTHL have ever taken legal action against the league or one of its teams for declining the services of their children, says league president John Gardner.
Even nationally, it’s a rare event.
“We have had very few lawsuits on ice time or (player) cuts,” said Hockey Canada’s Glen McCurdie director of member services. “There are more threats than actual suits.”
Vito Valela and David Longo are both suing on behalf of their sons, Christopher and Daniel respectively. Besides the GTHL, Avalanche Minor Sports president Anthony Iantorno as well as team officials Doriano Pistarelli, Andy Vandenberk, Felice Guglielmi and Peter Posca are named as defendants in the action.
“Their direct actions have caused irreparable psychological damage to Daniel Longo’s self esteem as an impressionable teenager and demoralized Daniel as an athlete and team hockey player with his peers,” the Longo statement of claim reads. “The conduct by all defendants destroyed the dignity of my son, whom in good conscience gave his team nothing but his best efforts.”
Valela’s statement of claim states: “When Christopher was advised of his termination by my wife and I, he vowed never to play the game he loved since childhood. And, moreover, his misguided group of defendants demoralized my wife and I, whom had gone well beyond the call of duty as parents in support of the Toronto Avalanche hockey team for two seasons.”
None of the claims have been proved in court.
Christopher has signed with Hillcrest Summits, the statement reads.
“Thank the good Lord that my son had the courage and strength to compose himself in his demoralized state,” reads the statement of claim.
A statement of defense from the defendants says more than 70 players tried out for the Avalanche Midget Jr. team.
“We were looking for 17 players. It was inevitable there were going to be players released. … All players attending try-outs from the Minor league level to the National League level (i.e. NHL and Canadian Olympic Team) realize that not making the team they are trying out for is a strong possibility and a lawsuit does not solve anything.”
Both teens had been with the Avalanche 2009-2010. Longo’s claim states that Daniel was never issued a permission to skate form — which allows a player to try out for another team — so he believed “Daniel was in fact on the team.”
Both complaints cite that coaches Guglielmi and Posca were suspended for a year by the GTHL for tampering on May 20, 2009 and therefore, the parents claim the men were not legitimately able to advertise themselves as coaches for 2010-2011 season, run the tryouts in April and ultimately cut their 15-year-old sons.
“They terminated my son and the GTHL supported that ‘illegal authority’,” Vito Valela told theStar.
“It wasn’t just that they (coaches) were under suspension,” Longo said. “It was the way they cut them and the method they used.”
However, GTHL executive director Scott Oakman confirmed although the coaches were under suspension, the rules permit any player or team official whose suspensions run past the conclusion of games played in a season to participate in tryouts .
“There is no indication they have violated any rules that I am aware of at this time,” Oakman said and added that neither parent has requested a hearing as required when players are aggrieved.
-from the Toronto Star

4 thoughts on “Parents sue hockey team after kids are cut

  1. Blame canada.
    Realistically though, hockey parents are the craziest for some reason. No one really knows why, but they are. There was some parent who was killed like 10 years back at a FUCKING youth hockey game.

  2. This is going to go over well when the kids get to dating age and their girlfriend breaks up with them and the parents decide to sue them also for loss of self esteem.
    You can give your best efforts in anything; sports, work, relationships, etc… What’s that old saying? Sometimes your best isn’t good enough.
    Thousand bucks says that the kids were upset initially, but would have quickly let it go. it’s the idiot parents who always have to push the issue.
    Such is the problem with competitive sports.

  3. that’s why people turn out to be losers. because they want everything handed to them. anything in life thats worth having is worth working for.

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