There is only one way to get over your X

“How do I get over my X”? – One of the questions I get asked the most.

The only way you get over the past, is by having an even better future!

So you have to start getting ready NOW to meet your NEXT LOVE, or maybe even your TRUE LOVE.

But how are you ever going to meet her, if you aren’t approaching women?

If you do have the confidence to approach her, what smooth thing are you going to say to break the ice?

If your opener works, then how are you going to build an emotional connection with her?

How are you going to let her know that you, don’t want to “just be friends”, but are sexually and romantically interested?
-Especially in todays climate??

How are you going to get those digits?

Then later are you going to text her, call her, or both?

Where are you going to take her for the critical FIRST DATE?

When are you going to go for the even more important FIRST KISS?

When do you ask her about a 2nd date?

When do you try to go for home base?

How do you ask her to be your girlfriend?

When do you know if she is THE ONE?

What if you aren’t looking to settle down just yet, and want to have some fun and exciting experiences before you settle down?


Some of these are simple questions that all you need is a simple answer. Other questions can take minutes, hours, or a few years for you to master.

Are you going to have mastered them before you see another beautiful woman who gives you the fizz, that makes you glad you are a man, that your body/energy/soul tingles when you look at her?

OR are you telling yourself that you will master all this stuff later? So just like the last time, when you see her you freeze again and do nothing…except feel pain and regret? (I still remember the last time I did that to myself!)


First off you need to realize that this is all stuff you can learn. These are things you can and will get better at, if you work at it.

You then need to realize that the high caliber woman you want, isn’t going to settle for a low caliber version of you! If she would, you wouldn’t actually want her and she would already be with some jabroni anyways.

People say there are no shortcuts in life, there is, but only 1!

You can learn from others who didn’t take the shortcuts, who spent years and years leveling up themselves, then years and years getting good at transferring that knowledge to others.

THAT is the only shortcut!

So you have 3 choices-

  1. The Hard Work Path= You want to level up your dating life, and take the path I did. Go out 3-4 nights a week, approaching 1000’s of women, spend tons of money on clothes, food, dates, gas, alcohol, books, and seminars all just trying to find someone who can give you 1 nugget of advice here and there. = that will take a few years
  2. The AFC/Angry Simp Path= You can keep letting your Approach Anxiety control you, sitting around at home with nothing to do, and no one to do it with, except on the hub with yourself.
  3. The Bravohood Path= You take the shortcut, learn all the things you NEED to know, IN THE FASTEST POSSIBLE WAY, and start living the life you dream out = 3 Different options of COACHING with Bravo


As someone who has been there, (and was probably even worse than you), who is now married with a family, I can 100% tell you that making the most out of the present, and being excited about the future, is much better than wallowing in the past, thinking about your X.

This is your chance to become the master of your dating life and take it in whichever direction you want.

Are you ready?

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