Why pictures are the most important part of your online dating profile, and how to get good ones

How to get great pics for your online dating profile, pics that DHV you (Demonstrate Higher Value) is the most important tip to setting up an online dating profile. It is also the the easiest one to mess up.

Think about how long you look at a girls profile pic before swiping right or left.
How often do you scroll through every pic they posts?
How often you don’t even look at their ABOUT ME.

So you already know first hand, how important good pics are, especially your main one!
Pics that tell a story, look good, and make you look good.

An example I use in the Online Coaching Program is a pic of me, well 2 pics.
They are basically the same, I have a Harris’s hawk on my hand.
The first one is right after a BJJ class, where a visiting black belt brought his hawk and let me spend a little time with him
-see how I was able to throw in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu DHV spike 🙂

So this has to be an epic DHV pic, right?


Now for the 2nd pic, once again with a hawk=

Which picture is cooler?
Which picture do you think got more likes on Facebook?
Which picture got me more in person compliments and mentions IRL?


The answers should be pretty obvious.

So to expand on this, and also give you a great tip on how to get a DHV pic yourself, I am uploading a clip from our last Weekly Coaching Call.

Nap followed my advice and got some of the BEST DHV online dating profile pics that I have ever seen a student use!

The way he “gamed” the photographer was my favorite part.

Follow in his footsteps and level up your picture game, and like always, reach out to me if you need help!

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