Best place to pick up women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe Arizona

This post is for the guys in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe who email me “where is the best place to talk to women in Arizona”?

Anyone who has done a 1on1 with me, or was at a Project X already knows the answer to this, because we hit these spots to practice. So here is the info you are wanting=

Phoenix, downtown especially, is where I lived for the last several years, I loved it when I was single, IMO it has the BEST chill/hang date spots, so much to do, all within walking distance, and my favorite hidden speakeasies are here, BUT I hated using it for students to practice at. “Never shit where you eat” and this is where I legit ate! So once you are socially calibrated and going on dates, Downtown Phx is my #1 recommended spot.


Scottsdale has exploded since I first started teaching this stuff back in 2006, and there are countless little cool spots you can check out, but those would be more of the locations I would go to for fun, or for a date/ day 2 spot. Years ago it was mostly dance clubs, cover charges, places that are so loud you can’t even hear what your friends are saying, and silicon! Not spots conducive to learning this art form, especially for the newer guys who have to work on their vocal projecting skills. But if you like those type of spots, and are into more “club chicks”, then this is for you.
The mall however, that is my favorite place for “day game” practice. When I lived in L.A. and was helping with Rules of The Game, The Grove was my go to spot. But in Arizona, with our 120 degree summers= that just doesn’t work here, you need AC during summer, so I tried every mall and Scottsdale Fashion Square is #1(Beverly Center is a close 2nd)


Tempe, the BEST spot for guys trying to overcome their Approach Anxiety (aka social anxiety) to practice at. It is where I went to learn after reading Neil Strauss’s book THE GAME with my wingman, before I ever thought about one day teaching this stuff! The overall vibe, Mill ave. shops for day game, lots of little spots to check out, some higher energy places, great spots nearby for insta-dates, and the fact that it is by ASU means every semester there are new women living there!


Rula Bula, the best spot for I have ever found! The chill vibe made it our favorite spot to practice at, almost everyone was friendly and receptive to strangers approaching them. It is where we always started or ended (or started AND ended) our nights out. Always full of ASU girls, as well as older people as well, the perfect mix. It is where I mastered my Hired Gun game, and where the first ever AZ meet up was. Unfortunately, it closed recently. 🙁


Casey Moore’s Oyster House, if always started or ended at Rula, then Casey’s is where we ended or started! It was a close #2 spot, but now by default is #1. Great little indoor bar, nice little tucked away corners to have a little privacy inside and outside. It is supposedly haunted, what a great ice breaker, and the outdoor patio was the best in Az. The only reason it wasn’t #1 was it was a little hot during summer. It is a little further away from the other spots, but it is a perfect anchor point to start at early, head down Mill walking north, hit all the spots you want on the east side of the road, cross at Rula (just before the light rail), hit the spots you want on the west side, then wrap the night back up at Caseys. It also worked perfect for a secondary location if you wanted to sync back up with some new friends.

Countless bars have opened and closed in the valley since I started, but this should give you a good starting place, and lots of the newer spots on Mill are right up there for sarging, going out and finding them is part of the learning process.
It also will give you an idea of what to look for, for the guys who don’t live in Arizona.


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