Online Game Free Podcast Part 2 – About Me

So last post I covered the most important aspect of setting up a solid online dating profile, DHV Pictures, and this post and audio will cover the 2nd part of your profile, your ABOUT ME.

The crazy thing with your About Me section, is either it is completely ignored, or it is the thing that gets you a YES/NO when they are on the fence about you, aka your life line.

I have played around with so many different types of About Me’s, low key and simple, cocky funny, DHV spiked, crazy over the top, and even ones that were so far cross the line…I maybe have been banned multiple times!

But I did it all for you guys! 😀

So here is Part 2 of the 3 part Online Game podcast series for you guys.

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In the podcast I cover-

  • A little more info about DHV pics to add to part 1
  • What the purpose of your About Me is
  • How your About Me either doesn’t matter, or is the MOST important part of your profile
  • My personal top 3 About Me’s that I use and am currently using!!!
  • How you can model my proven About Me and customize them making them your own

If you have any questions about any of this, email me or hit me up on our private Discord Server, where myself and others are happy to help out. Just make sure you mention this blog post. Normally Online Game questions are reserved for the member only section.

2 thoughts on “Online Game Free Podcast Part 2 – About Me

  1. So I was a bit skeptical about this but figured what the hell. It is a day later and I already have more matches than I have gotten the entire time I have been on Bumble and Tinder!!!!!

    I also followed what you said about pics and went out and took some new ones.

    I am blow away!

    Thanks for the help Bravo

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