Online Game FREE Podcast Part 1 – DHV Pictures

First off, thank you for all the feedback on my last email about what things are holding you back the MOST when it comes to Online Dating.

I read every single email, comment and DM you guys made, I even went back thru posts on the forum, the FB group and our new Discord group and decided that 1 blog post just wasn’t going to be good enough to help you guys.

So I decided to do a 3 part Podcast Mini-Series for you.

All for FREE, you don’t have to do anything to access it, you just have to click play.


That’s it.

If you dig it, let me know. Part 2 will be coming out in a little bit.

Things are tough for many of us right now, and with Covid, dating skills, specifically Online Dating skills, are more important now than ever, so I wanted to do something to give you some FREE DATING ADVICE when it comes to ONLINE DATING.

In the podcast I talk about-

  • Which dating apps you should use
  • The 3 types of DHVs that each picture conveys
  • What kind of pictures you should use Online Dating and why
  • and in the next two podcast I will be covering your ABOUT ME, and HOW YOU SHOULD MESSAGE WOMEN ON DATING APPS

If you have any questions just post them in our weekly Flashchat or with the info “question about the podcast” since I normally don’t answer Online Game questions outside of the Online Game 4.0 section.

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3 thoughts on “Online Game FREE Podcast Part 1 – DHV Pictures

  1. Saw this post weeks ago and finally decided to give it a listen. I went through all of my Facebook and IG pictures and found the ones with the most likes of me and thought about what you said, and it was a game changer.
    I went from maybe 1 match a month too like 8 the first day and about 25 so far

    thanks steve
    going to look inot the program now

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