Since my divorce in 2005 I have been working on improving my life, especially on connecting with others, primarily women 😉 . I have learned more about teaching than all the previous years I was teaching Pick Up and Shooting, Knife Fighting, and Close Quarter Combat  (since 2000) combined!
I’ve kept my PRIVATE “bootcamp” event PROJECT X off the PUA radar, because I wasn’t sure it would even work.
Living together with students, spending every hour with them for days downloading as much info as I can…hell I wasn’t even sure if they were going to like what I was teaching let alone if it would blow up in my face.
PROJECT X, where I hand select the guys who can attend from an inbox full of applicants and invite them to Arizona so we can all work together and leave with memories and knowledge that will last a life.
At the end of the first one, something awesome happened. We were all brothers at the end.
The BROTHERHOOD was something I was hoping might happen, but never dreamed it would develop into anything as awesome as it did.
Guys were loving their newfound PUA skills, texting me in the middle of the night about some crazy adventure they just were on, guys were traveling across the world to hang out with their PX brothers- INCLUDING ME!
Well during the last one- PX4, I had Cinema come out and film some of it for you guys, so you can get a better idea about me, what I am about, what and how I teach, how those who attend can be transformed, and the bonding we all experience at PROJECT X.
It is my HUGE fucking honor to show you this short film and let you know that now, after 3+ years, I have trained enough Coaches and Jr. Coaches to MY INSANELY HIGH STANDARD that we can now offer PROJECT X more often and accept more applicants!
So check out this video and let me know what you think.

I showed my mom this video and she didn’t like all the cussing and I don’t think she was fond of the student making out with a chick at the bar….
My dad asked me a while ago why don’t I advertise with “teaching nice guys how to meet nice women….or something like that” and I don’t think has ever believed what I do is a real job
but after watching this he said it was great and was  proud of me
so be careful, from those two reactions, this will either finally make you love me or make you feel like I am an even bigger disappointment than before and you still can’t understand why I put so much of my life on the “interweb”

If you are ready to change your life, go to PROJECT X to apply and hopefully I will see you there.

3 thoughts on “Project X with Bravo

  1. Awesome video!
    Hit home on how you exceed expectations and want the best for others!
    Thanks for the knowledge and the hard work you put in

  2. Excellent video!
    Glad to have been part of project X.
    If it wasn’t for PX, I’d probably still have approach anxiety…
    Now, I can approach like a pimp and can have a cool conversation afterwards.
    Keep up the good work Bravo!

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