What does SHE see when she looks at you? part 2

So you already know how to look at things from Part 1 Your Perspective, now here comes the next level. The 2nd person perspective.

Looking at things from HER perspective.

What does she SEE when she looks at you?
Your body language, your energy, your fashion…

What does she HEAR when you speak to her?
Your vocal projection, what you say and how you say it…

What does she FEEL when you communicate with her?
What does she feel from your kino, what does what you say make her feel on the inside..

When I started mentally tracking this, it was a game changer. It finally made so much of what I had learned CLICK. It also helped me take a step back and really focus on each little piece of the puzzle that I was kicking out. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Perspectives was a game changer…for my….game!

This is a clip from one of our weekly Monthly Coaching Program where I touched upon it, let me know if it helps-


and if you need more help mastering this area of your life, especially now that the world is opening back up and so many women are tired of being single, let’s make sure 2021 ends right!


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